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Outdoor Mix is a mixed bag of 25 regular strains from Sensi Seeds’ bestselling. Enjoy the most productive seeds available – with 5 of their best outdoor Indica seeds that you can grow in almost any climate. The mix has proven to be well-received amongst growers looking for something new.

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  • Wide range of feelings
  • 40 Days
  • Indica
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Outdoor Mix: The Mixture of Mixtures

Outdoor Mix gives you a complete growers pack of 25 regular seeds for outdoor growing all packaged into one convenient bag. These are great for novice growers who learn how to identify strains, want to try out different flavors and are looking to grow outdoors. This mix is perfect for making your own hybrids of just simply plant each one in the ground and see what happens. The seeds will come with labels telling you what they are so if you’re really struggling, you can just look up the details of each strain. If making hybrids, bear in mind what your end goal is – some growers prioritize yield amounts, other make taste and experience a priority. Comes with these strains;

  • Early Girl: Indica-dominant strain with Afghan and Mexican genes which make it naturally high-resistant to moisture and pests and ideal for cold climates.
  • Early Skunk: 6-tima Cannabis Cup winner boasting impressive XXL yields and short 55-56 days flowering in addition to an extraordinary resin production.
  • Guerrilla’s Gusto is a potent remedy for sleep disorders, stress and anxiety issues. Perfect for outdoor cultivation as it’s incredibly resistant cannabis strain that can withstand anything you throw at it.
  • Ruderalis Indica: known for its ability to survive harsh growing conditions, this strain is loaded with CBD, which makes it popular among the medical marijuana fans.
  • Ruderalis Skunk: incredibly durable cannabis strain producing fat, resin-packed buds that deliver a deep body relaxation without couch-lock aftereffects.   

Experience Different Effects and Tastes

If you plant all at once, you should first start with the Ruderalis varieties, as they will be first to harvest. Then Early Pearl, Guerrilla’s Gusto – and finally Early Skunk. You should check when each strain is ready to harvest, but the final ones should be no later than mid-end October.