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Blue Gelato #41 Smoke Report: Appreciating Music On Another Level

Last updated: 10 August 2021

Blue Gelato 41 Smoke Report: Transcendental Experience

The day I am writing this smoke report is a Friday. This is relevant because I usually buy an eighth a week, and Friday is the day of the week I usually re-up my stash. So, I popped over to my local dispensary this morning to refill before the weekend. I like to mix it up, in general, and don’t always stick to one strain or even one type of weed. I like to try Sativas, Indicas, everything in between. I smoke flowers and wax, sometimes I vape, once in a while I’ll chow down on an edible. Basically, I wasn’t looking for anything specific when I went in this morning. After chatting with the guy at the counter for a little bit, I decided to take his recommendation for this week’s pick. He said that they had just gotten in a shipment of cannabis from some new suppliers, one of which being Barney's Farm, and he couldn’t stop buzzing about this strain of theirs: Blue Gelato #41. I was sold right away by the way he was gushing over the flavors and effects. I usually like to practice the drums over the weekend, and this strain seemed appropriate for such an endeavor. He packed up a couple g’s for me and I headed on my way back home.

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Blue Gelato #41 Smoke Report: Hour By Hour Breakdown

11:00am - Ready to get in the zone for my Blue Gelato 41 review, I head down into the basement where I’ve got my kit. It’s a pretty classic setup, nothing too fancy: snare, a few toms, double bass pedal, high hat, crash, ride. I play a lot of grunge, hard rock and a little metal, so that’s all I really need. I’d like to get a couple more cymbals in the future, though. I sit on the couch, pack a bowl, and hook my phone up to the speaker system. Some Metallica sounds like a sweet way to start the sesh. As I’m grinding up the buds, the aroma of pure sugar and chestnut. Oooh yeah, that smells like good weed. I light it up and enjoy that first hit of pure, fresh greens. The flavor profile of this Blue Gelato 41 strain is even fruitier than it smelled. Hmm… is that blueberry? Oranges maybe? I take another rip - wow, this is really good stuff. It hasn’t even been five minutes and I’m already starting to feel it creep into my head.

Gelato 41 Smoke Report

11:30am - After slowly smoking the rest of the bowl, it’s been cashed and there’s nothing left but ash in there. Okay, woah, not sure how I’m going to play the drums now… My head is starting to feel kind of like a balloon as the head high sets in. Woah, my mind is sorta fuzzy and buoyant, and a slight numbness settles in behind my eyes. I’m pretty baked and just keep getting higher by the second. I’m really enjoying the music anyway, so I’ll wait a little bit before getting to practice.

12:00pm - Okay, now that it’s been a sec, I’m ready to get at it. The head high has settled into a super enjoyable feeling, like I’m floating just a little bit. After the first buzz, I feel laser focused on the idea of drumming. Getting some energy out, diving straight into the music… yeah, that sounds awesome. I’m throwing on one of my favorite albums to jam out to: Facelift by Alice in Chains.

12:30pm - Water break time. I am totally in the zone, just intuitively playing along. Sure, I’ve heard this album probably a million times, so I could play this in my sleep, but this Blue Gelato 41 weed really has me feeling it! The head high is still present, but has mellowed out to include a slight body buzz. I chug down half the bottle of water, fighting off the cottonmouth. I’m super energized, euphoric. It’s like there’s nothing out there, just me in this room that is sort of hotboxed, slamming the drums and blasting the best of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s like this strain has elevated my mood alongside the weed buzz.

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1:30pm - The next time I look at my phone, a whole hour has gone by without my noticing. Woah… I’ve been so in the flow with the music that it felt like minutes! Blue Gelato #41 is totally a strain that will make you forget that time exists. I’m saying that because of how this strain helped me focus on what I was doing in a way that coffee couldn’t compare to! It’s kind of insane that the effects of this cannabis strain are so pronounced. Smoking a bowl of this to jam out some drums was definitely the right call. I’m starting to get physically exhausted, but my high is still super present and I’m gonna ride this until it starts to subside.

Blue Gelato 41 Strain Review: I’m Coming Down

2:45pm - Well, a few hours after I started, and I’m definitely still baked, but the illusion of being alone with the music is starting to fade. Man, I should tell my other buds who play music about this strain… maybe one of them’ll pick up some Blue Gelato 41 seeds and start growing. I’m no gardener, but maybe I should become one? And I bet that my buddy Dave would be inspired after hearing my Blue Gelato 41 strain review. It was awesome to get into the zone and just become one with the music. A really transcendental high. Overall, totally a 10/10 experience and I’ll be packing another bowl of these flowers for my next drumming session.

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