COVID-19: Complete List Of Changes
21 August 2020 Fixed
Complete List Of Changes In The Work Of Herbies Caused By COVID-19
In response to the global pandemic, Herbies is adjusting the way it accepts payments, ships orders, and more. All COVID-19-related updates will be listed on this page, which will be revised as necessary in case further changes take place.
buy top quality american seeds
25 September 2020
Your Favorite American Seeds Are Back In Stock!
Yee-haw! We know you’ve been missing some of our top-selling American cannabis seeds. Well, the wait is finally over, because our warehouse is now fully stocked to make your American dream come true. Let’s give a warm welcome back to the following American strains:
The best-seller from Seed Stockers is now back on our shelves
24 September 2020
It’s Back – Seed Stockers’ Autoflowering Mix Pack Is Available For Purchase
The wait is finally over! The best-seller from Seed Stockers, their Autoflowering Mix Pack, is now back on our shelves. Last time it sold out crazy quick, because this product is a real treasure – there’s truly no better offer than Seed Stockers’ Mix Pack of autoflowering seeds. You get 20 high-quality autoflowering cannabis seeds at a bargain price – and don’t forget about the exciting element of surprise, since you won’t know what you plant until the seed breaks through the ground!
15 September 2020
Tenet Is Finally In Theaters - Here Are 3 Cannabis Strains That Bend Time Better Than Tenet’s Special Agents
Due to the global pandemic, Cristopher Nolan’s latest masterpiece, Tenet, has been postponed several times. Now, it finally hits cinemas all over the globe! Not to spoil too much of the plot, but the story of Tenet revolves around a secret international organization, members of which can warp time.
best strains from DNA Genetics
8 September 2020
They’re back! 8 Super Potent & Best-Tasting Cannabis Strains From DNA Genetics
The wait is over! The most wanted strains from DNA Genetics are back in stock! Starting today, 24K Gold, Banana Sorbet, Holy Grail Kush, Bakers Delight, Rocklock, Sour Kosher, Kushberry and Cataract Kush are available in our online shop again. Let’s have a look at some of these babes and recall how awesome they are!
Labor Day Special
7 September 2020
Labor Day Special: Herbies’ Test – What Weed Strain Is Perfect For You Depending On How You Work?
Labor Day is right around the corner, and what does that mean for all of us hard workers? Long-awaited time off work, of course! However, even when the holiday is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some more well-deserved fun and relaxation.
Technical Break
20 August 2020
08/21 - 08/23 Technical Break In The Work Of Customer Service
Due to technical reasons, our customer support will be on a break from 23:00 GMT of August 21 to 11:00 GMT of August 23. All messages received during the period of their absence will be addressed during the following day’s working hours. This short technical break will in no way affect your shopping experience - you can still place your orders at any convenient time.
new strains from fastbuds
18 August 2020
4 Brand-New Arrivals From FastBuds For The Stickiest Buds Ever
Awesome news, everybody! One of our favorite seedbanks, FastBuds, has just presented four fresh autoflowering cannabis strains of incredible potency and unbeatable resilience. Each of them is unique in punchy effects and mouthwatering flavors, but all are united by being INCREDIBLY resinous, hence perfect for not only smoking on their own but also making all kinds of concentrates. Starting today, the shelves of Herbies are stocked with Lemon Pie Auto, Orange Sherbet Auto, Wedding Cheesecake Auto, and Gorilla Cookies Auto. Here’s more about each of these incredible new arrivals:
7 August 2020
"How Good A Weed Grower Are You?" Take The Test To Challenge Your Cannabis Growing Knowledge
Before planting that cannabis seed in soil, every grower must ask themselves a question: how prepared am I to support this plant throughout its entire lifecycle? Do I know enough already to face any difficulty this adventure has in store for me? Remember, some cannabis strains also require more expertise and attention than others. So, in order to make sure your next growing season brings you pure joy and not a constant headache, we’ve prepared a short and fun test that will reveal how well you’re prepared to grow your own cannabis. At the end of the test, depending on the number of correct answers, we’ll recommend a strain that will perfectly suit your level.