Learn How To Make Cannabis Stem Weed Butter

how to make weed butter with stems

Cannabis-infused butter, or cannabutter, is the gold standard when it comes to making weed edibles. Did you know that cannabutter can be made with weed stems? If not, no worries! It’s just as easy as making regular cannabutter, and a great way to utilize resources when times are scarce.


1. THC content of weed stems
2. Step-by-step guide

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2.2. Step 1
2.3. Step 2
2.4. Step 3

3. Potency of stem weed butter
4. How to dose cannabutter


Is There THC In Weed Stems?

Although there is still THC and other cannabinoids in cannabis stems, the trouble is getting them out. In theory, you could simply grind it up and smoke it. However, smoking it raw will taste extremely harsh and likely cause headaches and no high. That's why learning how to make weed butter with stems is so great, as you can enjoy the high from the weed stems without any nasty side effects!

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How To Make Weed Butter With Cannabis Stems

Other than the obvious fact you’re using stem instead of bud, making weed butter with stems is entirely the same as making it from flower. It’s a simple process, if a little time consuming, so gather everything you need and let's learn how to make pot butter with stems!

cannabutter with stems

Ingredients For Weed Stem Butter

Before making cannabutter with stem, you’ll need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • Cannabis stem – as much as you can get (minimum ¼ cup per person)
  • Unsalted butter – 250g (2 sticks)
  • Water – 300ml (10fl.oz) + 50ml (1.7fl.oz) per hour

You will also need some everyday household items:

  • A pot or saucepan – heavy-bottomed if available
  • Strainer – cheesecloth or clean tea towel
  • String

Once you have all the ingredients and equipment ready, you can start making weed stem butter – just follow our instructions.

Step 1. Decarb Your Stems

weed stem butter

The first step to making stem cannabutter is converting the THCA into THC to make it readily available to the human body. To do this, lay your ground-up stems on a baking tray and put in the oven for 40 minutes at 100-110°c. This activates the THCA by decarboxylating it and converting it to THC.

Step 2. Simmer In Butter

stem butter

The next step is to melt your butter at medium temperature and add the 300ml (10fl.oz) of water before bringing it to a simmer. Once simmering, add your stems and stir through.

Now the waiting begins. The longer you leave it for, the stronger it will be. However, 3 or 4 hours will be enough time to create a decent potency. Stir every 15 minutes or so and add 50ml of water every hour of simmering, or when you notice there’s only butter and stems left in the saucepan.

Step 3. Drain

how to make pot butter with stems

Once you’ve waited as long as you can to finish off your cannabutter, set up your cheesecloth or clean tea towel over a heat-proof container and secure it in place with string. Then, slowly pour the cannabutter into the cloth, allowing the butter to drain through into the container. Once the butter has stopped flowing, bundle the edges of the cloth together and squeeze tightly, pressing out as much butter as you can.

cannabutter from stems

Now all you have to do is put the container in the fridge and wait for the butter to set. In a few hours, you’ll see that the butter has formed into a layer on top of the water. Simply collect all this butter and store in an airtight container in your fridge or freezer.

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How Strong Will Cannabutter From Stems Be?

While making cannabutter from stems will still work, it won’t be as strong as cannabutter made from bud or leaf, as stems contain less THC. To get around this, use as much stem as you can get your hands on. Another excellent way to utilize stems is by adding it to your bud or leaf when making regular cannabutter. It will add some potency to any batch and will taste better than cannabutter made only from stem.

How To Dose Stem Cannabutter

We’ve all heard horror stories of what happens when you eat too high a dose of cannabis edibles. Luckily, as cannabutter made from stems is less potent, it’s a lot harder to overdo the amount. Still, care should always be taken when eating edibles, so start slow and eat more if you don’t feel the effects within about an hour, or if the effects are too mild. Before cooking with cannabutter, it’s always a good idea to do a test run - on a free day, have a teaspoon of cannabutter, and watch the effects - this wil give you a rough idea of how strong the cannabutter is, and how much you’ll need per portion of cooking

Many Ways To Enjoy Weed Stem Butter

weed butter with stems

Now all you have to worry about is how first to eat your weed stem butter! You can substitute it into any recipe that calls for regular butter, like brownies, cookies, and cakes, or you can simply spread it on some toast or pancakes, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Does the stem need to be ground

Hello Dom,That depends on your preference, if you don't want the "scale" you can do so
Connor D
So when you grind the stems up to get them ready how grounded up do they need to be? Second if im trying to make some for like 3 good sized meals how much stems should i use and if i wanna add bud how much should i do? Other then that thank you can't wait to make some tasty food😍.
Hello Connor,This is mostly up to your taste and how much would you like them to be, the larger amount of ground stems the larger amount of the final product, you can have, and the more you use for one portion the stronger the taste
So you grind up the stems before placing in oven or after? I think after would make more since! Right?
You can but not 100% necessary, it's like a common cooking, the wide place for variations :)
Please help
Do i add the leaves also
You can, however it will change the taste. You may use leaves for tea instead
Keltner J
Thank you I shall enjoy the kind butter😉
You're welcome, Keltner! We wish you best of luck with your cooking :)
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