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Jamaican Pearl Regular seeds


Jamaican Pearl Regular is a speedy and amazingly vibrant strain known for the sweet, bursting fruit juices. Adapted to the European climate, this Carribean beauty is a favorite amongst Sativa lovers who want to chill out during the day and enjoy the finer things in life. Great for social settings.

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Sensi Seeds
Outdoor Indoor
85% Sativa / 15% Indica
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Jamaican Pearl Regular - A Taste of South Seas in Your Garden

Jamaican Pearl is a highly moreish cannabis strain, produced by Sensi Seeds. It has been adapted to be suitable for colder European climates and makes for an easily consumable plant that’s easy to grow for both indoor and outdoor environments.

When growing indoors Sensi Seeds recommends waiting until the maximum of 75 days of flowering before harvesting, to get the maximum bang for your buck possible. When doing this, you can expect the most densely resinous buds you have ever since in your life. It has quickly become one of the most popular Sensi Seed strains available today, due to the high productivity when growing and incredible flavor. Outdoors this plant can reach its full potential. It does well in European climates that are not too hot, nor too cold. You can expect to see a heavy yield in both indoor and outdoor climates. To achieve this, we recommend planting directly into the ground with nutrient dense soil and lots of sunlight.

  • Provides an uplifting and thought-provoking mental experience.
  • Affects the body in an energetic way, ideally consumed throughout the day.
  • Sweet orange blossom taste and aroma, with hints of lemon.
  • 85% Sativa content.

Highly Popular Strain Bursting with Fruit

Jamaican Pearl regular is a plant that blossoms into a complex mix of different flavors that burst onto your tongue when consuming. It has very clear notes of grapefruit, mixed citrus and spices – with a lime aroma to take the edge off. Perfect for Sativa lovers and great for sharing with friends.


  • Brand Sensi Seeds
  • Sex Regular
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Initial euphoric happiness
  • Genetics Marleys Collie x Early Pearl
  • Awards Cup Winner
  • Height High
  • Yield High
  • Flowering indoors 50 - 75 days
  • Genotype 85% Sativa / 15% Indica
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