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Cali Buds seeds are out of stock! But don’t worry – you can keep dreaming of California with amazing weed strains from Cali Connection Seeds. Check them out!


The preservation of top-shelf marijuana genetics is exactly what Cali Seeds (aka Cali Bud Seeds) aims to achieve through its everyday work of worldwide cannabis seed distribution. If, as a grower, you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible to get exactly what you want time after time, the answer is a big fat yes, at least when choosing to order your cannabis nuts from Cali Bud.

Cali Bud For Sale: Born And Raised In The Golden State

The Cali Seeds’ team includes many experienced breeders from Southern and Northern California, who joined forces to create and maintain top-class Californian cannabis genetics. The Cali Bud company's collection available for purchase contains only the top of the crop creations, such as Bruce Banner Auto, Gelato and Wedding Cake. This seed bank has everything required to produce high-quality seeds of incomparable reliability. One of these factors is the Californian climate, perfect for breeding cannabis in natural conditions. Whether you prefer growing your plants outdoor or indoor, Cali Bud seeds, thanks to their reliability, will successfully pop into a gorgeous and thriving plant. Another evident advantage of ordering Cali Seeds is that they use nothing but natural production methods, and therefore every single Cali Bud strain can rightfully be considered 100% organic.

Not Your Regular Bud

It’s no accident that Cali Bud, the USA-based seed bank, decided to use solely Californian genetics in their work. All seeds that come from this genetic line show exceptional medical properties, as proven by professionals in the field. Cannabis varieties produced by Cali Seeds are medically beneficial for people with reoccurring cases of insomnia, bodily pains and anxiety. More than that, individual Cali Seeds strains have shown unequaled abilities to ease the symptoms of people with cancer – another sign of the professionalism of Cali breeders. Thanks to them, patients of different kinds have access to a helpful 100% natural medicine with no side-effects. Here at Herbies, given our expansive variety of this seed bank’s products, you can buy Cali Bud seeds suitable for any taste and need right now.

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