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710 Genetics

While we’re restocking our collection of 710 Genetics strains, don’t miss out on the chance to try cannabis seeds from Dr. Krippling, another leader among UK seedbanks.


710 Genetics is a cannabis seedbank from UK offering ‘boutique’ cannabis strains in both photoperiod and autoflowering varieties. Crossing the best UK has to offer with strains from the US and the rest of the world, they have created cannabis strains like Fools Gold, G13 Hashplant and Auto Purps, known for its high yield and potency, extreme terpene and trichome production utilized more and more in the concentrates market and colorful buds and tropical aromas, respectfully.

Crossing The Best And Favorite Strains

By finding and collecting the best cannabis genetics from both the UK and the rest of the world and crossing them together, 710 Genetics have created some of the most unique and sought-after strains. By constantly improving and innovating, they strive to create new interesting strains that will suit growers in all regions and environments. 710 Genetics offer some of the classic like Girl Scout Cookies, AK, Cheese as well as quality autoflowers that can match regular photoperiod strains in both yield and potency while having relatively short finishing times up to 10 weeks from seed to harvest. Some of their most popular strains include:

  • Fools Gold – Indica-dominant hybrid, a cross between Big Bud and Skunk, easy to grow in all environments, great for new and inexperienced growers
  • G13 Hashplant – Indica-dominant hybrid, a cross between G13 and Hashplant, known for its high yield and easy to trim form
  • Auto Purps – autoflowering Indica/Sativa hybrid, cross between Purps and Ruderalis, known for its purple color and spicy and herbal aromas

Official website: 710 Genetics