Jack 47 Auto feminized seeds

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Jack 47 Auto is an autoflowering cannabis strain developed by Sweet Seeds. Loosely based on Jack 47, this strain was created as a cross between an autoflowering Jack Herer and a Sweet Seeds R&D AK 47 and has yields of up to 600 g/m² after a mere 9 weeks from germination.

  • Sweet Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Cloud of positivity
  • Jack Herer Auto x AK 47
  • 50 - 120 cm
  • 450 - 600 g/m² indoors
    50 - 200 g/plant outdoors
  • 63 days
  • 76,87% Sativa / 20% Indica / 3,12% Ruderalis
  • 18 - 21 %
  • 1.1 %

Jack 47 Auto: The Best of Jack 47 in Less Time!

Jack 47 Auto is an automatic variant of Jack 47 – their popular Sativa-dominant hybrid. Resulting as a cross between an autoflowering Jack Herer and an in-house development AK 47, this strain has been described as “probably the most potent autoflowering strain available in the market”.

When you buy a 3rd generation autoflower (such as this), you know you are paying for quality and consistency – key components of any cannabis grow. This is a fantastic indoor strain due to its medium height and stature, heavy bud production and rapid flowering period. Those who are fans of either of the parents and/or the original Jack 47 will love this quicker, repackaged variant. Indoor yields are between 450 – 600 g/m² from a well-kept garden while outdoor growers can expect to pull between 50 to 200 g per plant in a total of 9 weeks from seed. Here is some further information to help you grow this strain:

  • Short plant – depending on the phenotype, this strain reaches a final height between up to 1 m indoors and up to 1.4 m outdoors.
  • Max EC of water – 1.2 in veg, up to 1.5 during flower.
  • Water pH; 5.8 – 6.0
  • Recommended lighting: 600 W LED.

Compact, Resinous Buds

Jack 47 Auto delivers all of the best of Jack 47 in much less time and it’s no different when it comes to her smell and taste. Her buds are compact and heavily coated with resin which has a sweet, earthy scent with hints of citrus and provides a sustained, uplifting high.

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