How to Make Kief Tea: Two Ways Of Making A Potent Brew

Last updated: 27 April 2024

kief tea

Have you ever wondered what to do with all of that powder that accumulates on the bottom of your grinder? Of course, the first thing coming to your mind is probably smoking it, but sometimes, we want something a bit more exciting. Luckily, there’s another, more delicious method of consumption that you’re sure to be able to incorporate into your daily routine! We’re talking about having a cup of hot and satisfying kief tea. Follow up for all the details!

What Is Kief?

how to make kief tea

As your cannabis plants mature, they will develop what looks like a powdery substance on its leaves and buds. This is what’s known as kief  – a potent substance and the accumulation of trichomes, where the majority of cannabinoids are stored.

Effects Of Kief Tea

If you’re looking for alternative ways to enjoy your kief, you may be interested in making a kief-infused tea. Kief tea will act in many of the same ways as an edible, providing you with a slowly-induced, long-lasting high that depends on a variety of factors such as how much kief is used, the quality of the kief, and whether the kief has been decarboxylated before infusion.

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Ingredients For Kief Tea

To make kief tea, all you need is the tea of your choice, kief, and a fat-binding agent such as milk, cream or butter. To feel the full effects of THC, it needs a fatty substance to properly bind to. More detail will be provided below, but if you want the full THC experience, you must first properly decarb, dissolve, and bind your kief into something fat-soluble.

How To Make Kief Tea

There are several ways you can add kief to tea, some of which result in mild effects and some that are much stronger. The strength of your kief tea depends on the method of preparation and amount of kief being infused.

The Simple Method

kief in tea

If you’re looking for a mild kief infused tea, you can simply sprinkle some of your kief over the top of your tea and stir it into your drink. You will feel mild effects for a short period of time, so this method is great if you’re not looking to get the full effects of an edible.

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A More Potent Kief Tea

This second method requires a little more work, but is a necessary step if you’re looking to make a more potent kief tea drink.

First: Decarboxylate Your Kief

can you put kief in tea

Decarboxylation is the process of heating up your cannabis over a period of time so as to activate the THC molecules in your bud. Without this, your edibles will be lackluster at best. To decarb kief, first place your kief in a covered, oven-safe container (such as a bowl or dish). Place in the oven heated to about 300°F (149°C) for 10 to 20 minutes (depending on the amount of kief – about one gram per serving). Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely before moving on to the next step.

Then Add Your Decarbed Kief To Fat

can you add kief to tea or coffee

Once your kief has been decarbed, add it to whatever fat-soluble substance you plan on adding to your tea. Dissolve your kief completely in high-fat butter or high-fat milk; this will be the base for your kief tea and give you the full effects of the THC, just like an edible. Once dissolved, add directly to your tea or store in the fridge for up to 2 months for later use!

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Not Only Tea!

Not only can you add kief to tea, but you can also add it to any of your other favorite hot beverages! A sprinkle of kief in your morning coffee or espresso will be a good kick-start to your day and result in a mild high lasting about 15 to 30 minutes. You can also enjoy a delicious cup of hot cocoa in the colder months with added kief for that extra kick of cannabis.

Drink Up And Enjoy!

Now that you know how to make a delicious kief tea, play around with different types of tea and milk to create your perfect kief tea recipe. A kief tea is a unique way to use your excess kief and a fun, discreet method of enjoying edibles on the go!

I wanted to know how much smell can come out putting kief in the oven
Hello Gio,To make a long story short, it depends, but you'll definitely smell it. The scent can fill up the whole house, however most likely it will be gone within 30 minutes
Could I use coconut oil as the binder/ That's what I often put in my teas and otherwise use almond milk, which I don't think will work
Coconut is a great binder for THC. Almond milk is, however, too low in fat
Thanks. Now I know how to make kief tea 😊
Putting decarbed kief in ice tea or energy drink - will it work?Just wondering if I decarb the kief I have, can I put it into my iced tea or energy drink and absorb the THC? Will it mix in or will the kief just sit in the drink?
For the last 3 month I’ve drank a cup of hot tea with kief & a little honey. It will definitely work but the downside (as mentioned by the other person who replied) is that the powder will not dissolve so you have to stir & drink it. Yuck! Yep! lol I wasn’t told I needed to put fat in it but I figured it out quick. It was my 1st time using this part of this Amazing medical plant. So I infused trim with coconut oil (after decarbing the trim) & like with edibles I added a dash of sunflower lecithin to the infused coconut oil. Then with my mixer I whipped (hot) honey & the infused coconut oil & pour it into a jar. So now I warm my tea, put a half tsp of kief in & some of that honey! Perfect combination & it’s Very potent! I recommend starting at a 1/4 tsp & it be a time when you have nothing to do because it really is strong, stronger than an edible! (I’ve put 1&1/2 tsp before & that was a spiritual experience! Haha!) *I started using it because of my health & the coconut oil & honey also help so for me it’s a good combination. For some reason I can’t feel cannabis when I smoke it (not even dabs) but I do when I make Strong edibles. But my # 1 choice is the kief tea! I hope this helps someone, sorry it’s so long though
I’m going to try this, Thank you !!!!☮️
What was your exact recipe??
I think all the kief would fall to the bottom of the drink as there is no fat or alcohol for the THC to bind to. THC is not water soluble. I would make a tincture with the kief and add that.
It floats on top. Doesn't sink to bottom
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