Glue Gelato Auto Grow Report: A Monster of a Plant with a High Yield Potential

Last updated: 15 May 2024

Glue Gelato Auto Grow Report

Hi there! This Glue Gelato Auto grow report was initially my personal canna journal. Let me briefly recap my experience so that you know what to expect of this strain.

Glue Gelato Auto grow can be a pleasure from start to finish if you go easy on nutes. She’s vigorous, big, and extremely branchy, doesn’t mind topping and develops more bud sites than most other autoflowers. The buds smell like industrial glue, have a pleasant terpy taste, and produce a creative and happy effect.

Glue Gelato Auto Grow Data

And now let’s have a look at how Glue Gelato Auto (Barneys Farm) was performing week by week.

The Setup and the Early Veg

In this run, Glue Gelato Auto strain was one of four plants in a 3’x3’ tent. Each of them was planted in a 5L (1.32 gal) non-woven grow bag filled with coco coir and perlite. 5 liters don’t seem like much, but in coco you can water/fertigate as often as several times a day, so it’s no impediment to getting a very generous harvest.

Glue Gelato Auto Seeds For SaleVIEW STRAIN

At first, my tent was equipped with a 315W ceramic metal halide lamp by Growers Choice, but at the beginning of flowering I changed this light for a more efficient 200W Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED quantum board. Getting ahead of myself, I can say that this made a world of difference.

Right out of the gate, Glue Gelato Auto set herself apart as a clear favourite. I only used a CalMag supplement (General Hydroponics CALiMAGic) and Elite Root Igniter, but it was enough for an almost explosive growth. At the end of the first week, the plant looked like she was 10 days old, and the foliage was vibrant.

Glue Gelato Auto Early Vegetation

In week 2, I added the two-component Elite Base Nutrient (which was to be the staple of the diet for the whole cycle) and Elite Root Tonic C (basically a PK booster). My Glue Gelato autoflower reacted well and was getting taller and bushier every day.

Training of Glue Gelato Auto

The plant looked so good in fact that I topped her above the 5th node in the beginning of week 3 and immediately started with the LST. The node spacings were just perfect for a comfortable training. I also had to top her again.

Soon Glue Gelato Auto covered the whole surface area of the grow bag and began to overflow. Out of four girls in the tent, she wasn’t the one with the largest number of branches, but definitely the tallest. And this despite the fact that she was 4 days younger than the rest.

The branches were also the longest. Probably it meant that the pre-flowering stretch had begun. And you could see something like would-be buds on tops. However, the proper flowering only began in the 5th week.

Glue Gelato Auto Grow Report Continued: The Flowering

When the first flowers began to form, I did several things at once:

  • switched from the MH light to a LED panel,
  • shortened the light cycle from 20/4 to 18/6,
  • upped the dosage of nutrients,
  • changed Elite Root Tonic C for Elite Resin D (which is most heavy on potassium).

So far the plant was doing great. Some branches were outpassing others, but overall the bush was well-formed and looked very promising yield-wise. She was stretching all through weeks 6 and 7, and the branches had so many bud sites on them like no other autoflower I had ever grown. It was a joy to see her stacking up.

Some Issues with Feeding

At this time, I was adding nutrients to water every other day but was planning to fertilize even more often. I must have become overconfident because I severely burnt Glue Gelato Auto strain and other ladies in week 7.

Glue Gelato Auto Late Vegetation

She wasn’t the most affected of the bunch and even grew another couple of inches. And she was fattening up so well that I had to stake up the heaviest of the branches—it had begun to lean. However, the nute burn was definitely real, and during week 8, I only gave her Bush Doctor Boomerang (by Fox Farm). This is a very mild microbial solution meant for sick and stressed out plants.

I even dropped CALiMAGic for the time being. That probably was a mistake because in addition to the nutrient burn I also got calcium deficiency—spotted and twisted leaves.

Final Weeks and Harvest

Amazingly, Glue Gelato Autoflower continued to stack up and bulk up so that I had to use more stakes for more branches. I had never seen an auto with such a strong will to live and with such a yield potential.

In week 9, I took all my ladies outside for some sun and fine weather and used this occasion to lollipop the bottom part of the bush. There had also been a lot of defoliation going on lately because I would pluck off every leaf affected by the burn.

I was now feeding Glue Gelato Auto more lightly than before and not so often either. Besides, I decided to give this and other girls an extra day between waterings. I guess I had been overwatering them too.

These new measures seemed to have done the trick. After the final very nice spurt in growth, I chopped my Glue Gelato autoflower. The whole run took me only 10 weeks.

Key Takeaways from my Glue Gelato Auto Grow Report

Those who have seen my original Glue Gelato Auto grow report and user profile could see that I’d been using Elite Garden nutrients for several years and always thought very highly of them. However, this time they let me down. Probably because Glue Gelato Auto is kind of a light feeder. So don’t push as hard as I did.

Overfeeding caused nutrient burn and nutrient lockout (hence the calcium deficiency), and a lot of time was wasted battling these issues. However, at the end of the day I got more than 3 zips of great buds. Maybe they were a bit thin and foxtailed, but they provided a very tasty, potent, and pleasant smoke nonetheless.

I see now what went wrong, and I wouldn’t mind growing this amazing strain again. I’m sure I could harvest even more if I avoid all those mistakes.

Glue Gelato Auto Yield Data

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