Critical Super Silver Haze feminized seeds

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Critical Super Silver Haze is like a throwback to 1990s cannabis culture. Get ready as she delivers mind-bending effects that will wash over you with waves of euphoria, happiness, and energy, all complemented by hints of citrus and fuel. You’ll feel like it’s 1995 and you’re sitting in your parents’ basement again watching MTV while debating with yourself whether the Foo Fighters could ever be as good as Nirvana.

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Delicious Seeds
Outdoor Indoor
70% Sativa / 30% Indica
THC 21 %
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Critical Super Silver Haze Strain Info

Critical Super Silver Haze is a feminized photoperiod Indica-dominant cannabis strain brought to you by breeder Delicious Seeds. Her origins are as a cross between two of the most famous cannabis strains of all time: Critical and Super Silver Haze. These two Amsterdam classics have a long, proud history, and the result is a multiple cup winner with very potent effects.

Flowering Time

Indoor growers can expect to harvest after 65-70 days of flowering time, while outdoor growers can expect to wait until mid-October before chopping.


Critical Super Silver Haze has very heavy yields. Indoor growers have reportedly brought in as much as 500g/m2 (1.64oz/ft2), while outdoor growers can harvest a whopping 900g (31.7oz) per plant.


As a Sativa-dominant hybrid, her effects tend to be felt most powerfully in the head. Users typically report feeling energetic, euphoric, and happy, with the effects hitting almost immediately.

Critical Super Silver Haze effects
Critical Super Silver Haze weed effects
Critical Super Silver Haze strain effects
Effects of Critical Super Silver Haze

THC Levels

The THC content level of Critical Super Silver Haze is very high, clocking in at approximately 21%.

Smell And Taste

Critical Super Silver is a strain whose terpene profile has a strong Haze smell and taste, with hints of citrus and fuel coming from its Critical parent. You’ll also notice a nice woody undertone that balances out her sweetness.

Grow Tips

Growing Critical Super Silver Haze can be challenging if you’re new to growing, as she prefers a particular feeding schedule. She grows rapidly in the vegetative phase but slows down growth after a reduction in photoperiod to focus on creating large, beautiful flowers. Her powerful genetic lineage gives her rock-hard buds covered in a thick layer of trichomes, making her both sticky to the touch and incredibly potent – one hit and you’re good to go! Here’s some more info to help you grow this strain:

  • She’s recommended for more intermediate-level growers.
  • Plants grow to a medium height, reaching a final size of 1.5m (4’11”).
  • The strain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor grows.

Critical Super Silver Haze Seeds

Get your hands on Critical Super Silver Haze feminized seeds today. Herbies Seeds has just what you need for a great price, so order your seeds online and start growing this heavy-hitting strain right away.


  • Brand Delicious Seeds
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Silver rush
  • Genetics Critical Mass x Super Silver Haze
  • Awards Multiple Cup Winner
  • Yield 500 g/m² indoors
    900 g/plant outdoors
  • Flowering indoors 60 - 70 days
  • Outdoor finish Early October
  • Genotype 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
  • THC 21 %

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    • Advantages
      You should definitely try this fantastic babe! She is a bomb!
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      The plant is quite strong and the effect is long lasting. Uplifting and clear high. During the flowering period, the plant stretches very fast to huge height up to 450 percent.
      It is really amazing experience with almost clear head and without any exhausting stone effects.
      As for me, I must recommend this strain!
    • Advantages
      Great outdoor yield. Killer sweet smell nothing to bitch about on my first run. I will grow this again and again.
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      Good strain if you like super silver
    • Advantages
      Excellent strain! I will grow this strain again in the nearest future!
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      I found this strain very pleasant and fairly easy to grow. The taste is top shelf and not harsh. High is uplifting and energetic!  Overall, I like this strain very much.
    • Advantages
      The Silver Haze is a mighty beast!
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      I will grow this strain again for sure! I grew it under HPS 600watt and the yields were massive!
      Thanks a lot to Herbies! I love you so much! 😘