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Cannabis Roots: Easy Recipes To Try Today For Many Health Benefits

cannabis root uses

We are all very much aware of the effects of consuming the green parts of weed plants. As it turns out though, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Cannabis roots have been proven to have great medicinal value and a number of unique applications as well. Here, we’ll discuss what lies beneath your green stalks: from the many health benefits of cannabis roots to easy ways of incorporating them into your daily life with just a couple of simple recipes.

Historical Overview: Cannabis Roots As An Ancient And Powerful Medicine

Because cannabis roots contain many cannabinoids that are known to be linked to pain relief, cannabis roots as a source of pain treatment have been common for thousands of years in many cultures.

The earliest known recordings of cannabis roots as a form of medicine come from about 2700 BCE, in the classic Herbal Medicine. Here, it was recorded that hemp roots were ground into a paste and used to heal broken bones and provide pain relief. Pliny the Elder, hailing from the Roman Empire, wrote of the magic of cannabis roots in his Naturalis Historia in 77 CE, stating how the roots were boiled in water and used to treat gout, arthritis, joint pain, acute pain, and even hemorrhages suffered during pregnancy. The usage of cannabis and hemp roots as a healing mechanism was also quite common in China starting from the Early Bronze Age, in Europe throughout the ages starting from the Ancient Greeks, who were big fans of root-brew, and throughout the rest of the world with peaking popularity in the 17-19th centuries.

The Medicinal Value Of Cannabis Roots

Cannabis roots are the precursor for the development of THC in your cannabis plants. Hemp roots contain many raw cannabinoids not found in the flowers of cannabis plants that can have added health benefits. Hemp root extracts also contain CBD, which is known to have many medicinal properties. Cannabis roots likewise contain nutrients that have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-nausea properties, and are rich in choline, a nutrient that aids metabolism and especially benefits liver health. Cannabis roots ingested as a drink, food, or paste are used to aid in menstrual cramps and postpartum hemorrhaging. Cannabis roots also contain anti-inflammatory properties and can help with skin problems like rashes, dermatitis, or acne as well as body issues such as general aches, gout, and arthritis.

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A Potential Cancer Treatment

In the most recent studies, cannabis roots have been linked to the phenomenon known as apoptosis; when cancer cells cease to grow. In a laboratory study on colon cancer conducted at Penn State University, researchers discovered that the cannabinoids in cannabis roots cause apoptosis, which successfully stops further cancer cells from growing in the colon. This link between cannabinoids and colon cancer is a first step in opening new research on the extraction of the properties of cannabis, cannabis roots, and cannabinoids to help find a cure for all types of cancer. Marijuana roots also contain pentacyclic triterpene ketones, which are fat-soluble molecules that have been connected to aiding in apoptosis.

Ways To Use Cannabis Roots For Your Health

Cannabis roots are a mostly-untapped source of potential for a variety of uses, ranging from pain and stress relief to the potential support of cancer research. The following section of this article outlines the various ways you can use cannabis roots for improving your own health and well-being.

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Tea Time With Cannabis Roots

Cannabis roots can be used to make teas that transfer these nutrients directly into your body. By boiling the roots of cannabis plants, you will yield a cup of bitter-tasting tea. You can enhance the flavor of your tea with oils, milk, or any type of syrup to help with the taste. In fact, adding oil or milk – both of which contain fatty acids – will help release terpenes and cannabinoids trapped in the roots that will give you added benefits. You can also grind your roots into a powder to add to any other type of hot drink.

cannabis root tea

How To Make Cannabis Root Tea For General Health Problems

To make yourself some really beneficial cannabis root tea, wash the root, then chop it into medium pieces. Once prepared, put everything into a slow cooker, cover it with water, and let it cook overnight for 12 hours. When the brew is made, strain it and keep in the fridge. Prepare the tea by diluting the brew with hot water, adjusting the ratio to your own taste. Have a cup of cannabis root tea every once in a while to aid aches, cramps, and bad sleep. Once you finish the brew, take a break for at least a couple of weeks – cannabis root tea is not supposed to be taken long-term.

Pro-tip: Feel free to add anise, cinnamon, or other spices to the slow cooker together with the roots for improved taste.

Cannabis Roots For Skin Care

Cannabis roots can also be used as a powerful skin treatment. As previously mentioned, marijuana roots contain many anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat a variety of skin irritations. When used as a paste, marijuana roots can be used to treat dry skin conditions or people prone to red and irritated skin. Because cannabis roots contain so many cannabinoids, all with varying health benefits, applying cannabis root creams topically can be just as beneficial as ingesting it!

cannabis root recipes

How To Make Cannabis Root Salve For Skin Treatment

To treat skin spots, rashes, and irritations, we recommend making a cannabis root salve that can be preserved for a long time and used when necessary. First, rinse the roots well, chop them, and leave them on a towel in a dry room for 1-3 days until they’ve dried out. After that, blend the root in a coffee grinder or chop it finely with a knife. Next, to two parts dried cannabis root, add three parts virgin coconut oil. Mix the two ingredients in a small pot and put it on low heat to simmer for 4-5 hours. Stir the mix well every once in a while. After that, strain the mixture and store it in a small airtight jar.

Pro-tip: After you’ve finished simmering your cannabis root in coconut oil, you can add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil for a pleasant smell. Other great additions to the cannabis root salve are a little melted beeswax for tougher consistency or the oil from a couple of vitamin E capsules for longer storage and added health benefits from the vitamin.

Cannabis – Use It Top To Bottom!

It’s clear that the roots of your cannabis plant are not only important to ensure a healthy yield of flower from your plants, but are themselves extremely rich in nutrients and healing properties that are so beneficial to us. You can utilize virtually every aspect of your marijuana plant, so think twice about disposing of the roots the next time you harvest your plants – just come back to this article for a couple of great ideas!

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You can also grind roots to powder and fill in pills
I've been looking for this kind of information about roots! Thank you so much! I want to try to make gummies from ground roots. I had a really old book that said the roots of the marijuana plant have the most CBD's in it.
Bender Rodriguez
Your plants must be grown organically in order to safely consume the roots. If you've been using salt-based nutrients i probably wouldn't do this. Roots are filters for your plant and it's in your soil it's bringing up in into your bodey
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