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Easy As 123: Cannamilk: How To Make It And What To Expect

Last updated: 26 February 2024


Got milk? Got some weed too? Ever thought of mixing the two? If not, you probably should! While a lot of people know of and have already tried weed butter, weed milk remains an unheard-of curiosity for many. We’re here to right this wrong, tell you about the uses of cannabis milk, and share a simple recipe for it along the way.

Cannamilk – What Is It In The First Place?

So, what is cannabis milk? Everything’s already in its name: cannabis, milk, and pretty much nothing else. The result is a potent psychoactive drink with the effect of an edible that can be used on its own or as an ingredient in many sweet and savory meals. Despite its simplicity, the formula totally works: THC binds to the natural fats in milk and makes the whole thing psychoactive. Because of this, by the way, the recipe will also work with cream, half-and-half, goat milk, and so on. For the plant-based version, go for coconut cream – this will also work for our cannamilk recipe. 

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Unlimited Ways To Use Weed Milk

Cannamilk is an incredibly versatile product, just like milk itself. Think of all the ways you use milk throughout the day:  from starting the morning with a cup of coffee or a bowl of cereal to baking with milk or making a pot of mac’n’cheese – the possibilities are endless! The best part about it is that you can substitute a portion of regular milk for cannamilk in any recipe and get high off it! Start thinking about all the options, and we’ll tell you all about the effects you can expect from weed-infused milk.

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Cannamilk Effects – A Soft Drink That Hits Hard

Besides the fact that consuming products with weed milk in them is simply delicious and at times more enjoyable than smoking cannabis, cannamilk effects are also known to have lots of pros. Just think of having some classic edibles like brownies – what you experience afterward is similar to what you should expect from cannamilk. If you haven’t had your first edible yet, think of a prolonged (up to 6 hours long!) high that hits you slow but hard – in the same way, after having some of that cannamilk, the effects start in half an hour to an hour and a half, and can be described as a stronger and even more psychedelic version of a regular cannabis high.

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What You Need To Make Your Own Cannamilk

Want to experience that kind of high yourself? Then get the following ingredients and equipment ready to make your own weed-infused milk:

  • 7 g (1/4 oz) of ground cannabis
  • 2 cups of milk (coconut cream for plant-based cannamilk)
  • A baking sheet for decarbing
  • A saucepan
  • A fine mesh strainer (or cheesecloth)
  • A mason jar (or another container with a lid)
  • A cooking thermometer (optional)
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The Step-By-Step Process

When you have all your ingredients and equipment ready for cooking, put your favorite playlist on and start following this simple step-by-step tutorial on making some cannamilk that will promise you fun times ahead.

weed milk

Step One: Decarb Your Weed

Decarbing is the process of heating up weed in order to activate 100% of its cannabinoids and make them available for binding with the fat in milk. Some recipes for weed milk skip this step; however, we find it essential for success in this tricky endeavor. Why risk lower potency? Simply preheat your oven to 220F (105C), grind the weed, and bake it for 20-25 minutes. Watch the temperature closely so as not to accidentally burn anything. The weed will become brown and very fragrant, so you’ll know it’s done.

how to make cannamilk

Step Two: Cook Cannabis In Milk

The next thing you’ll need to do is put the decarbed weed in a medium to large saucepan, pour the milk in, and start heating everything up over medium heat. Constantly mix the mixture and bring it to a simmer. Now, lower the heat and keep simmering and stirring occasionally for 45 minutes. If you have a candy thermometer at hand, use it now to make sure the temperature of the milk stays at 212-220F (around 100-105C). If you don’t have one, don’t worry – you already set yourself up for success by decarbing weed in the oven. Just make sure the milk is simmering. After 45 minutes, turn the heat off and let the cannamilk cool until it’s comfortable and safe to handle.

cannamilk recipe

Step Three: Strain, Store, And Use

You’re almost there! All you need to do now is strain the mixture over a jug or a mason jar. Don’t be afraid to toss all of the green out – the cannabinoids you want from it are now all in the milk! For the best taste characteristics of the final product, strain it several times so that you leave no weed particles in there. Store your cannamilk sealed in the refrigerator.                     

thc milk

How Potent Is This Cannamilk?

Dosing cannamilk is way harder than making it! There are just too many variables to consider, from the potency and quantity of your weed and the fat content of the milk to the tolerance level of the people consuming it. The golden rule here, just like with any kind of edible, is to start low and work your way up gradually. For example, you may want to begin by adding only a couple of tablespoons of cannamilk to a bowl of cereal. Enjoy it without worrying about overdoing it and wait for at least an hour to see if the effects you experience are enough or if you want to have some more. This will give you a much clearer idea of dosing your cannamilk in the future. 

Experience The Greatness Of Cannamilk

Now you know that to have an at-home edible experience, you don’t necessarily need to spend hours making cannabutter – a much easier way lies in weed-infused milk, the versatility and effects of which are just as great! So wait no more – we’re pretty sure you have everything you’ll need to make a batch of fresh cannabis milk. Start cooking, and don’t be shy about sharing your results in the comments below.

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