Jack Herer feminized seeds (Green House Seeds)

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Jack Herer is the case of a classic strain still standing tall among thousands of new genetics. Named after a legend of the pro-cannabis movement and awarded too many Cups to count, it only grows more popular with every passing year. Everybody wants to cultivate this strong plant for themselves and experience its smooth yet stimulating high that will leave you bouncing with energy and creativity. It makes any work enjoyable and easy, and any social event fun and anxiety-free.

  • Green House Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Powerful multidimensional impact
  • Haze x Red Skunk
  • Multiple Cup Winner
  • 800 g/m² indoors
    1200 g/plant outdoors
  • 56 days
  • Late September
  • 40% Sativa / 60% Indica
  • 20.94 %
  • 0.12 %
  • 0.04 %

Jack Herer Seeds Info

The name of this strain is intended to immortalize Jack Herer, an author and activist of the cannabis legalization movement. Now, thousands of smokers worldwide remember this legendary figure every time they load a bowl with these amazing buds and light up – hopefully for many years and decades to come.


This feminized cannabis strain is the result of a cross between Haze and Red Skunk. This classic lineage resulted in an equally classic addition to the cannabis family. While the Haze influence is responsible for Jack Herer’s incredibly stimulating and uplifting high, Red Skunk provided this powerful hybrid with its heavy bud production and many of its distinct flavors and scents, most notably those notes of forest and earth.


Jack Herer delivers uplifting effects despite the strain’s Indica-dominant genetic lineage, making it a favorite among those looking for a boost of energy and creativity during the day. Get the dosage right, and she’s an ideal choice for any day of the week.

Jack Herer effects
Jack Herer weed effects
Jack Herer strain effects
Effects of Jack Herer

THC And CBD Levels

This feminized marijuana strain comes with a fairly high THC content of about 21%. The high, however, is rarely overwhelming so long as you take things slow. By contrast, the CBD level hovers just above zero, which is probably a good thing because there's nothing to deplete the Sativa-induced energy.

Smell And Taste

Jack Herer is a one-of-a-kind strain – a fact that also applies to its terpene profile. The very distinct smell can only be described as pleasant and aromatic, with hints of citrus in addition to the pungent cannabis odor. The taste, meanwhile, is spicy with pleasant notes of earth and wood.


Indoor harvests can reach 800g/m² (2.62oz/ft2), while outdoor harvests can produce around 1.2kg (42.32oz) per plant.

Flowering Time

Jack Herer has a flowering period of only 8 weeks, and this despite a significant percentage of Sativa in its genetic makeup. If you live in a Mediterranean-like climate, you can harvest fully mature buds outdoors in late September.

Grow Tips

Growing Jack Herer is a pleasure for those who are experienced and comfortable with pruning and other canopy management techniques. With a bit of care, this feminized cannabis variety is capable of producing some phenomenal harvests both indoors and out.

  • This plant reaches a medium final height due to its balanced Sativa/Indica genetics.
  • Its branches are strong yet flexible, perfect for ScrOG.

Jack Herer Seeds

Buy these feminized seeds if you want to grow a strong and high-yielding hybrid with an almost pure Sativa character in terms of effects.

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