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Greatest Survival Games To Play And Seed Stockers Strains To Grow For The End Of Days

Last updated: 24 January 2023

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Some aspects of society come and go. Other things, though, will probably be with humanity no matter what. And if anything will last, it’s these exhilarating games built specifically for simulating the end of days, and weed strains bred to survive no matter what.

Ark: Survival Evolved – Learning The Basics To Survive

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Ark: Survival Evolved is a great game to keep with you if society starts to go sideways. You’ll learn all the basics of surviving on a wild island filled with ancient, angry creatures, and if you’re in multiplayer mode, you can even start to reform civilization by building tribes with other players!

No Man's Sky – Explore the Universe

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Designed to capture the feeling of exploration and optimism

instilled in science fiction literature of the ‘70s and ‘80s, the open-world gameplay of No Man’s Sky utilizes procedural generation, which means you’re free to explore a virtual universe that contains over 18 quintillion planets.

Don't Starve – Surviving Dangers Both Real And Imagined

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If the current world isn’t quite as doom and gloom as you’d like, Don’t Starve should have enough somber tunes and melancholy for you. A pure survival game, you’re tasked with keeping a scientist named Wilson alive against the perils of supernatural forces, insanity, and yes, starvation.

Green Hell – Nature Isn’t Just Beautiful

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We often think of nature as a beautiful place full of wonder and mystery. Green Hell teaches you otherwise. Stuck in the Amazon and forced to make a journey of life and death to find out how you came to be there, you’ll learn to fear the jungle as you crash through the seemingly endless maze in search of a way out.

Outward – A Fantasy Adventure

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You first leave your town with only a few possessions and head out into the wide world to seek your fortune. But be warned, the realism of this game (and why it’s great training for the end-of-days) means that you can die from exposure and infections just as easily as from hostile creatures and characters.

Strains from Seed Stockers For Your Doomsday Seed Stash

With over 30 years of experience in the cannabis breeding industry, Seed Stockers sources the best genetics from around the world to bring you top-quality, hardy strains at some of the lowest prices in the industry. For a look at their full range of affordable seeds available from Herbies, check out their catalog here.

BCN Critical XXL Autoflower cannabis strain

BCN Critical XXL Autoflower Feminized – Heavy Buds With A Strong Stone

Combining easy-to-grow, beginner-friendly genetics and an amazing ability to produce dense, resinous buds, BCN Critical XXL Auto is the ideal strain to use for stocking up your supply of herb. The heavy Indica genetics deliver a strong, prolonged stone that will relax your entire body and mind, perfect for getting a good night's sleep.

Northern Lights Autoflower cannabis strain

Northern Lights Autoflower Feminized – A Classic Strain Now Available Fast

A great traditional photoperiod strain is now available as a quick and hardy autoflower, resilient enough to survive even in the harshest conditions. This version of Northern Lights delivers a bountiful harvest of sweet, fruity cannabis in just 11 weeks. With a strong Indica lineage, this is another strain that has become a go-to for easing anxieties and eliminating stress.

Blackberry Gum Autoflower cannabis strain

Blackberry Gum Autoflower Feminized – Sweet And Happy

With a pungent, sweet smell that grows stronger as it ripens, Blackberry Gum Autoflowering gives you everything you need if society should collapse. With dense, fruity buds, she packs a punch of euphoria that helps to lighten even the darkest of moods, which is sometimes the most important role cannabis can play.

Amnesia Autoflower cannabis strain

Amnesia Autoflower Feminized – A Powerful Ride

Amnesia Autoflower is a strain you’ll want to save for those times when you want to really unwind and let go. Don’t let the sweet and earthy, cedar-toned scent fool you; once you harvested these buds, you’ll be in for an enjoyable, almost psychedelic ride as the effects take over and bundle you up in a warm cloud of euphoria.

White Widow Autoflower cannabis strain

White Widow Autoflower Feminized – Nature’s Crystal Castle

A potent strain clocking in at around 23% THC, White Widow Auto can send you into a state of complete bliss in just a few hits, making you forget every single worry you may have of our troubled world. Named after her dazzlingly bright display of trichomes covering the entire bud structure like a crystal castle, this strain combines a spicy flavor profile with a strong high that still allows you to enjoy yourself.

Made To Survive

There are a lot of creature comforts we would all hate to live without, should civilization come to a sudden end. Thankfully, you’re now armed with our list of top five strains that would make a perfect companion for a survival adventure, with some being extremely resilient and hardy, and others providing an instant sense of calm and relaxation. Combined with these hand-picked survival games, at least they won’t leave you without the two most important things: enjoyment and entertainment.

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