“Wanna Get High?”: Your Guide To Weed-Themed South Park Episodes

Last updated: 17 July 2020

check out weed-themed episodes of south park

With 23 seasons already out, South Park has had plenty of time to broach the topic of weed. Marijuana makes for a hysterical topic in the animated series, leading to stoner characters and quotable catchphrases. South Park is famous for making fun of anything and everything: stoners and the cannabis industry aren’t safe from getting roasted, too! Check out these weed-themed episodes of South Park, and find yourself inspired to spark up and get a marathon going.

Ike's Wee Wee (S2E4)

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Mr. Mackey gives a lecture about how “drugs are bad, m’kay”? He passes around a sample of marijuana so the class can learn what it smells like to better avoid it. Well, that doesn’t work out so great, because someone pockets the doobie, and Mr. Mackey loses his job as a result. Things take a dramatic turn when he becomes a hippie, marries a hippie girl, and eventually goes to rehab to “cure” him of his drug addiction. This is South Park, after all, so things can get pretty ridiculous.

Towelie (S5E8)

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Towelie – the alien spy “smart towel” who loves to smoke weed – is an iconic character in stoner television. This is the first episode we’re introduced to the talking towel, who appears randomly in later seasons. The anthropomorphic towel is responsible for his infamous catchphrases “Wanna get high?” and “Don’t forget to bring a towel.” Towelie’s red, bloodshot eyes make it no secret that weed is his drug of choice.

Medicinal Fried Chicken (S14E3)

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The town of South Park loses its KFC to a medical marijuana dispensary, which Randy doesn’t qualify for as a healthy patient. His solution is to give himself testicular cancer (which catches on among the other men in town) in order to qualify for medical marijuana. The plan works and the guys get their legal ganja, but the catch is that Randy’s testicles grow to such a size that he can’t fit in through the dispensary’s door. Maybe it wasn’t worth the testicular trouble to get that weed card.

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My Future Self n' Me (S6E16)

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When the boys find a joint left behind by some older kids, they’re scared to touch it because, according to commercials, marijuana causes terrorism and kills you when you touch it. The over-exaggeration of the effects of weed are hysterical, and reminiscent of ridiculous anti-cannabis campaigns in real life. Overall, this episode actually does deliver an anti-drug message, since all of the kids’ future selves who engage in drugs and alcohol are depicted as slovenly and with no direction in life.

Tegridy Farms (S22E4)

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The most recently aired episode on this list, “Tegridy Farms”, tackles both the recent popularity of vaping and the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. Randy convinces his wife that they should sell their house and move to Colorado to run a cannabis farm that Randy names Tegridy Farms. He harvests cannabis plants and manufactures hemp-based products. It’s no surprise when Towelie makes an appearance in this episode as Randy’s “agricultural inspector” who comes to “inspect” the various strains of cannabis on Tegridy Farms.

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Weed Is Good, M’kay?

Don’t take Mr. Mackey too seriously: enjoy your ganja! Instead, as Towelie would say, “Wanna get high?” Harness those stoney giggles and embrace the ridiculous town of South Park’s greener side. Is there another South Park episode you love that should have been on this list? Give it a mention in the comments below!

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