Liberty Haze feminized seeds

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Liberty Haze is an award-winning feminized Sativa-dominant hybrid from Barney's Farm, a cross between two legendary strains - G13 and ChemDawg 91. With parents like that, what else can one expect other than reliability and potency with her 25% THC from her excellent yields of 550-650g/m² - 600g/plant.

  • Barney's Farm
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Unwinding freedom
  • G13 x Chem Dawg 91
  • Cannabis Cup Winner 2011
  • 100 - 110 cm
  • 600 g/m² indoors
  • 60 - 65 days
  • Early October
  • 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
  • 25 %
  • 1.3 %

Liberty Haze: A True Hybrid Getting The Best Out Of Both Worlds

Liberty Haze is an award-winning 60% Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain from Barney's Farm, a cross between two legendary strains: G13 and ChemDawg 91. With parents like that, you can be sure this strain holds no punches when it comes to potency thanks to its 25% THC; Liberty Haze is one formidable medicine.

A true hybrid, exhibiting the best characteristics from both of its parents, it’s well suited for both indoor and outdoor growing - staying relatively short, usually around 100-110cm with a flowering time of 8-9weeks. Outdoors, it usually finishes by the end of September or early October. Nice side branching will ensure for a satisfying yield even with its compact stature as the branches will fill up with long, dense and hard buds with red and pink pistils. Yield is usually around 550-650g/m2 to 600g/plant outdoors or in hydro.

  • Recommended Nutrients: Plagron.
  • Recommended Techniques: LST, topping and defoliation will all increase the size of your yield.
  • Good bud to leaf ratio, easy to trim.
  • Lighting: LED 800W during both flowering and vegetation periods.
  • Usually testing at ~25% THC and 1-2% CBD.

A Powerful And Potent Medicine

Due to its high THC content and higher than average CBD levels, Liberty Haze is a highly effective medicinal strain. The effects of which include: a fast hitting and long lasting feeling of uplifting euphoria with creativity, leaving you tingly and giggly. The smells are earthy, skunky, and musky, with citrus and piney flavor.