White Widow Automatic feminized seeds

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White Widow Automatic feminized cannabis seeds develop into short bushes that take just about 3 months to provide high-quality herbs after seeds have germinated. Top-notch quality harvests of heavily resin-coated flowers that produce potent highs with their 14% THC levels and earthy aromas ready in a blink of an eye!

  • Royal Queen Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • The best day to stay home
  • White Widow x Ruderalis
  • 40 - 80 cm indoors
    50 - 110 cm outdoors
  • 400 - 450 g/m² indoors
    190 - 240 g/plant outdoors
  • 49 - 56 days
  • 70 - 84 days
  • 40% Sativa / 40% Indica / 20% Ruderalis
  • 14 %
  • Medium

White Widow Automatic

White Widow Automatic is an autoflowering, feminized cannabis strain that aims to bring a 90’s classic to meet 21st century’s demands.  Get the same benefits: high resin count, a classic Widow taste, high yields, with the added benefit of shorter and stealthier crops.

Darkness That Shines

The 90’s champion now comes in an autoflowering version. While replicating the trademark characteristics of White Widow, plants will be ready to begin flowering by the end of their first month of life and ripen in much shorter times than the normal strain would. Growth rates are faster, but the structure is much smaller. These small plants grow 50 to 110cm tall, with clear main cola dominance. It is a great strain for stealth operations or growers on a schedule. Expect a total life cycle time of 10-12 weeks after seeds have sprouted. Under ideal conditions, yields should reach up to 240 g per outdoor plant or 450 g/m2 in indoor operations.

  • Best Photoperiod: 20/4
  • BioBizz nutrients/substrate recommended
  • Feed vegetative nutrients until pre-flowering stretch stops.
  • Temps: 18C - 28C
  • Flowering RH: max 40%
  • Min 600 Watts HID, 240 Watts LEDs per m2
  • LST if phenotype displays vigor early on.

Forest Experience

Get ready for effects that are slightly more aimed to relax the body than the original White Widow. Transport your taste buds to a piney forest where the air is filled with earthy aromas that linger in the mouth with a slight citrus undertone.