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Pineapple Chunk from Barney’s Farm is an 80% Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain and one of the most potent strains they produce, with 25% THC. Not for beginners, but with care and patience you will receive 600g/m² of high quality buds at the end of her 8-9week flowering time.

  • Barney's Farm
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Couch-locking stone
  • Pineapple x Skunk #1 x Cheese
  • Indica CUP Winner 2009
  • 90 - 100 cm
  • 600 g/m² indoors
  • 55 - 60 days
  • Late September
  • 20% Sativa / 80% Indica
  • 25 %
  • 1.1 %

Nor For Beginners, But Those Who Master It Will Be Rewarded

Pineapple Chunk from Barney’s Farm is an 80% Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, a cross between Pineapple, Skunk #1, and Cheese and is one of the most potent strains coming from their catalog. Not the easiest strain to grow, but those that master it will be rewarded profusely.

The strain will generally grow one main big and long cola that goes from top to bottom, but can handle any type of training technique or method you choose. Height will be about 90-100 cm and it will grow hard, dense, and large buds, which can easily be affected by mold or mildew, so providing a less humid environment during flowering will ensure a healthy harvest. It usually finishes in 8-9 weeks indoors and by the end of September outdoors. It can be a bit peculiar and tricky at times, so some experience and knowledge are recommended before you plant these seeds, that said, you will reap yields of 600g/m2 or up to 500g/plant.

  • Recommended Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients.
  • Recommended Techniques: Will respond well to topping and defoliation to increase production of her already vigorous cola growth.
  • Lighting: LED 150W during vegetation and rising to LEF 250 during flowering is suggested.
  • Usually testing at ~25% THC and 1-2% CBD.
  • 12 plants/m2 are recommended in SoG.

Pineapple Chunk: Fruity And Highly Potent Indica

The aromas are earthy and cheesy, with hints of pineapple and flavors that are sweet and fruity with cheesy and piney undertones. The effects are energetic, euphoric and cerebral at first, followed by a calming, relaxing, even couch locked feeling, leaving you sleepy. High THC content makes it a good strain to treat chronic pain and insomnia.

Customer reviews and rates
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    • Advantages
      Just look at those buds!
    • Disadvantages
    • General impression
      I really enjoyed this strain! She’s my favorite!:)) I’ll definitely grow her again!
    • Advantages
      This girl grows bushy with lots of nugs.
    • Disadvantages
      Grows way too long.
    • General impression
      This girl is 8 weeks old in the photo. I gave her plain water for watering without fertilizers. I think the result is not bad.
    • Advantages
      -A good, strong Indica.
      -Grows well.
    • Disadvantages
      -The yield could be better.
    • General impression
      The strain is good but I doubt that she really tests 25% THC. She’s a potent Indica though. Great for nighttime use - she’ll glue you to couch for 1,5-2h. She grows well - towered up in hydro (27 days of vegetation, 600W HPS). Reached 1,3m tall, so I had to bend her on 5th week of the flowering. Two phenos are absolutely different: one has a more Indica-like, another one is thinner and taller. Nevertheless, they both grew like typical Indicas. The yield could be better but will satisfy those who are not looking for heavy yields. I wish I could chop the promised 650g/sq.m. If you grow her under optimal conditions, she will mature faster than said by the breeder. I cut the first bush on day 54, the second one on day 57 and I think should have chopped them earlier. Luckily, I didn’t wait 9 weeks to harvest her - otherwise I would end up with buds infused with sleepy cannabinol. Btw, the breeder says her flowering time is 50-60 days.
    • Advantages
      Huge bushes outdoors!
    • Disadvantages
      She grows lots of seed-buds, but they turned into cones only in mid September. The cones are white, but there is no resin!!! I don’t know what to do.. Hope she’ll have enough time to mature outdoors.
    • General impression
      Potent buds. A lot of cones. No resin even in the middle of September. A bit weak effect so far. Hope it will be stronger.
    • Advantages
      Makes for a delicious smoke
    • Disadvantages
      A little fussy about her nutrition
    • General impression
      She’s a moody girl. I overfed her and she slowed down during the vegetation but what I got after harvesting was sooo damn tasty!) Will try growing her in hydro and see how it goes.
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Pineapple Chunk Cannabis Strain Video

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