kief tea recipe
28 May 2020
How to Make Kief Tea: Two Ways Of Making A Potent Brew
Have you ever wondered what to do with all of that powder that accumulates on the bottom of your grinder? Of course, the first thing coming to your mind is probably smoking it, but sometimes, we want something a bit more exciting. Luckily, there’s another, more delicious method of consumption that you’re sure to be able to incorporate into your daily routine! We’re talking about having a cup of hot and satisfying kief tea. Follow up for all the details!
top 10 cartoons to watch while you're high
30 May 2020
The Absolute Best Cartoons To Watch While You’re High
If you’re sick of watching the same old shows with actual human beings as actors whenever you get stoned, diving into the world of animation is definitely something you should try. Animated shows are great to watch when you’re stoned, because you’re getting the same character depth you likely crave when watching a live-action series but with the bright colors, zany personalities and whimsical scenarios of absurdist fiction. Here are some of the best animated shows to watch the next time you light up.
is it illegal to possess marijuana seeds
10 April 2020
Is It Legal To Buy Cannabis Seeds In The U.S.?
Whether it’s legal to buy cannabis seeds in the U.S. is a question that crosses the minds of many aspiring growers. There’s something exciting about being able to have your own little grow op at home. However, given the legal penalties, the last thing you want to do is get into any trouble. So are marijuana seeds illegal in the U.S.? The answer goes beyond a simple “yes” or “no”, so we’re about to get into details to make this confusing situation a little clearer.
marijuana for sex
21 April 2020
Sexual Healing: Weed And Sex
The connection between weed and sex has long been assumed, going as far back as the Tantric Vedas of ancient India to the counterculture of “free love” during the 1960s. But are these stereotypes based in reality? With the knowledge base that we have today, we can finally understand whether these assumptions of weed being beneficial to your sex life are based in fact or myth.
how to hide the smell of weed
27 March 2020
How To Hide Weed Smell: Keeping Fresh, Smoked, Or Growing Buds Odor-Free
Once you smell cannabis for the first time, you won’t ever forget that dank scent. However, because it’s so unmistakable, it’s highly important to be able to cover the smell up after indulging. Growing and using cannabis is still illegal in many parts of the world, and you don’t want to be caught on something as insignificant as smell, especially when there are so many ways to hide this dead giveaway! Stay tuned to learn about each of them.
Paying For Seeds With Bitcoin
14 April 2020
Paying With Bitcoin: Where To Buy BTC And How To Use It For Your Herbies Purchase
From the moment you decide to buy cannabis seeds, you may feel vulnerable and look for ways to purchase safely. At Herbies, we understand this and do our best to protect your anonymity. To ensure that, we give you the option of paying for your order with bitcoin. Bitcoin transactions are virtually impossible to trace, which means you will be leaving no money trail whatsoever.
how long does thc stay in your urine
4 March 2020
How Long Does THC Stay In Your System?
Maybe you have a big job interview coming up, or you just like to stay informed. Either way, it’s totally reasonable to wonder how long THC stays in your system and if you’ll pass a drug test. The detection window depends mostly on frequency of consumption and sensitivity of the drug test, so every case is different. Nevertheless, in this article, we’ll describe everything you need to know about this rather sensitive topic.
How does weed make you feel
25 February 2020
High Vs. Stoned: How Does Weed Make You Feel?
If you’re a regular user, you likely already know that there are different types of highs and plenty of words used to describe how you feel: buzzed, high, stoned, baked, faded, fried or even zooted, just to name a few. If you’re not that experienced and feeling curious about the various effects of cannabis, Herbies has you covered. Here’s a breakdown of the distinguishing qualities between being high and stoned, what exactly those differences are, and which strains are great for achieving an ideal level of inebriation for your needs.
cannabis seeds laws
15 April 2020
Where In The World Is It Legal To Buy Cannabis Seeds?
Marijuana seed laws vary from one country to another, ranging from permissible to totally illegal. Although there has been some major progress over the years, the world is far from ready to fully open its doors to the green wave. If you’re worried about getting busted for ordering seeds in certain countries, it’s important to take a look at what the various rules are across the world.