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Karma Genetics

We’re currently out of Karma Genetics seeds, but that’s okay – one fan of regular cannabis strains to another, the collection of TGA Subcool Seeds is just as impressive! Give it a try.


Karma Genetics began in 2008 with one man immersed in the Dutch-cannabis culture since 1996. He has been breeding his own strains since 2000, offering stable, regular photo-sensitive seeds mostly meant for advanced growers and entering the podium at European competitions every year since 2008. If you buy beginner-friendly strains, such as Cheesy Rider or Brotherhood OG, or advanced-strains, like Sour Jack or Karma OG, Karma Genetics is there to make sure you are satisfied!

The Happy Roots Of Karma Genetics

Karma Genetics, founded in 2008, results from more than 20 years of cultivating and mingling in the cannabis subculture of Amsterdam. It’s founder, Karma, started cultivating during the mid-90s and began breeding some time after, when he received clones from one of his favorite strains, Happy Brother. Ever since, he has focused on creating stable genetics containing rich terpene and cannabinoid profiles, and bred under fully organic conditions.

Only Photoperiod Regular Strains

Karma Genetics doesn’t sell autoflowering or feminized strains. Its seeds will produce stable, top-notch photoperiod strains with a perfect taste and smell, and fulfill the highest standards in terms of effects and yields. Breeders adore Karma’s portfolio containing regular-only Sativas, Indicas, and hybrid genetics, as well as soon-to-come revived legends such as Neville’s Southern A5Haze.

Top Quality Proven In Competitions

By meeting the highest standards of cannabis breeding, Karma Genetics is among the leading cup-winning seedbanks. Their top-quality strains combine high yields and ease of growing. Among the most sought-after strains in 2019 are:

  • White OG V2.0:  3 times 1st place winner in Spanish cups from 2014-2015. Great yields, easy to grow, producing rock-hard, compact buds covered in trichomes.
  • Karma’s OG: Pure OG Kush, podium winner in several cannabis cups, producing medium/high yields of tight buds smeared in resin after 9-11 weeks of flowering time.
  • Biker Kush V2.0: very branchy, high yielding strain with lemon and piney flavors exuding from its fat flowers.

Official website: Karma Genetics