COVID-19: Complete List Of Changes
21 August 2020 Fixed
Complete List Of Changes In The Work Of Herbies Caused By COVID-19
In response to the global pandemic, Herbies is adjusting the way it accepts payments, ships orders, and more. All COVID-19-related updates will be listed on this page, which will be revised as necessary in case further changes take place.
updated bank transfer details
27 April 2021 Fixed
Bank Transfer Method Update
From now on, instead of having separate bank accounts for transfers from different countries, Herbies is going to be using one universal bank account for all customers.To check the updated bank transfer details, go to our Payments page, where you can also find other current information on all payment methods we accept, including card payments.
19 July 2021
New Herbies Gifts to Your Order: Check Them Out!
We told you we were going to add more gift options soon, and we’re keeping our word! Thanks to everyone who participated in our questionnaire on gifts, we learned what you most wanted to receive from Herbies together with your orders. Welcome the new additions to Herbies Gifts!
7 July 2021
We Accept Bitcoin!
The title says it all – Herbies now accepts payments in bitcoin, one of the safest and most discreet transaction methods for online shopping.If you’ve never paid with bitcoin before, it’s not as difficult as it might sound – all you need to do is set up an online BTC wallet and use it to send funds to our bitcoin address. Here, you can find our full guide on paying with bitcoin that will lead you through every step you need to take for a successful transaction.
30 June 2021
July 1-3: Schedule Changes for Support and Shipping
Due to technical reasons, our customer support won’t be processing any inquiries from July 1-3. All messages received within that period will be addressed on the following working day, July 4. Also, all orders made after 6am (GMT), July 2, will be shipped out on July 5.
29 June 2021
15% Off Orders Over €100 for the First July Week
On the first week of July, our friends across the pond celebrate some of the biggest holidays of the year, which are Canada Day and Independence Day in the US. Hooray!To support the occasions, in the period from 12am June 29th until 12am July 6th (GMT*), we’re raising our regular discounts on big orders for all orders from the USA and Canada. Only for the first week of July make an order with a total of over €100 and get 15% off! The discount will be applied after you specify the country of residence at the check-out.
Shipping on Hold on June 23-24
21 June 2021
Shipping on Hold on June 23-24: St. John the Baptist Day
This coming Wednesday, June 23rd, many countries around the globe are celebrating St. John’s Eve, and Spain is among them.Due to this national holiday, our warehouse won’t be shipping any seeds on June 23-24. You can still place orders, and they’ll be shipped on the next working day, June 25th. Our Support team will still be available according to their regular schedule to help you out in case you have any questions.
35% Off All Jack Herer Strains
15 June 2021
The Hemperor’s Birthday: 35% Off Jack Herer Seeds
There’s a day every canna-enthusiast has a soft spot for, and it’s June 18th. On this day in 1939, a true legend was born. His name was Jack Herer.Even if you’re just dipping your toes into the ocean that is cannabis growing, you might have heard about the famous namesake strain. Well, now you know that it was named after a real person. And what a person! Despite not being a politician or a conventional figure of power, Jack Herer, aka the Hemperor, dedicated his whole life to destigmatizing cannabis and pushing legalization of the plant further. His influence is felt to this day – in fact, if not for Herer, many parts of the world wouldn’t be able to enjoy the legal status of cannabis or have access to its research.
25% Off Queen’s Birthday Sale
11 June 2021
25% Off Queen’s Birthday Sale
It’s about time we start living like kings, and what better time to do so than the Queen’s birthday? The second Saturday of June is almost here, and we thought it would be a great reason to throw a celebratory sale for our clients in the UK!