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Indoor Mix is a complete mixture of 25 different seeds, all produced by Sensi Seeds. All strains are suitable for growing indoors and it gives the grower a chance to sample all different kinds of varieties and flavors, which they may have never tried before. Perfect for cannabis fans with not much experience.

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  • 40 days
  • Mix of Indica and Sativa seeds
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Indoor Mix Regular: New to Growing? Enjoy!

The Indoor Mix Regular contains a mix of 25 seeds, with 20 Indica-dominant strains which can be found on the Sensi Seeds website. You will end up with random Sativa-dominant strains – however, we are going for ease of use in this pack, which require little to no attention when flowering, making these seeds perfect for the beginning grower starting out who would like to dip their feet in as many different strains as possible. You will be able to grow strains such as Haze, Kush, NL#5 and more! Plenty of Skunk varieties will be included, as they are so highly acclaimed from Sensi Seeds – but there will be a balanced mix of all kinds of flavors and aromas.

  • Easy to use seeds that will bind well together.
  • All well rounded and average heights.
  • Great for the beginner grower.
  • The perfect mix of both Sativa and Indica strains.

Completely Different Flavors And Effects for Each Strain

Each strain will have its own unique blend of flavors and aromas. As a general rule of thumb, Indica dominant strains tend to have a fruity and citrusy aroma – with flavors such as earthiness and different fruit textures on each. Try mixing strains together if you’re experienced.

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