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Why You Need to Start Growing Your Own Weed Today

Last updated: 13 April 2021

the pros of growing your own marijuana

If you're involved in the cannabis community or frequently smoke weed, we’re sure that at one time or another, you've thought about growing your own weed. If you've ever thought about growing marijuana but have had stipulations about how difficult it may be, keep reading! There are so many reasons to grow your own weed, and now more than ever before is the best time to try.

Invest In Your Own Plants And Save A Fortune

Although you may be asking yourself “should I grow weed?” and are perhaps worried about the cost of growing marijuana, your initial investment in equipment is guaranteed to pay off. While the equipment you need for starting your own grow space is indeed an investment, most of the time, it’ll be a one-time purchase that will be reused multiple times. The average plant’s yield starts at about an ounce of marijuana, so if you're legally able to sell marijuana, you should be able to make that money back in just one grow cycle. Growing your own marijuana for personal use is also much cheaper than making regular trips to your local dispensary; if you invest in one plant, you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars over time, especially if you always need some buds at hand for medicinal purposes.

Unlimited Strains To Choose from

Growing your own weed from marijuana seeds creates limitless opportunities for trying out new strains or growing immense amounts of your favorite varieties. Why, you ask? The thing is, while bigger dispensaries may sell tens of cannabis strains at a time, the choice of strains in seed form online is easily hundreds of times bigger. For instance, here at Herbies, we offer over 3,000 different weed strains, each with their own characteristics. This means that from the comfort of your own home, you can order cannabis seeds from producers scattered across the globe and choose a strain that you’re sure to enjoy. Want to smoke something sweet and smooth? Easy! Wanna get 30+% THC and break your tolerance? Here you go! Any stoner dream is possible when starting from cannabis seeds.

To help you make the choice, we have a system of Collections and often publish articles on our blog to show off the best cannabis seeds in different categories. For example:

Complete Control Over The Process And Product

When you grow your own marijuana plants, you have complete control over your own grow process. You’re able to decide for yourself exactly how you want your plants to be grown. Whether you want to start growing weed indoors or outdoors, whether you want to grow organically, hydroponically, in soil beds, or in soil containers, every single step of the grow process is up to you. Moreover, because you have complete control over the grow process, you know exactly what’s going into your plants and how they’re treated. You can decide what types of fertilizers are being used, the types of soils, and the chemicals that go into the process.

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In other words, everything is in your hands, from the source of cannabis seeds you grow from to the quality of the final bud – which, let’s be honest, is always better when home-grown. When growing your own marijuana, you become independent from any unreliable sources of cannabis you were forced to rely on before. If you don’t know about the different grades of weed yet, trust us, the difference can be drastic – read this article to learn more and even find out what the quality of weed is in your current stash.

Get Enough Bud And Other Cannabis Parts For Experimenting

Did you know that in order to get high or use cannabis to your benefit in general, you can use more than just buds? Growing your own weed has the added advantage of acquiring healthy and potent by-products, including:

  • Stems. Cannabis stems are covered in trichomes, just as the buds are! Although less potent, you can still get decent potency from stems if you acquire a large enough amount, which is possible if you grow your own cannabis. We have lots of recipes and tutorials on Herbies that will help you use weed stems to make stem hash, stem weed butter, and more. One thing you shouldn’t do though is chew on weed stems – we explain why here.
  • Roots. Cannabis roots have been used as a medicine for centuries! You can use them to make teas, creams, and many other things beneficial to your health. You can find the recipes here.
  • Sugar leaves. Cannabis leaves are also covered in some amount of resin that contains cannabinoids and terpenes. Besides that, they contain vitamins and microelements that are good for our health. We’ve gathered all the info on cannabis sugar leaves in this article.
  • Kief. While smokers getting their weed from someone else have access to kief from the buds, cannabis growers get much more of it thanks to other weed plant parts. This makes it possible for them to experiment with kief and, for example, make kief tea.

Develop Your Green Thumb

You may also find that after growing a couple of marijuana plants, you've developed quite the green thumb. Growing cannabis will teach you so much about maintaining plants in general and keeping a garden - you can use this knowledge to grow other things you've always wanted to try. Use your knowledge from growing cannabis to invest in another garden full of herbs and vegetables to become more self-sufficient. You can also use this new experience to grow companion plants for your cannabis from seeds rather than buying fully-grown companion plants from a gardening store.

Besides that, as noted by wrapallaroundyou on Reddit, cannabis growing and maintaining a garden can be quite a therapeutic experience that can help you feel more down-to-earth.

Become The Heart Of The Party

Having a huge stash of clean and potent home-grown bud is an invitation to have some great times with friends. When the jars are full, the possibilities become endless – no need to be frugal with your buds anymore! That’s where you can have real fun:

  • Don’t just smoke – incorporate toking into some fun smoking games.
  • Try every single type of joint. Did you know you can use rose petals as rolling paper? Find more ideas here.
  • Use fruits, veggies, and other items as pipes! It’s not only fun, but makes you extra high. You can try making an apple pipe or try something crazier.

Treat your friends to delicious edibles that guarantee a whole other level of getting high. You can try making these simple weed brownies.

Growing Your Own Weed Is Now Easier Than Ever

Now more than ever is the perfect time to start growing your own weed. There’s so much information available online that can help you and guide you through your grow process so you don't come across any roadblocks along the way. Whether you're gathering information from us at Herbies or going to other resources, there’s a huge online community of growers who are more than happy to share their own tips and experiences. With the information that’s available, you're more than able to make informed decisions about your plants and how to produce a successful grow.

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Should I Grow Weed? Not A Question Anymore

As we've now seen, there are more than enough reasons for you to get started on growing your own weed today. Growing your own weed allows you complete control over how your plants are grown and what type of weed is grown; you're saving yourself tons of money; and, with the information available, you may discover that it’s something you love and are actually really good at. Visit our seed bank to pick out your first marijuana seeds to grow today!

Herbies Head Shop expressly refuses to support the use, production, or supply of illegal substances. For more details read our Legal Disclaimer.

James Mccarthy
I haven’t even set up my first tent that I’ve already went and ordered up the second tent for veg.
Trill Savage
Great beginers guide! I just need to know the basics to start before I make this overly complex. I can't wait to grow some this year. I never smoked pot, even when I was a teenager, but I've been doing research and can see it has huge medicinal value. I plan on making salves and tincture with it.
Gregory Clark
One led light, one tent, 2 fans and filter. you got weed. dont get ripped off. 500 is all you need to grow.
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