Regular Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds For An Enjoyable Growing Experience

After appearing on the market a couple of decades ago, regular autoflower seeds have made a lot of noise and raised many questions from curious marijuana growers. Why, you may ask? Because no one had heard of autoflowering cannabis before, and it came as a great surprise that weed plants could start flowering independently from the amount of light they receive. At the time, not many marijuana cultivators were ready to sacrifice potency and yields for the lesser potency of autoflowers. However, the times when regular autoflowering seeds were less potent and lower yielding than photoperiod varieties are long gone! Modern non-feminized autoflower seeds can be just as potent and high-yielding as their photoperiod sisters – you just need to pick the right strain!

regular autoflower seeds

Autoflower Regular Seeds From Our Top Seed Banks

Luckily, with Herbies’ Regular Autoflower Seeds Collection, you have plenty of options to choose from! Our regular autoflowering cannabis seeds range greatly in price, effects, cannabinoid content, and terpene profiles – use our convenient search tool and apply filters to find marijuana seeds perfectly suited to your needs. One thing that unites our cannabis seeds, however, is that we source them all from only highly reputable seed banks all over the globe. Producers such as FastBuds, Barney’s Farm, Royal Queen Seeds, Humboldt Seeds, and others invest incredible amounts of resources into the research and engineering of their marijuana genetics, producing autoflowering regular seeds of the highest quality that will yield huge harvests of mind-blowingly potent weed. We gather these acorns straight from the producers and keep them at the perfect temperature and humidity levels to keep them fresh and full of life before they arrive to you. Then, you can fully enjoy the ease of growing granted by their resilience, independence from light schedules, and quick turnaround!

regular autoflowering cannabis seeds

Interested In Breeding? Go For Non-Feminized Autoflower Seeds

You might be interested to know why you might want to pick non-feminized autoflower seeds instead of the feminized ones. Well, regular autoflowering seeds definitely have pros of their own. Let’s touch upon some of them. First of all, regular autoflowering marijuana seeds are usually cheaper than their feminized sisters, simply because they cost seed banks less to produce, but their quality is on the same level. Second, if you choose regular autoflower seeds, you have less chance of dealing with hermaphrodite plants in case your weed faces any kind of stress. Last but not least, if you’re interested in experimenting and breeding cannabis yourself, only regular autoflower seeds can grant you this opportunity. If you really enjoyed a certain strain, why not make more seeds of it yourself? For that matter, why not create your own personal strain? With regular autoflowering seeds, all of this is possible.

Autoflower Vs. Regular Seeds: No Need To Choose Between The Two

Now that we know the clear benefits of autoflower vs. regular seeds, you don’t really have to decide between the two types. Herbies’ Regular Autoflower Seeds Collection contains an unlimited choice of seeds that lets you benefit from both the ease of growing autoflowers and the affordability and versatility of regular seeds. Make your choice and get to growing!