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Herbies team - cannabis Enthusiasts, growers, and writers extraordinaire!

We write about: cultivation techniques, strains, and the cannabis lifestyle, including edibles and therapeutic use.

Meet the amazing Herbies team, a group of passionate individuals dedicated to all things cannabis. We are growers, writers, editors, and experts in our own right, bringing you the best in cannabis knowledge and insights.

What do we write about? You name it! From cannabis cultivation techniques to the fascinating world of cannabinoids and terpenes, we cover it all. Our articles dive into the cannabis lifestyle, exploring the different ways it intertwines with our daily lives.

But that's not all. At Herbies, we approach each topic with excitement, eager to share our knowledge while remaining open to new discoveries. We believe in exploring topics from every angle, keeping up with the latest techniques and research without losing touch with the timeless wisdom gained through experience. We humbly acknowledge Mother Nature as the ultimate teacher, who perfected her lessons long before our time. By combining cutting-edge knowledge with time-honored practices, we offer a well-rounded perspective that both embraces innovation and celebrates tradition.

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