Fun Smoking Games To Play While High With Friends

Last updated: 8 April 2024

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You might think smoking weed is an activity that’s already perfect in every sense. We agree! However, a little variety brought to group smoking sessions never hurts. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the best games to play while smoking weed. Go through it and find something to try with your friends the next time you light up. Ready, set, go!

The Hour of Power

games to play while high

The Hour of Power is a rendition of a famous drinking game, because why drink if you can get high? As its name suggests, The Hour of Power lasts for exactly 60 minutes, during which time you go from completely sober to green out of your mind! In the course of the game, each participant takes a hit every minute, making it 60 hits in total! The bigger the company, the more weed you’ll need, but it’s totally worth it to see everyone getting gradually more blazed and hear the giggles in the room growing louder and louder. At some point, you’ll think you can’t possibly get any higher, but the next minute comes and the green rollercoaster takes another unpredictable turn. Who’s the winner in this game? Everyone!

Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever heard of Never Have I Ever! This is probably something you’ll never hear playing this classic of the best house parties from around the globe. In case you forgot the rules, we’re here to remind you. In the weed-edition of Never Have I Ever, one person from the group starts by saying “Never have I ever…” followed by an action or event – for example, “Never have I ever had an edible.” Then, everyone playing, for whom this statement is not true, takes a hit of weed. The game continues until there’s no more stuff left. This game is a great opportunity to get to know your friends better. If you’ve played it before, you’ll know the best part of NHIE comes when everyone is so high that confessions get really unexpected and even dirty! And that’s always something that will last you way longer than weed!

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Name That Movie/Book

Many swear by the fact that weed gets them as creative as it gets. Check if that’s true with Name That Movie, an easy stoner game where you take turns describing a movie or a book in seven words or less. Important note: you obviously can’t use the name of the movie or the book, and not even the characters’ names! Being high and getting more and more high as the game continues makes this seemingly easy task harder and harder with every round. The rules of the game are as follows: one player, the host of the round, describes a movie or a book in seven words or less, and the rest of the group tries to guess it. The person who first guesses correctly gets to take a hit with the host. If no one can guess, everyone except the host takes a hit. Cruel but fair!


Medusa is one of the most enticing characters in ancient Greek mythology, who had the ability to turn anyone who dared look at her into stone. With this next smoking game, you get a chance to become a Medusa yourself, and if not turn people into stone, then at least get really stoned. So, for this weed game, everyone sits in a circle and gets a joint. At the beginning of the game, everyone is looking down. Then, on the count of three, all participants look up and start staring at each other. When two players meet each other with their eyes, they shout “Medusa!” and take a hit. This crazy mess of a game is a lot of fun, and it continues until there’s nothing left of the joints.

Seven Tokes To Infinity

The next one, Seven Tokes to Infinity, comes from the category of weed challenges. It’s also a great way for seasoned smokers to check if they are really as cool as they think they are! For this challenge, you’ll need a bong with a bowl big enough to provide seven hits. The goal of Seven Tokes to Infinity is to take seven consecutive puffs from the bong, with each held in for at least two seconds. No inhales or coughing is allowed in between tokes and if it happens, the challenge is failed. Seven might not seem like that huge a number, but trust us, it’s going to take all your lung power to keep those seven tokes in! Make sure that before you start the challenge, you’re comfortably seated, because by the end of that seventh puff, you might be unable to stand up!


best weed smoking games

There’s no preparation to be done before the weed game of Names, and it’s perfect for when you find yourself chain-smoking and want to do things just a little bit differently. First, think of a category – this could be Movies, Musicians, Books, Characters, basically anything that has a name! The first player starts by naming something from the category that starts with A. For example, if the category is Movies, it could be Alien. The next player, and everyone after them, has to name a movie that starts with the previous answer’s last letter (Alien – Napoleon Dynamite – ET, etc.). The player who fails to name the next one has to take a hit. This game is extremely easy in theory but in practice, it becomes a challenge, especially with the growing amount of weed consumed.

Running Man

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Running Man is one of the few outdoor bong smoking games on our list. Moreover, Running Man actually involves physical activity! Best played with a group of three or more friends, Running Man starts by everyone taking a huge hit from a joint or, even better, a bong. Then, on the count of three, you all sprint to a previously-assigned point, the goal being simply not to fall! At the second point, another bong should be waiting for you, so you take another huge hit and sprint back. Whoever falls is out of the game. As you can imagine, the runners will be getting slower and slower with each bong hit taken, and seeing running men turn more into something like crawling penguins is a fascinating activity by itself, so no one ever really loses!


Despite its simplicity, Chicago might easily be among the most searched weed games in the world! Its concept has become so widely popular that it’s started many other smoking games that are just variations of Chicago with their own twists and extra rules. Chicago gets more difficult the more you play, and it should definitely be approached with caution. Whenever you smoke in a group, you can say “Chicago”, which means the game starts. You take a hit of a joint and pass it on. Now you’re not allowed to exhale until everyone in the group has taken a puff, while also holding in the smoke. When the joint returns, you exhale and immediately take another hit, holding it in until the next turn. The game continues until no one can play anymore. Important note: Chicago is best played with groups of up to five people.

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Secret Stoner

Secret Stoner is a great game for big groups that we picked up from CollegeHumor. In this weed game, a host randomly assigns a role to each player, two of whom are going to become secret stoners, meaning they’ll be the only two who get high before the game starts. Each round, the stoners will select a player to eliminate from the game. The other players include three square citizens, a narc who can find out whether a player is stoned, and a medic who can choose one player to protect from elimination. They can even choose themselves as long as it's never twice in a row. Hidden in the group is one poser pretending to be high and taking the heat off the stoners to help them win. It may seem that these are a lot of rules to follow, but it becomes pretty simple once you see it in action, so definitely watch the video. Not only is it great entertainment, but it’s also a great idea for your next get-together with friends.

Stoner Ninja Warrior

If you ever wanted to be on the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior but have always preferred smoking weed to exercising, this hit from our list of weed challenges will finally bring you to the pedestal! All you need to do is form a team of warriors who’s will to get high is stronger than their fear of getting injured! Just kidding, injuries are unlikely, but you still need to be careful. Grab pillows, chairs, blankets, and other household items to create a long enough obstacle course with stop-n-smoke points along the way. These points are the reward for successful completion of a portion of the course. Can you imagine how high everyone will be by the time they finish the distance? Make sure to be timing each contestant’s results to see who’s the best Stoner Ninja Warrior of the group, and don’t forget to give them a nice prize at the end!

Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights is one of the few smoking games for two on this list. It’s super simple, too! It starts with the first person taking a single hit of marijuana and passing it on to the second person, who also takes a hit and passes the joint back. In the next round, each of the two players takes two hits, followed by a round of three hits and so on. Another twist is that while one person is smoking, someone else is supposed to keep the smoke in. This, along with the number of puffs, will get you really high really quick! As it’s so much smoking, we advise playing this game with lighter cannabis strains that won’t let you green out.


video games to play while high

Kings is an extremely fun and unpredictable bong smoking game that’s already found its way to many parties, and now it can come to yours! To play weed Kings, you’ll need a bong, joints, and a deck of cards. Shuffle the cards well and place them all in a circle around the bong. For each type of card in the deck, you need to make a rule that will be followed by the person who draws it. For example, each Queen can mean take a bong hit, each 6 pass the turn, each 10 everyone get silent, the first person to break the silence to take a hit, and so on. There are plenty of King variants online if you don’t want to come up with the rules yourself. However, there are some rules that always stays the same: players draw cards one by one and do what the card they’ve drawn says, and drawing a King means you need to make up a rule that everyone is going to follow until the next King is drawn. This is where you can let your creative juices flow and turn the game completely upside down!

Stoner With A Straight Face

Weed and giggles always go hand in hand, and this is what makes Stoner with a Straight Face so challenging! Whenever you smoke in a group of friends, just shout “stoner with a straight face!” That’s your signal to come up with a penalty for the loser and start one of the best joint games out there. Proceed to smoke as usual while keeping a straight face. The more you smoke, the harder it gets! And trust us, once somebody’s cracked, the laughter will be impossible to stop, so just go with it and watch the person who was first to laugh face the punishment – a second wave of laughter guaranteed!

Marijuana MacGyver

trippy games to play when high

Unlike the rest of the smoking games on this list, Marijuana MacGyver ends before everyone gets high! And that’s perfect, because it creates an opportunity to play one more game. The rules of Marijuana MacGyver are as follows: everyone participating has 5 minutes to go around the house and find an item they think they can turn into a smoking device. Then, after everyone has gathered their materials, it's crafting time! At the end, all the participants showcase their DIY smoking devices and the group votes to decide on the winning piece, which everyone is going to use to finally get blazed. However, the rules are not set in stone, and the losing pieces can also be put to use.

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Movie Time

Weed games and movies have always gone really well together in any party setting! Now, there’s one more reason to love this pairing. If you were planning to smoke one and relax on a couch with a great movie, why not make it even more entertaining and get even higher at the same time? To play Movie Time, prepare some joints or bowls and pick a movie to watch. Then, with everyone participating, decide on a reoccurring detail of the movie to use as a signal for taking a hit. For example, if you’re watching a horror, decide to toke every time somebody screams, or if it’s an action-movie, smoke every time there’s an on-screen fight. If a character in the movie is known for a famous catchphrase, make it another signal too! You can make as many rules as you want, depending on how high you want to become by the time the movie ends.

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Weed Jenga

fun games to play when high

Jenga is great! Jenga high? Even better! Jenga that MAKES you high? As good as it gets! For the smoking game version of this all-time classic, get a Jenga set and use a Sharpie to write new rules on its wooden blocks. Get creative here with anything, from taking a puff and only using your left hand till the end of the game to skipping the next turn and letting another player control your hand in the next turn. To make things start off right, each person should take a couple of hits before starting the game. Assemble the tower and start taking out the blocks one by one just like in regular Jenga. If you pull out a block with a rule, do what it says. The player who causes the tower to fall has to face a punishment – giving their joint to the rest of the group to finish.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is one of those weed games that can help you get baked to the point of no return in a matter of minutes. If you were going to do so anyway, why not add an element of healthy competition in there? For Last Man Standing, you’ll need a bong, or even two if the group of players is large, and enough weed to get everyone high as a kite. Players take puffs one by one, getting blazed out of their minds. As the number of rounds grows, soon there’s going to be a player who can’t take a hit more, otherwise they’ll pass out. They declare they’re out and go on enjoying the evening, while the game continues until there’s, well, one last person standing! Before the game starts, don’t forget to decide on the prize for the winner to raise the stakes of the competition.


Greenjack is a stoner version of the classic card game, Blackjack. The biggest difference here is that it’s much safer, as you’ll be playing not with money, but with hits of weed! As in the classic game, the main goal is not to go over 21, but still get the closest to it as possible. The winner of each round receives a congratulatory toke of weed, and the game continues for as long as there’s still weed to play for. Interestingly, having the high at stake can turn people into real gamblers as much as money does! However, the outcome is always positive and friendships only grow stronger.

Ash Bomber

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Most games to play while smoking weed on our list require little to no preparation. However, to play Ash Bomber, you need to get some supplies first, but don’t worry – they’re all household items that you probably already have. Before the start of the game, find a cup, a coin, a sheet of toilet paper/paper towel/rolling paper, and a joint or two, depending on how many people are playing. Oh, and don’t forget to come up with a punishment, because though there’s no winner in Ash Bomber, somebody is definitely going to lose! After you’ve got everything ready, it’s time to make an Ash Bomber device. Place the piece of paper over the opening of the cup and secure it with a rubber band, then put a coin in the middle of the paper. Now you’re ready to play. One by one, players have to take a hit of the joint, hold it in for 3 seconds, and use the joint to burn a hole in the paper. Players take turns until one of them burns the hole in the paper that causes the coin to fall into the cup. This is the loser who’s up for the punishment (aka the best part of the game).

High Card

High Card is easily one of our favorite smoking games, all because it’s really easy to play, requires close to zero preparation, and always provokes a lot of laughs. All you need for High Card is a deck of cards. At the beginning of the first round, every player receives a playing card face up. After everyone sees what their card is, they receive another card, this time face down, and they have to guess if this new card is higher than the previous one. After the player takes a guess, they flip the card, and if they were wrong, they also take a hit – as simple as that! The game goes on until there’s no more weed left, or until everyone is too high to keep playing. The game can also be customized – it’s up to you if you want to take hits for wrong guesses or right ones.

Joint Rolling Races

when to top cannabis

This one is a competition, with the goal being to show who in your group of friends is the real master of rolling joints. Before the weed rolling games start, decide on what the winner gets at the end of the game, then give each competitor, for the title of the joint rolling master, an equal amount of weed, rolling papers, and filters. One of you should also be given the respected role of a referee. This person will be responsible for timing and deciding on the winner of the race based on the produced joints. The race itself is simple: on the referee’s count, competitors start rolling the joints, and the winner who makes the quickest and best overall joint wins and gets the prize. If you want to refresh your memory, go check our article on how to roll perfect joints. We promise, it’s not cheating!

Jamaica Jammin’

The next game on our list of weed challenges can easily become your way to starting every smoking session, as it definitely has a ritual quality to it. It’s also pretty damn easy! Every player needs to have their own weed and a smoking device, whether it’s a bong or joint – it doesn’t really matter here. When everyone is ready, start playing Jamaica Jammin’ by the legendary Bob Marley. The game starts with the first note of the song, and the rules are simple – take a hit every time Bob says “jam” or “jammin’”. For a version of the game for seasoned stoners, count the lyrics sang by backup singers, too – that’s going to be a LOT of “jam”s and ”jammin’”s! Let’s see if you can make it to the end of the song and still want to smoke more. Alexa, play Jamaica Jammin’ by Bob Marley!

Ghost That Hit

Ever heard of the theory that keeping the weed smoke in your lungs for longer gets you higher? Well, there’s a great opportunity to check if it’s true for yourself. In Ghost That Hit, one of the best smoking games for a company of stoner friends, everyone takes a hit one by one – regular chain-smoking, but there’s a twist. You’re not allowed to let the smoke out until it’s your turn to take a toke again. If you exhale or cough too early, you’re out! The game continues until there’s only one person left standing. What sounds like a simple concept turns into some great fun in practice – everyone gets stoned really quick, and competitiveness definitely adds to the effects. There’s also room for strategizing – you can take extra long puffs to bring the rest of the players to the edge, but only if you’re confident in your lung capacity, of course!

Strip Choker

Strip Choker is another weed smoking game that challenges your lung capacity, but it doesn’t just stop there – it also checks how far you’re willing to go. The concept is quite simple: everyone playing takes a puff of weed at the same time and holds it in. The first person to cough or exhale is to take one piece of clothing off. The game can go as far as to the last person standing. When it comes to dropping out of the competition, everyone decides when it’s time to go and when they can’t take any more clothes off.

The Wheel Of Weed

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The next addition to our list of fun smoking games requires some props and prep, which you should definitely think about before getting too high. You’d need a spinnable wheel divided into eight parts with a task written on each section. To make the Wheel of Weed itself, you can go the easy way and use one from Twister, or you can go the artsy-craftsy way and make your own from a couple of pieces of paper and a fidget spinner! Don’t forget to color it too – a nicely-done wheel definitely adds a good feel to the game. As for the rules, players take turns to spin the wheel and do the task specified on the section they got. You’re free to customize the wheel to your liking or use templates from online, but usually, you always leave at least one Truth, one Dare, and of course, one Take A Hit on the wheel. Other sections might include Joke, Spin Again, Pass The Toke, etc. The players spin and play until there’s no more weed left.

Bong Pong

when to top cannabis

Another party classic we’re turning upside down to match the needs of our stoner friends is Bong Pong, because why not combine weed and beer pong? To play, you’ll need an equal number of plastic cups filled halfway with water placed on the sides of a dinner table or desk. Two players each stand by their side of the table. One by one, they throw ping pong balls into the opponent’s cups. Then, you have a right to decide on the rules: it’s whether each ball that ended up in the opponent’s cup lets you take a hit of weed, or makes the opponent smoke. Another way to play it is to fill the cups with beer instead of water, with each successful throw both granting you a toke and making the losing side drink the beer.

One-Word Story

One-Word Story is another one of those fun smoking games that shows exactly how weed affects each person in the group. Some get really creative, but others completely lose their connection with reality, and both types are equally fun to see playing this game! The players all sit down in a circle to pass around the joint. The player who starts the game says, “Once upon a time”, takes a hit, and passes on the joint. The next player, and everyone after them, are to add one word to the story at a time and also take a hit. The goal is to develop the story and finish it by the time the joint (or joints) is finished. For an extra challenge, you can make everyone hold in the smoke until it’s their turn to add a word to the story. This game is perfect for stoner companies because, as you’ll see, weed is the best sauce for storytelling!

Puff And Play

Whenever you and your friends want to bring something new to your smoking sessions, come back to Herbies’ lists of fun smoking games to play with friends. Have you tried any already? What has your experience been like? Tell us in the comments below!

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Never heard of the “High Card” before, but that's an awesome game lol
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