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Hiding Your Weed So No One Can Find It – Top 10 Discreet Spots

Last updated: 15 November 2023

Top 10 Smart Places To Hide Weed

Even though cannabis use is becoming more destigmatized by the year, many of us still live in places where weed isn’t legal or family doesn’t approve of its use, hence the need to know how to hide marijuana effectively by keeping it out of sight and smell. As part of our series dedicated to the indoor growing season, we’ve got the best spots to secure your stash from the ‘nosy’ people in your life.

First Things First: Make Your Stash Scent-Proof

Hiding your weed isn’t just about keeping it out of sight; you also want to make sure no one’s going to catch a whiff. There are multiple ways you can keep your stash scent-proof: wrap it tightly in cling wrap or foil, bag it in multiple zip-lock bags, airtight jars. You’ll definitely be in the clear if you layer up. Just be careful not to wrap your too tightly so as not to damage the buds.

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hiding your weed, how to secretly stash your weed

Option One: Bury Your Stash

If the people you live with don’t care for ganja, you’re going to need some smart places to hide weed. It might be a good idea to keep your cannabis somewhere outside the house to avoid discovery. Find a spot in your backyard or somewhere no one will find it. Then, wrap your bud package up securely and bury it!

Option Two: Hide Weed In Deodorant

For those who aren’t sure where to hide weed on the go, consider using a deodorant stick as a discreet way to hide your bud in plain sight. Empty out a roll-on stick, and you should have enough space to hide your bag of weed, papers, and even a lighter. The smell of the deodorant will also help conceal the marijuana scent. The normalcy of having some deodorant in your backpack will keep wandering eyes and sensitive noses away from your stash.

Option Three: A Jar Of Coffee

A jar of coffee – whole beans or ground – is a classic hiding place for weed, and for good reason. The smell of coffee is much stronger than that of cannabis, especially if you’ve got your baggie well-sealed and stashed at the bottom of the tin. Wrapping your weed is extra important in this case, because you don’t want your marijuana’s flavor and odor to be overpowered by the coffee.

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Option Four: Your Hair

Cannabis enthusiasts with long, thick hair or dreadlocks will want to consider this method: just hide your weed in a messy bun! If you bobby-pin the baggie into place, no one’s going to find it until you’re ready to roll up a doobie, making this the best way to hide weed on your person. Your hair might smell a little like pot until your next shampoo, but at least the stash is secure!

where to hide weed

best way to hide weed

Option Five: Weed In A Marker

Items normally found in a backpack make for great places to hide weed, and we’ve got another one for you. A thick marker or highlighter can be a great way to hide your weed among your other writing implements in your pencil case. Remove the top of the marker, make sure to keep the ink away from your buds, stash them in the chamber, and replace the top. Ta-da!

Option Six: Stash Containers

Obviously, there’s a market for things to hide weed in, and there are plenty of options out there. Fake soda cans, hairbrushes, stuffed animals, and more exist as “diversion cans”, aka “stash containers.” These can be found pretty cheaply online and in headshops, but you can also make your own by hollowing out a book. Stash items like these make it easy to hide your weed in the bathroom, in your car, on the bookshelf, anywhere!

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Option Seven: A Bag Of Pet Food

This method is similar to that of the coffee, because pet food has such an intense and stinky odor. Wrap your weed up super well, because no one wants to smoke pot that smells and tastes like dog food. Especially if you’re the one in charge of feeding Fluffy, hiding your well-wrapped stash at the bottom of the pet food bag will ensure that no one else finds it.

Option Eight: Deep In Your Closet

There are a few ways you could go about hiding your weed in your closet or wardrobe. If there are drawers, you could tape your weed to the back or bottom of one and voila! Hiding a stash jar inside a handbag, shoebox, or pocket of your winter coat are also options when thinking about how to hide weed in your room.

how to hide weed in your room

weed hiding spots

Option Nine: Old Gadgets

It’s possible you already have something you could turn into your own stash container. Maybe you have an old computer tower that you don’t use anymore since you’ve upgraded or an alarm clock that no longer works. All you have to do is open up whatever old electronic device you want to use, remove some of the ‘guts’, and you’ve got a new spot to hide your cannabis.

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Option Ten: Weed In The Toilet Tank

Finally, if all else fails, you can hide your weed in the toilet tank. Yes, you read that correctly. Lifting the lid on the back of the toilet reveals the tank, which is filled with clean water. Hide your weed in an airtight container that you trust, because the last thing you want is for your weed to get soaked. If the container is picked correctly, your stash will just be floating there waiting for its time to come. No one’s going to lift the lid off the tank unless there’s a problem with the toilet, so make sure your waterproof container isn’t in the way of any of the mechanisms.

Hide Your Weed And Keep It Low-Key

No matter the reason for your discretion, there are countless ways to make sure that your cannabis consumption stays your business. You’re armed with the knowledge of how to secretly stash your weed, whether you’re on the go or need to keep it discreet at home. Now that we’ve revealed all of our secrets, what about yours? Tell us your favorite weed hiding spots in the comments below!

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