Amnesia Haze feminized seeds (Royal Queen Seeds)

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If you’re looking for a strain that delivers Sativa effects in the biggest way possible, Amnesia Haze feminized seeds from Royal Queen Seeds are your answer. With THC levels that can reach as high as 24%, this is a potent lady who will go straight to your head. Expect cerebral effects that will leave you euphoric, energetic, and relaxed. Complement this with aromas of earth, citrus, and wood, and you have all the ingredients for a strain that’s bound to become one of your favorites.

  • Royal Queen Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Greenhouse
  • Journey to nowhere
  • Amnesia x Neville’s Haze
  • Multiple Cup winner
  • 80 - 140 cm indoors
    175 - 210 cm outdoors
  • 600 - 650 g/m² indoors
    650 - 700 g/plant outdoors
  • 70 - 77 days
  • Late October
  • 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
  • 20 - 24 %
  • Medium

Amnesia Haze Strain Info

A Sativa dominant (70%) hybrid, the original Amnesia Haze from breeder Royal Queen Seeds is a cross between Amnesia and Neville’s Haze. She has a history of being a multiple cup winner, and the fact is that she pleases both consumers and growers alike with her typically Sativa effects and generous harvests.

Flowering Time

Amnesia Haze finishes her flowering time in 10-11 weeks for indoor growers, and by late October for outdoor operations.


You’ll get some excellent harvests from Amnesia Haze, with indoor yields of 600-650g/m2 (1.97-2.13oz/ft2), or 650-700g (22.9-24.7oz) per plant for outdoor grows.


The effects of Amnesia Haze are strong and long-lasting. She’s a typical Sativa, meaning she delivers effects that are cerebral, energetic, uplifting, euphoric, and relaxing.

Amnesia Haze effects
Amnesia Haze weed effects
Amnesia Haze strain effects
Effects of Amnesia Haze

THC And CBD Levels

Amnesia Haze is a very potent strain, usually testing at 20-24% in terms of THC content with around 1% of CBD.

Smell And Taste

Amnesia Haze has a terpene profile that delivers fresh and citrusy aromas with undertones of earth and wood. Her flavors, meanwhile, are sweet and lemony with hints of pepper and spices.

Grow Tips

Growing fast and vigorous with slightly larger internodes and multiple branches, Amnesia Haze reacts well to all types of training methods and techniques. Amnesia Haze will grow long, smelly, sticky buds that will become fully covered with resinous trichomes by harvest time.

  • Her height can reach 140cm (4’9”) indoors, and 210cm (6’8”) outdoors.
  • Like most Sativas, this strain prefers slightly sunnier, warmer, and semi-humid climates, but grows well in greenhouses and indoors when those conditions are replicated.
  • It’s a bit more susceptible to pests, disease, and harsher weather, so it might not be the best choice for new growers.

Amnesia Haze Seeds

Amnesia Haze is one strong strain that you’ll definitely want to add to your grow list. Order your feminized seeds online today from Herbies Seeds and get started with this hit strain sooner.

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