COVID-19: Complete List Of Changes
21 August 2020 Fixed
Complete List Of Changes In The Work Of Herbies Caused By COVID-19
In response to the global pandemic, Herbies is adjusting the way it accepts payments, ships orders, and more. All COVID-19-related updates will be listed on this page, which will be revised as necessary in case further changes take place.
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updated bank transfer details
27 April 2021 Fixed
Bank Transfer Method Update
From now on, instead of having separate bank accounts for transfers from different countries, Herbies is going to be using one universal bank account for all customers.To check the updated bank transfer details, go to our Payments page, where you can also find other current information on all payment methods we accept, including card payments.
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halloween sale
19 October 2021
10 Nights ’til the Halloween Sale!
The spookiest day of the year is right around the corner, and we’ve prepared something really special for everyone who’d always pick weed over trick-or-treating. Hang on for just a little longer and you’ll be able to enjoy shopping for seeds at Herbies with scary-good discounts! 
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Hispanic Day: Orders from Oct. 12 to Be Shipped Oct. 13
11 October 2021
Hispanic Day: Orders from Oct. 12 to Be Shipped Oct. 13
This upcoming Tuesday, October 12, is Hispanic Day, a big national holiday in Spain, where, as you probably know, Herbies is located. Due to the celebration, there will be no shipping on this day, but the pause won’t be for too long. All orders placed on October 12 will be shipped on October 13.
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14 September 2021
Fastest-flowering Strains for Another Harvest This Year
You might have thought that just because summer has passed, your chances of reaping one more harvest this year have disappeared with it. If so, you’ve never been more wrong! Here at Herbies, we have dozens of fast-flowering cannabis seeds that are able to finish their whole cycle in about two months. This means that if you plant them soon enough, you won’t have to worry about Christmas presents! By the time the winter holidays arrive, you should have your shelves filled with delicious, top-notch quality cannabis! Let us introduce you to a few cultivars that can be found in our Fast-Flowering Collection.
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31 August 2021
Updated Herbies Seeds’ Family: 2 Punchy Strains and 2 Versatile Mixes!
You showed lots of love to the line of original Herbies strains we launched earlier this year. We took it as the green light for continuing development and created more strains to add to our very own family of seeds! In true Herbies fashion, we’re moving forward with more potent and lip-smacking varieties that came to life after cooperating with forward-thinking Spanish breeders. Here they are:
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five crazy-good strains from FastBuds
13 August 2021
Original and Inventive: 5 New Autos from FastBuds
FastBuds has been in the game for more than 10 years, but they never cease to surprise us over and over again. This batch of new additions to our store is no exception. Our warehouse has just been replenished with five crazy-good strains from FastBuds, and we can’t wait for you to try them! These autoflowers include revamped versions of iconic classics and strains that any newbie can pull off effortlessly. Here we go!
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5 August 2021
New Herbies Gifts to Your Order: Check Them Out!
We told you we were going to add more gift options soon, and we’re keeping our word! Thanks to everyone who participated in our questionnaire on gifts, we learned what you most wanted to receive from Herbies together with your orders. Welcome the new additions to Herbies Gifts!
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7 July 2021
We Accept Bitcoin!
The title says it all – Herbies now accepts payments in bitcoin, one of the safest and most discreet transaction methods for online shopping.If you’ve never paid with bitcoin before, it’s not as difficult as it might sound – all you need to do is set up an online BTC wallet and use it to send funds to our bitcoin address. Here, you can find our full guide on paying with bitcoin that will lead you through every step you need to take for a successful transaction.
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