Bangi Haze x Ethiopian regular seeds

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Bangi Haze x Ethiopian regular by Ace Seeds is an elegant Sativa strain, which packs a big punch in terms of flavor, aroma and effect. Boasting a moderate flowering time, delicate aromas and a rich terpene profile, this strain is a gift for cannabis gourmands.

  • Ace Seeds
  • Regular
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Producing Electricity
  • African Sativa x Ethiopian genetics
  • High
  • 77 - 84 days
  • Late October
  • 85% Sativa / 15% Indica
  • 14 %

Classic Crossing of Ace Sativas

Bangi Haze x Ethiopian Regular combines the excellent African Sativa with the Ethiopian genetics to create a highly euphoric, uplifting effect. Another secret power of this strain is its unusual resistance to cold weather environments mildew and mold.

Very unpretentious, Bangi Haze x Ethiopian Regular is excellent for growing in any kind of terrain, be it indoors or outdoors. The flowering time indoors ranges from 11-12 weeks. When planted outdoors, the harvest can be expected in late October. Compared to its Ethiopian parent, this strain boasts 3-week shorter flowering period.

It can be easily grown with a strong light intensity – highly recommended for SCRoG growing method, either horizontal or network growing. Bangi Haze x Ethiopian Regular gives excellent yields from lateral branches and has a vigorous reaction to pruning.

Complex Aroma And Taste

Bangi Haze x Ethiopian Regular has an intensely sweet aroma, similar to freshly pulled carrots with high notes of lemon, eucalyptus and earthiness. The flavor is honey and sweet carrots, with notes of black pepper and a long-lasting aftertaste. Great for a strong, classic Sativa high.