COVID-19: Complete List Of Changes
21 August 2020 Fixed
Complete List Of Changes In The Work Of Herbies Caused By COVID-19
In response to the global pandemic, Herbies is adjusting the way it accepts payments, ships orders, and more. All COVID-19-related updates will be listed on this page, which will be revised as necessary in case further changes take place.
Herbies Gifts
15 March 2021 Fixed
Take a Survey, Get More Gifts
Not too long ago, we launched a great new tradition of showing Herbies customers our appreciation with very special Herbies gifts. We don’t plan on stopping there, so we’d like to hear from you about the souvenirs you’ve already received or want to receive from us. Please take a second to answer a couple of questions – your feedback will help us make Herbies Gifts even better!
April 15 - No Shipping
13 April 2021
April 15 - No Shipping On A Public Holiday
This upcoming Thursday, April 15, our warehouse located in Spain, won’t be shipping any orders due to Santa Faz, a provincial public holiday. Its work will resume shortly after, on Friday, April 16. The celebration, however, won’t affect the work of our website or Customer Support, which you can contact according to the regular schedule.
7 April 2021
Humboldt Seeds: The Last Ever Batch
All good things come to an end, and, unfortunately, the once-legendary Humboldt Seeds will no longer be treating us to new awesome strains. Because of this, their seeds are now more valuable than ever, and can easily count as rare collectibles. Luckily for you, Herbies was able to seize one last batch of weed seeds from Humboldt county’s most renowned breeder.
Good Friday and Easter Monday
1 April 2021
April 2 and 5: Shipping Service On Holidays
This coming Friday, April 2, Spain is celebrating Good Friday (Viernes Santo), and on April 5, it is Easter Monday (Lunes de Pascua). Both dates are public holidays, so our warehouse won’t be shipping any orders. Purchases made during the period from April 2 to April 5, will be forwarded to delivery on April 6. Herbies Customer Service will continue working according to the regular schedule.
Try All New Awesome Strains From FastBuds
29 March 2021
Try All New Highs From FastBuds
Once again, our friends at FastBuds prove that they know how to satisfy a picky toker. This time, our warehouses welcome not one, not two, but seven incredible new strains from the beloved cannabis seed breeder. These seven cover the full range of all highs possible, from corporal buzz to cerebral clarity, peaceful to creative.
Buy 3 New Seed Mixes From Seed Stockers
25 March 2021
Mix It Up! 3 New Seed Mixes From Seed Stockers
There’s no need to wrack your brain to choose the perfect combination of strains for a balanced canna garden – at least, not with mixes from Seed Stockers! After the success of their first bundles, the breeder is now expanding its line of mix packs with the addition of three brand new bundles of perfectly matching feminized and autoflowering seeds.
March 19 - Shipping Service On Holiday
17 March 2021
March 19 - Day Off for Our Shipping Service
On March 19, due to St. Joseph’s Day, a public holiday in Spain, Herbies won’t be shipping any orders. Any purchases made on March 19 will be shipped the next day, March 20. However, while our shipping service is on holiday, the Herbies Support Team will keep working according to the regular schedule.
your favorite Runtz Muffin is back in stock
25 February 2021
Warm Welcome Back To Runtz Muffin, The King Of Dankness
In cannabis lingo, Runtz simply means the dankest weed out there. If this is what you’re looking to grow, you’ll be happy to know that one of the loudest strains ever, Runtz Muffin, is back in stock at Herbies!