Cannabis is a group of three plants that react psycho-actively with the human body when consumed. These are Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis. Considering it’s grown and consumed in many different corners of the world, it also has a long list of street names. Cannabis, weed, or marijuana as it’s most commonly and widely known, is consumed for its euphoric and energizing or calming and relaxing effects.


Weed, Pot, MJ: Is There A Difference?

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Whatever you call it, marijuana has an insane number of autonomous components called cannabinoids. Some varieties of cannabis may contain as many as 120 cannabinoids. Of these, the most widely researched are THC and CBD. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning it can get you high. CBD, on the other hand, isn’t psychoactive and is used medicinally to induce calm, relaxation and pain relief. 

It All Starts From Marijuana Seeds 

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To grow weed in your garden, greenhouse or even indoors, you’ll need to start right from the seeds and their germination. This implies that you’ll need to have enough viable seeds handy. Before buying marijuana seeds online, you need to understand the several types of seeds in the market, such as feminized, autoflowering and regular.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

To make feminized seeds, a female plant is stressed into producing its own pollen. This pollen fertilizes another female, resulting in seeds that lack the male chromosome. Why deprive seeds from this, you may ask? The disadvantage of growing male plants is that their pollen compromises the potency of unfertilized female flower buds, which is the main goal of most growers. This explains why feminized seeds are becoming more and more popular among cannabis growers and enthusiasts – they allow people to grow strictly female plants from each seed.

Autoflowering Weed Seeds

If you’re looking to buy pot seeds online, autoflowering varieties are an excellent place to start. These are seeds that begin to flower on their own within as little as 2 to 4 weeks of germination. Autoflowering pot seeds are achieved by crossbreeding a classic Indica or Sativa with a Ruderalis variety. Such seeds tend to finish flowering in 6 weeks or even less.

Regular Marijuana Seeds

These are standard marijuana seeds that come from a generic male or female plant. Since such seeds can produce either male or female plants, growers tend to discard the males after germination if they don’t intend to breed them for seeds. Often, only half the plants end up female. You should, therefore, always germinate and plant a few extra seeds to make up for the males you’ll probably have to throw out.

High Quality Marijuana Seeds For Sale

High Quality Marijuana Seeds

Using superior grade, high-quality seeds is the best way to make sure you achieve healthy and vigorous plants. However, how can you tell if the seeds are viable, high-yielding and potent?

You should look for cannabis seeds that have a dark outer shell – that is, those with gray or black coats. Good seeds also have a shiny, waxy sheen on their shell and are hardy when pressed between the fingers. Fresh green and white seeds are immature and are unlikely to germinate. Good seeds are also dense and heavy, so tend to sink when placed in a glass of distilled water. If you want to buy cannabis seeds online, look no further than Herbies – our seeds are stored in perfect conditions and go through rigorous quality control before every dispatch.

Where To Buy Cannabis Seeds?

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Modern seed banks take great pride in their breeding skills and are likely to deliver reliable seeds that will grow into vigorous, resilient plants. As the modern cannabis seed market is thriving, there are just too many seed banks around, and this can make your choice difficult. Fortunately, Herbies has seeds from every reputable seed bank in the world and constantly updates their products with the newest custom marijuana seeds from all over the globe. has a massive catalogue of seeds for beginners, intermediaries and seasoned growers alike. Find your strain of choice from a wide variety of feminized, autoflowering and regular seeds right from the comfort of your couch. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Herbies: Buy Cannabis Seeds Online


Finding the right place to get the top-shelf seed is important when buying marijuana seeds online. If you want to plant only the best marijuana, you’ll need to purchase top-quality seeds with certified genetics and unblemished origins. You want a seed pack from a top-rated seed bank – something that’s guaranteed to do exceedingly well. That’s why you need Herbies.

Herbies is a reputable dealer that stocks seeds from the very best seed banks. We are the best option when buying seeds online, since we guarantee fast and secure shipping. Herbies also provides 100% privacy, placing your seeds in secure and unassuming packaging. We value your trust and do everything to leave you completely satisfied.