Malawi Breeders Pack feminized seeds

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Malawi Breeders Pack is a pack of 20 feminized seeds, which combines 4 of the very best variations of the powerful Malawi strain: Old Malawi Killer, New Malawi Killer, Fruity Malawi and Purple Malawi. Known for being one of the most powerful Sativas on the market today, each strain in the pack has its own individual differences which advanced growers will be able to detect.

  • Ace Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Mix
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Lasting mental journeys
  • Old killer Malawi x New Malawi Killer
  • High
  • 70 - 91 days
  • Early November
  • 100% Sativa
  • 20 - 27 %
  • 0.05 %

Malawi Breeders Pack - Powerful and Advanced Seed Variations of A Classic

Malawi strains can be easily grown in both indoor and outdoor situations, thriving in latitudes up to 43N. The average flowering time indoors is around 11-14 weeks. If grown outdoors, the strains will be ready for harvest in around late October or early November.

For indoor growing, it is recommended using smaller plants, or the Sea of Green method. This way, you can plant more seeds per square meter in order to get the maximum possible yielding available from your grow space. Malawi strains can also be used with SCRoG (Screen of Green), horizontal or network growing due to the strong and stable structure with excellent lateral branch product. The plants also have a great reaction to pruning.

  • Old Malawi Killer – Vigorous, powerful with high resin production.
  • New Malawi Killer (P3) – More compact structure to the original with shorter flowering time (11-12 weeks).
  • Fruity Malawi (P3) – Similar to original but with a sweeter bouquet, including hints of orange mandarin, sweet carrot and flowers.
  • Purple Malawi (P2) – Shorter flowering of 10-11 weeks, colorful flowers and better for cold climates.

Great for Experimenting

The seeds in the pack will give an extremely powerful psychedelic effect phasing into a deep meditative state. Much appreciated by long-term Sativa lovers, Malawi strains are not recommended for newbies due to its super potent effect.