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Xtreme Seeds

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Xtreme Seeds is a Spanish seedbank with more than 20 years of history offering a wide range of cannabis strains: feminized, regular, classic autoflowering and giant autoflowering ASB varieties. The seedbank is best known for its unique collection of ASB (Auto Super Big) strains, a new generation of autoflowering seeds producing extremely productive and tall cannabis plants with increased potency.

Giant Autoflowers for Extremely High Results

The seedbank appeared in 2009, after 20 years of dedicated work on medical cannabis cultivation and breeding. One reason why Xtreme Seeds became popular was its collection of Giant Auto-flowering ASB Line. Plants from this collection grow into real monsters bringing super high yields, showing extremely high THC levels, perfect flavor characteristics and tall heights due to increased flowering time. One of the true gems of their ASB collection is the High Mass ASB boasting exquisite metallic tastes and jaw-dropping 200g/plant outdoors or 500g/m2 indoors after 90-100 days from seed to harvest. 

Improving Genetics to Achieve New Heights

During 2015-2018, Xtreme Seeds started collaborating with other seedbanks, Blue Stone Sanctuar in particular, to improve the genetics of their existing strains and offer brand new versions based on their top-shelf strains. That is how they created Deep Chunk, 100% Indica, ideal for extractions and breeding purposes. As a result of their collaboration, Xtreme Seeds expanded their catalog of top-notch ASB autoflowers by adding high yielding with shortened flowering time, like Blue Kush 99 Auto, that brings 400-500g/m2 after 65 days from seed to harvest.

Xtreme Seeds keeps cooperating with breeders in their search of new genetics and better cannabis cultivars that will bring the cannabis industry up to a new level.

Official website: Xtreme Seeds