5 Fresh Arrivals To Herbies: Tasty, Zesty And Incredibly Strong

16 April 2020

cannabis strains new arrival

When it comes to new weed strains on the market, high levels of THC are a given, but the varieties we’d like to present today have so much more to them! They were picked for their unique character that will make every smoking session a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Leisure Zoot Larry cannabis strain

Leisure Zoot Larry: A Blend Of Laid-Back And Focused

Leisure Zoot Larry is yet another successful take on the celebrated OG genetics, this time with more Indica than Sativa influence in its DNA, growth patterns and effects. Those suffering from stress and pain will find relief that comes on quickly and lasts for hours, and recreational smokers will appreciate the strong buzz, mental focus and relaxation of the body fueled by 25% THC.

Mimosa EVO

Mimosa EVO: A Perfect Cocktail Of Fruity Genetics

Mimosa EVO is a cross between Purple Punch and Clementine, both famous for their fruity and citrusy fragrance that also comes through in the taste of this fun strain. The 70% Sativa genes make this variety your best work buddy or hiking companion, as it provides tons of energy and euphoria with just a bit of pleasant body buzz. Meanwhile, the 24-26% THC will satisfy even the most tolerant recreational or medical user.

Purple Lemonade Auto

Purple Lemonade Auto: An Indica-Dominant Refreshment

Purple Lemonade Auto one’s must-have for a lazy day at the beach or a chill poolside party where all you want to do is sunbathe and have a few laughs with close friends. The Indica-dominant purple autoflower has stunning looks, a refreshing fruity taste, and effects that make you social, chatty, giggly and happily relaxed all at the same time.

Dos Si Dos 33 cannabis strain

Dos Si Dos 33: A Rollercoaster Ride From High To Stone

A multiway cross of the world’s sickest genetics, Dos Si Dos 33 contains up to 28% THC and is definitely not for the faint of heart. Expect a wild ride that starts with a roaring Sativa rush and morphs into an immobilizing Indica couch lock. This powerhouse strain also boasts amazing complex flavors that often trick you into consuming more than you should if you don’t exert some self-control, so be wary when consuming.

Black Cherry Punch cannabis strain

Black Cherry Punch: Effects Both Powerful And Unique

These connoisseur-quality buds have striking looks and intense flavors dominated by sweet berries and earth. Black Cherry Punch also packs a punch, as the name of the strain suggests and its 25% THC levels ensure. Thanks to the entourage effect of different terpenes as well as the high levels of CBD, this Indica produces an unforgettable experience that relaxes the body and takes your mind and mood to its happy place.

Take Your Pick And Grow Them Like A Boss

While describing these new arrivals, we focused on the outstanding qualities of the smoke they produce. However, these strains are highly rewarding from a grower’s perspective, too. The plants are all vigorous, fast, high-yielding and beginner-friendly – if you’ve taken up this hobby only recently and want to cram in as much info as possible, learn the best way to grow cannabis in our detailed and exhaustive guide.

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