What Is Epsom Salt And Why Is It So Important For Cannabis Plants?

Last updated: 25 June 2020

epsom salt cannabis

There are many different ways to modify your garden into a more organic, natural environment for your cannabis plants to live in. Using natural ingredients is one way to ensure the best quality plants, and luckily for you, there are plenty of natural sources for your plants to get all the nutrients they need. Here, we will be looking at Epsom salt for cannabis growth and what it can do to benefit your growing ambitions.

Origins Of Epsom Salt

what does epsom salts do for plants

Epsom salt, the nickname given to magnesium sulfate, is a compound that was discovered in underground springs in the town of Epsom, England. It is a natural and organic source of both magnesium and sulfur. Epsom salts are commonly used in bath salts, exfoliants, muscle relaxers and pain relievers. However, these are different from Epsom salts that are used for gardening, as they contain aromas and perfumes not suitable for plants.

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Why Should I Use Epsom Salt For Cannabis?

epsom salt for weed

Using Epsom salt for cannabis plants is extremely important for those who want to begin implementing more organic ingredients in their gardening habits. When using Epsom salt for weed, it’s almost impossible to overfeed your plants. At the same time, it provides them with a healthy dose of micronutrients that are crucial for strengthening their cell strength and overall immunity.

A Natural Source Of Nutrients

Epsom salt is an excellent addition to your gardening routine, as it’s a natural source of two of the most important nutrients for cannabis plants: magnesium and sulfur. Using Epsom salt for cannabis will allow a gardener to rely less on synthetic nutrient supplements or specialized, fertilized soils. Adding organic ingredients like Epsom salt to the diet of your cannabis plants will therefore ensure healthy soil and a healthy lifecycle.

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The Importance Of Magnesium in Epsom Salt

epsom salt for cannabis

Epsom salt is a natural source of magnesium – one of the most important nutrients to a plant’s life, as it encourages its uptake of essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Magnesium is also important for your plant’s development of chlorophyll, the component responsible for your cannabis’ ability to absorb sunlight, which allows photosynthesis to occur by strengthening cell membranes. Overall, a healthy level of magnesium is what’s responsible for the successful and healthy growth of your cannabis plants.

Why Do Plants Need Sulfur?

how to apply epsom salt to plants

Sulfur is the essential basis for your plant’s immune system. Sulfur facilitates the production of amino acids, enzymes and vitamins in your plant, all of which aid in the healthy growth of a plant and build up its immune system. In other words, a healthy base of sulfur in your garden will help prevent your plants from getting sick. Sulfur is also essential for your plants to create chlorophyll. Most importantly, it works together with magnesium to secure the plant's uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, or NPK – the most essential nutrients to a cannabis plant’s survival.

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Bring Epsom Salts Into Your Garden To Prevent Deficiencies

epsom salt for weed plants

Now that we know why magnesium sulfate, or Epsom salts, are so beneficial to plant health, we can apply this knowledge to our own marijuana grow ops. Using Epsom salt for cannabis gardens is an excellent way to prevent or treat magnesium deficiencies that will negatively impact bud growth, or sulfur deficiency, which can harm plant growth and cause discoloration.

The Right Time To Incorporate Epsom Salt

epsom salt for cannabis plants

You can begin using Epsom salt for cannabis plants within the beginning of each lifecycle, when the plants are just a few inches tall. You should, however, cease using Epsom salts during the first week of flowering, as this can alter the growth of buds. Generally, a good amount of magnesium and sulfur throughout a plant’s life will ensure a high yield.

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How Much Epsom Salt To Apply And How?

epsom salt and marijuana

You can use Epsom salt for weed growth as a topical foliar spray when diluted with water, or add Epsom salts directly into the soil or substrate. It’s a great way to prevent or treat magnesium or sulfur deficiency.

The ideal amount of Epsom salt for cannabis plants depends on the way you're using it. If you're spraying your plants, mix one tablespoon with 5 liters (1.3 gallons) of warm water. If you're adding Epsom salt to the soil, mix one teaspoon in 3.7 liters (1 gallon) of soil.

Start Using Epsom Salt Now

Epsom salt is an excellent way to ensure proper nutrient levels in your garden by using natural sources for organic ingredients. As proper levels of magnesium and sulfur are critical to healthy cannabis plants, using Epsom salt for cannabis can be considered a necessary addition to your gardening shed. Whether you want to start a new substrate or are looking for a natural way to cure some nutrient deficiency, Epsom salt and marijuana makes for the perfect team.

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Very informative article thanks
Brand doesn't matter. Just ensure it is pure epsom salt. Nothing with scents
Shonuff, when you say nothing with scents is that including stuff like hemp seed oil and White Thyme & Bergamot. I have bought Dr. Teals Pure Epsom SaltSoaking Solution, Cannabis Sativa Hemp seed oil with essential oil blend. I don't want to use it if it's going to mess with my plants.
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thanks n I use Epsom salt alot and it helps so much
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Which brand of epsom salt
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magnesium sulfate. walgreens cvs
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