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The feminized cannabis strain Tangie’matic Auto is almost a pure Sativa autoflowering version of the popular Tangie. Providing the best XXL-sized yield out of all of FastBuds strains in just 9 weeks, she’s also the biggest plant in their catalog and one of the most potent ones, with THC content from 21-23%.

  • FastBuds
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Euphoria and flight of fantasy
  • Tangie genetics
  • 80 - 130 cm
  • 450 - 650 g/m² indoors
    50 - 350 g/plant outdoors
  • 63 - 70 days
  • Sativa dominant
  • 21 - 23 %
  • 0.9 %

Tangie’matic Auto: Give Her Space And You’ll Be Rewarded

A true gem, the almost pure Sativa Tangie’matic Auto is an autoflowering version of the popular Tangie (or Mandarine). This feminized cannabis strain from FastBuds gives incredible harvests and is also the biggest plant in their catalog. She's one of the most potent in terms of the strength and variety of her medicinal uses as well.

Growing like a true Sativa, you can expect fast and explosive growth from day one. If given enough root space, it can easily reach up to 150cm but will generally range from 80-130cm, and she may need support for the branches, especially in the first few weeks. Being the biggest plant doesn’t always mean that it has the biggest yield to match it, but with Tangie’matic Auto you can expect exactly that. She usually finishes in 9-10 weeks, but if you give her room and provide good lights, it can go up to 14-15 weeks. In that case, you’d be well rewarded with an XXL yield, and not just for an autoflowering strain.

  • Recommended techniques: Low stress training.
  • Indoor lighting suggestion: LED 400W during vegetation and 1000W during flowering may produce around 130g/plant.
  • Usually testing at more than 21-23% THC and ~1 CBD.

As Sativa As It Gets

The effects of Tangie’matic Auto are typical for Sativa - uplifting, euphoric, cerebral - making this a great strain to use throughout the day. The flavors, smells and aromas are exactly what you would expect from a Tangie - tangerine, citrusy, fresh, and spicy. It’s also highly medicinal due to her formidable THC.

Customer reviews and rates
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    • Advantages
      It’s the 3rd time I grow this strain and this branchy monster keeps impressing me with its bushy structure. Grow it in 8L pots, soil and 20% perlite. 400W HPS + filter. Started feeding her on day 17 and used organic nutrients for veg and flowering. 
    • Disadvantages
    • General impression
      The plants grow lots of side branches covered with buds. The smallest plant is 38 days old as she sprouted later. Keeps catching up with other plants - she’s 65cm tall now. The second bush is 76c in height, and AK 47 on the right is 90cm (I’m shocked). Top quality strain! 
    • Advantages
      She gives off a weak smell if you keep her under 25%-30% humidity and temp 21-26C. Her citrusy smell is dominating and accompanied with hints of bergamot and grapefruit which is a bonus for those who vape her. All seeds germinated fast and almost at the same time.
    • Disadvantages
      She has some special features but I can’t call them drawbacks.
    • General impression
      The strain is great for daily chores and chilling out with friends. Very psychoactive - she boosts imagination and increases focus. I felt like art was my alter ego haha. Doesn’t give any wild euphoric sensations or melancholy meaning that she won’t get you addicted to her. The strain won’t make you sleepy. In fact, you won’t sleep for like 2-3 hours if you try her before going to bed. She can keep you focused and full of energy for straight 12 hours. Besides, she gives a smooth after effect lasting for 12-18h.
    • Advantages
      I will grow her again outdoors.
    • Disadvantages
    • General impression
      Awesome strain !! Dense buds with citrusy aroma. A trifle smelly and flowers long. Tolerant to over watering during flowering and low temps. 
    • Advantages
      looks great
    • Disadvantages
    • General impression
      My Tangie Matic is 6 weeks after seeding. My monster is flowering! Peace to all!
    • Advantages
    • Disadvantages
      nothing so far
    • General impression
      Great strain, indeed!
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