Amnesia Haze (Royal Queen Seeds) Strain Review

Last updated: 28 March 2024

Amnesia Haze (Royal Queen Seeds) Strain Review

One of my buddies got hooked up with some Amnesia Haze seeds earlier this year. He’s got two green thumbs and can make anything grow, so I wasn’t surprised when he hit me up recently to say he had some extra bud for me. He’s a good guy.

Pre-Story to My Amnesia Haze Review

According to him, Amnesia Haze by Royal Queen Seeds is a Sativa that can be energizing but also kinda trippy. This sounded like exactly what I wanted, so I picked up a few gs from him the other day. For what it’s worth, I don’t smoke pot every day. One or two nights a week is my average, usually on weekends when I have some time to write. Smoking weed helps me get in the zone. I’ve been working on a sci-fi novel in my spare time for the last few months, and have been wanting to try out some different strains to see how it affects my writing.

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds (Royal Queen Seeds)VIEW STRAIN

Taking a Hit of Amnesia Haze Weed

Amnesia Haze Seeds For Sale

Being a bit of a lightweight, I packed a small bowl in my bubbler. The first rip was smooth and tasty, kind of lemony and sweet. I held it in for a few long seconds before releasing the capacity of my lungs, smoke billowing around me. After like two tokes, I was already starting to feel a tingling in my belly, which is usually the first sign that I’m getting baked. As I cashed the rest of the bowl, that feeling rose up into my chest, throat, and into my head.

Getting Creative

It took me three tries to unlock my computer, making me giggle softly to myself as I thought about how stoned I was. With the Word document in front of me, I picked up where I left off last time. A quick skim through the most recently written pages helped get me into the mindset. This Amnesia Haze was certainly a helping hand, considering the effects were already nearly as cerebral as the subject material. I was shooting into outer space without a care in the world. Really nice high so far, no anxiety.

As my fingers hit the keyboard, words started to flow like water droplets spraying across the keys. I was in a total flow, hardly even looking down at my fingers, which seemed to have a mind of their own as they darted across the letter-studded keys. The head high was getting stronger, settling in my skull and shoulders, making my lips turn into a grin without control. I could feel the creative juices flowing, almost overflowing to the point where it was difficult to type as quickly as the scenes formed in my imagination. My fingertips were sort of numb, almost like they were one with the keyboard.

One… two… three hours zoomed by. I was only awakened out of my trance by the sound of my wife knocking lightly on the door as she entered the room. I jumped as the bubble popped around me and I was brought back into the real world. She had the sweetest look on her face, half puppy dog and half smiling at my bloodshot eyes. She was wielding a tub of ice cream, and the idea to watch another episode of the series we’d recently been binging.

After an episode (or two?) and a pint of ice cream later… my high had smoothly transitioned into a super relaxed feeling of ultimate chill. It’s worth mentioning that I’m writing this smoke report for Amnesia Haze the day after. Turns out, I was way too blazed to write anything coherent last night. Although I’d felt like Shakespeare or Dickens or Tolkein writing the next best-seller... It ended up being total nonsense and I’m not sure if it’s going to make the cut. Oops. At least it was fun. Write high, edit sober, am I right?

A Wrap on My Amnesia Haze Smoke Report

To conclude my Amnesia Haze review: This strain smoked really nice and smooth, with a quick come-up. Definitely as cerebral as advertised. Amnesia Haze is a strain that I won’t necessarily reach for the next time I’m working on my book, but I still had a hell of a time. The feeling of being totally engrossed in my work… unlike anything else. I’m gonna have to try it again with some friends and see how it holds up to a social setting.

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hey just wanted to know where i could read your novel
Hello Kyle,That question goes to the respectful author of that report, hopefully they will reply
hahah. me too.... what is that? a review or penthouse forums for potheads! lol
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