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LSD is a great cannabis strain from Barney’s Farm. She will guide you to a full spectrum of pleasant feelings thanks to her powerful 25% THC, which you can enjoy many times over with a yield of 700g/m² - 600-750g/plant. Highly resistant and suitable even for colder climates, so there’s no excuse to miss out on this one.

  • Barney's Farm
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Focused and relaxed Creator
  • Original Skunk #1 x Afghan Indica
  • 3rd at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2008
  • 90 - 100 cm
  • 700 g/m² indoors
    600 - 750 g/plant outdoors
  • 60 - 65 days
  • Early October
  • 30% Sativa / 70% Indica
  • 25 %
  • 1.2 %

LSD: Vigorous And Highly Resistant

The LSD cannabis strain, from Barny’s farm, was created by crossing Original Skunk #1 and Afghan Indica genes and as a result, breeders presented to the world a successful hybrid (70% Indica/30% Sativa) with high resistance to different diseases and pests. Note well: LSD is a winner of High Times Cannabis Cup: Indica Cup Winner 2008. It is quite easy to grow this beautiful strain. LSD doesn’t need a lot of care as it has high resistance against molds and pests, and being a sturdy plant, will survive in any climate.

LSD plants produce dense buds with lots of trichomes. When growing indoors, plants can reach 100cm, outdoors this ranges from 90-100cm. This strain’s aroma is strong, so it’s advisable to use carbon filters. But to brave the smell, a small price to pay, means you will reap 700g/m2 indoors and 600-750g/plant outdoors of beautiful product, boasting that famously high THC. You will see these rewards after just 8-9weeks, so here’s some tips to get you started:

  • Recommended Nutrients: GHE.
  • Recommended Techniques: SCRoG.
  • Lighting: this strain responds well to HID 400W lights during both vegetative and flowering stages of growth.
  • Suggested Pot size: 2-3L pots/plant.

Powerful Scents And Euphoric Effects

The aroma and taste of this strain is quite earthy and musky, while very pungent with tints of a skunky flavor and herbal scent. The taste is reminiscent of an earthy chestnut, with the stench of sweet and sour lemon. Her high THC allows for some potent euphoric and psychedelic effects.

Customer reviews and rates
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    • Advantages
      I grow it mainly for how strong it is and it's worth all the work
    • Disadvantages
      Very dainty lady! picky when it comes to fertilization, use it very moderately
    • General impression
      Super potent strain! She requires some growing experience to bring a good harvest. I recommend using only organic fertilizers both indoors and outdoors. Some grow her indoor and overdose with chemical nutrients. It’s hard to remove chemical out of soil - only hydro can handle it. Too much chemicals ruin the natural growth of the plant - you’ll never get it right with chemicals. Besides, they affect the taste and potency! So, I prefer only organic nutrients, cow manure in particular. Don’t be afraid to use it even in a high concentration. Check it out! Go organic and you’ll like it! As for the strain herself, I grew her outdoors and used organic soil and nutrients. She grew 3m tall and hits hards!
    • Advantages
      Potent and hard-kicking strain with sticky and smelly buds.
    • Disadvantages
      One plant was a real dwarf - small and thin with a few buds caked with sticky resin. Very smelly and resinous. The other plant was a giant with 12 long leaves - which is a rare thing (as a rule, there are 7-9 leaves). Insanely potent.
    • General impression
      I’ve heard that Barney’s Farm put two high-class seeds and one quality seed in a 3-seed pack. I guess it explains why I got a dwarf among giants. I’d like to grow this bud again! If you feed her well, she will impress you with amazing buds and effects.
    • Advantages
      All of the seeds germinated and gave me stable heavy yields at the end
    • Disadvantages
      Pure advantages if you know how to grow it
    • General impression
      All seeds germinated after 2 days on wet cotton pads. Once they sprouted I planted them in 1,5-2 cm slots. I used a bio soil based on organic slime. After days the seeds sprouted and the seedlings started reaching out towards the sun. The plants slowed down during the first 2 weeks but then they started growing faster with a fat stem and leaves. Doesn’t like high temperatures like 35C or above - top leaves turn yellow and roll up, but if the temperature drops in 5-10C, the plants tend to recover. Urea-based fertilizers helped to strengthen roots and boost up her growth. I’m very satisfied with what I got! Top quality seeds and safe packing. Recommend this strain to everyone!
    • Advantages
      Suitable for novice growers.
    • Disadvantages
    • General impression
      2 seeds out of 3 germinated. I planted them in a 5L pot and kept under 2 HPS lamps 25W for a month and then switched to 400W LEDs. The plants survived low temperatures (-7C) and the heat (39C). When I used HPS lamps they added 7 cm in height but with LEDs they gained 2-4 cm/day. It’s my first grow. I kept them flowering for 1 week, tried once and couldn’t resist!
    • Advantages
      The strain makes a potent stone-effect. Although she sometimes can cause a slight boost of energy, she’s ideal for a nighttime consumption on a couch with a movie or something.
    • Disadvantages
    • General impression
      Very good yield, pleasant aroma and potent effects. The THC level is a bit lower than claimed by the breeder but it’s enough to hit you hard. A very potent strain. Likes organic nutrients!
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