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People Answer: Crazy Weed Stories Edition

Last updated: 2 October 2023

7 Crazy Weed Stories from Herbies Readers

No weed smoking session is the same, but some highs are definitely crazier than others! This time we asked growers to remember their weed experiences and share their crazy and funny high stories with us.

Rowan and Too Strong of an Edible

Rowan and Too Strong of an Edible

I have so many stories to share but this one time back in 2011, a couple of friends of mine thought it would be a great idea to cook some weed brownies.

However, we were already extremely high at the time and too lazy to go to the local supermarket to buy some cookie batter and ingredients. So we decided to make weed toast with real cheese instead, using the oven. We chopped up the bud that we had and mixed it with some cheddar cheese on the bread. We put the toasties in the oven and let them cook for about 10-15 mins.

When the toasties were done, we happily ate them. It tasted horrible, but that didn’t stop us as we were so hungry from the munchies. After trying to eat the weed toasties, I gave up after getting through one of them but my other friends managed to eat more than two!

Now the strange part of the story, after eating the weed toasty, I don’t remember much about that night at all. What I can tell you is that it put me to sleep for 2 days straight. We cooked the toasties on a Friday night and I only remember waking up on Monday morning feeling completely confused. If I did wake up here and there I definitely couldn’t remember it, but I did feel like I had been asleep for that long judging by how stiff and confused I felt!

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Adam and Two of His Favorite Smoking Weed Stories

Adam and Two of His Favorite Smoking Weed Stories

I have a plenty of weed stories to tell, as I’m a stoner with experience. However, for today I only picked two that made a lasting impression on me, because they either played with my perception or made me feel in a way I never felt before.

That one time that instantly comes to my mind, was one of my first weed smoking experiences, and unfortunately, I don’t know what strain I smoked. It was at a house party, we were smoking and having great time. Then I needed to go to the bathroom, and there something weird happened. I looked at my reflection, saw my bushy eyebrows, and I realized there’s a spider stuck in them! At first I got scared, but I quickly grasped that it was just visuals from that weed! After the realization, I was fascinated by my reflection, I kept looking at my eyebrows, and more spiders started coming out of them and travel to the back of my head. Even though I’m normally scared of bugs on my body, I was mesmerized because this hallucination looked extremely believable, and it was incredible that I got to experience this having had nothing but some weed!

Another one of weed stories that I wanted to touch upon happened much later in my life. I was smoking some Girl Scout Cookies with a close friend at his house. We were sitting on the couch and decided to put some music on. I opened my Spotify and put on an album I’ve never heard of before, just to check it out. I’ll forever remember what happened next. Music never felt so amazing, it felt ecstatic. That album had lots of genres mixed together, and every change in its direction made me feel incredible in its own way - it was taking me by surprise time after time. After a while I was in such pure bliss that I lost control over my body, it was shaking and moving on its own, I couldn’t stop it! We laughed a lot and enjoyed the music like never before. Anyway, I had to ask my friend to stop the music after we’ve gone through the whole album once and some songs twice because I felt completely drained yet extremely satisfied. I didn’t know I’d ever be able to experience music like this, and by the way, I never did after that! Really hope to experience something like this again though.

Dinah and Her First Time Smoking Weed Story

Dinah and Her First Time Smoking Weed Story

I first smoked weed when I joined campus. That was during my freshman time. I had a stoner boyfriend who introduced me to weed. We were both in our first year of study. We were also staying in the school dorms that weren't far apart. He would come to me immediately after I had my dinner, or sometimes we would go together, and afterward, we'd stroll to his best friend's room.

His best friend, Sam, also stayed on the school's premises. At around 10:30 pm, we would join Sam in his room and begin our lit session. We did this almost daily.

During my first time smoking weed, I was fearful. My parents had warned me before I joined campus against using such things. But I told myself, “after all, this is not a drug but a herb”.

I felt free and relaxed when I was around Tom, my boyfriend. He gave me a blunt which I puffed. It went well. It didn't disappoint. With that puff and many others later, I gained confidence and felt calm. After a short while, I started singing to all the songs playing in the background. I won't lie, I am not a singer, but that day I amazed those guys. I don't know where the courage and the talent came from.

Sam had put Tame Impala playlist on. Surprisingly, I happened to know all the songs! I sang for an hour or so while they were both looking at me and enjoying it. They even threatened to turn down the music so that I could be their radio!

Tom took me back to my room at around midnight. The following day I couldn't believe it when he told me what I did the previous night. I felt embarrassed, but he was comforting, telling me that there's nothing to be embarrassed about.

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One of WeedKB’s Weed Trip Stories: a Telepathic Connection

One of WeedKB’s Weed Trip Stories: a Telepathic Connection

I once had a kind of… I don’t know... a body swap experience on weed. Or something like that.

There was this girl I gave a ride to. We got to talk. She said she was psychic and that she sensed very strong psychic abilities in me, too. Which I thought was all bullshit but told her it was because I smoked weed every day.

She was young and stupid and very anti-’drugs’. Okay, I invited her to my cabin. Later I’m sitting in the living room, rolling a joint of Bruce Banner #3. And suddenly she decides to try it too. Nice!

At first she didn’t feel anything at all, then she had to lie down, practically collapsed, and began talking a mile a minute about her new understanding of the Universe and alternate dimensions she was seeing, and how her thoughts took shape and changed their direction etc.

Some of it was strangely very similar to mathematical models of reality I was toying with at the time. So, whenever she paused, I shared my ideas with her. And I kept smoking and was getting higher and higher all the time.

At some point, I realized we had established a kind of telepathic connection. I would draw a mental image in my mind and send it right into her brain, and she’d immediately start to talk—in non-mathematical language of course—of something eerily similar. I’d never experienced anything like this before. Nor since. So this psychic stuff wasn’t all bullshit after all?

After a while, I went outside. It was dark already. I felt strange, because I hardly recognized anything around me. Outside I saw my reflection and I didn’t know my face. It was so unfamiliar. I began to freak out.

When I was returning, I was stumbling in the dark at every step, and then I couldn’t find the door handle. I was groping and groping. Nothing. Then I panicked and began to grope all over, and there it was, way lower than I expected.

It occured to me that the source of discomfort were my glasses, so I took them off. And then like... click... the world came back into focus. Still unfamiliar but at least clear.

Now it dawned on me that, all this time, I was seeing the world through the girl’s eyes (good, young, non-miopic eyes) and was moving around as if in her ‘avatar’ which was a whole 10 inches shorter. My brain, her body. That’s why the door handle was at the wrong height.

I sat down on the floor, with my back to the wall, both scared shitless and thrilled.

It was some time before I was myself again, and everything became blurry again, so I had to put my glasses back on. When I walked in the room, the girl was fast asleep. Next day, I brought her back to the city.

Rose and One of her Stoned Stories

Rose and One of her Stoned Stories

When I was a teenager, I had smoked weed on two occasions but never seemed to feel anything from it. So, with the help of some guy-friends of mine, I decided that I really wanted to feel what getting high felt like, to smoke and actually feel something, anything. The two friends met me at a party with a thick joint that they had rolled containing two very strong weed strains, Exodus Cheese and Delahaze, including some hash smeared along the inside.

Me, never being high before, decided that I would not let myself smoke again without feeling it. So, because my friends were determined to get me high, and I was determined too, they told me to inhale as deep as I could and to hold it in for as long as I could before exhaling each hit. I took three HUGE puffs like this, holding each one in for at least 5 seconds before exhaling… Needless to say, I instantly felt like someone had poured a bucket of cold water over my brain, and I could feel the skin on my face tightening. They asked me if I felt it, to which I could only nod with a look of shock on my face. I got up from my chair and walked outside to get some air, and remember literally feeling like I was on another planet! It was incredible. There was loud techno music playing and huge roaring fires which were both making me feel more and more out of body. I was so overwhelmed that within 2 minutes of smoking that crazy joint, I fainted! Once my friends helped me up, I spent the rest of the night sitting in a corner on the floor of the party with my friends bringing me water and telling me I’ll be okay. I ended up going home early, feeling very embarrassed and stupid as I remembered all the big talk about wanting to get really high earlier that night.

After getting home, I ate three bowls of soup with toast and had the most glorious sleep of my life and although it was a crazy experience, it marked the beginning of a powerful relationship with marijuana that I will never regret.

Lola and her Mom’s First Time Smoking Weed Story

Lola and her Mom’s First Time Smoking Weed Story

This isn’t a crazy weed story – unless you know my mum. I was raised with parents who were, understandably, a bit scared of weed. However, as I got older and had more open conversations with my mum, she started to understand the benefits of marijuana, and the more complex reasons for its prohibition. Just before the pandemic hit the headlines, I was visiting home, and my mum asked if she could try some of my joint. She was super healthy and had really got into her exercise recently. As a result, she’d developed pain in her knees. She told me that she’d heard marijuana could help with the pain.

Of course, I agreed and rolled the most perfect joint I could in preparation! She started slow and took a few tokes, before letting the high linger. Then, she smoked a little more, got up and walked around, and said she could barely feel the pain in her knees. It was mad to see my mum get high for the first time! Since then, she’s bought herself a vaporizer and regularly experiments with different strains with various THC and CBD potencies. She vapes whenever she’s got muscle and joint pain – and sometimes just for enjoyment too!

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What are Your Personal Smoking Weed Stories?

As you can see, toking can bring you experiences that you’ll remember your whole life! If reading this article reminded you of some of your own crazy, weird or funny stoner stories, let us know about them in the comments below - we’d like to know them!

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