Mix Pack Autoflower feminized seeds (Seed Stockers)

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Autoflower Mix Pack is a mix of a range of autoflowering cannabis strains from Seed Stockers. This fantastic mix contains a wide range of strains and while the exact composition is unknown, it is believed to contain seeds from the following: Blackberry Gum, Northern Lights, Critical XXL, Amnesia and Orange Skunk Ryder.

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Autoflower Mix: The Best Autoflowers From Seed Stockers

Autoflower Mix Pack is a mix of various premium, autoflowering cannabis strains from Seeds Stockers which allows gives cannabis enthusiasts the opportunity to try a wide range of genetics at a convenient price point. The strains on offer in this pack are a mix of Seed Stockers's classics as well as limited edition strains not on offer anywhere else!

Wide Range High-Quality Genetics

Autoflowers have become the genetics of choice for many indoor growers which is in part due to their ability to deliver excellent yields of cannabinoid-rich buds but also due to them remaining a manageable height and going from seed to harvest in an average of 10 weeks. While the exact contents of the mix are unknown, each pack contains 20 seeds from the following:

  • Blackberry Gum Auto – a powerful strain with heavy yields and THC levels in excess of 20%.
  • Northern Lights Auto – Indica-dominant genetics which has won over the hearts of cannabis users for decades.
  • BCN Critical XXL Auto – a fantastic strain for those wanting heavy yields of dense, potent flowers.
  • Amnesia Auto – Sativa-dominant autoflower with high resin-production and a wonderful terpene profile.
  • Orange Skunk Ryder Auto – a fast-growing autoflower which stays below 80 cm!

A Concoction of Delicious Cannabis Strains

From Blackberry Gum Auto to Orange Skunk Ryder, Seed Stockers have paid close attention to ensure this mix contains only the best cannabis strains with an amazing smell, taste and appearance. Ranging from Sativa-dominant hybrids to almost pure Indica varieties, this pack has it all!

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