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Cannabis Hygiene: Staying Safe During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Last updated: 24 August 2020

marijuana and COVID-19

In cannabis culture, you may have come across the saying, “a friend with weed is a friend indeed. And a friend who shares is a friend who cares.” Overall, this is a great motto to live by – except during a pandemic like COVID-19 (a.k.a. “coronavirus”).

So how can we enjoy our favorite herb without spreading this potentially (albeit rarely) deadly virus? Here are a few things you can do.

Don’t Share Cannabis Tools During The Coronavirus Pandemic

weed and Coronavirus

Coronavirus is clearly contagious. Common sense dictates that one thing you don’t want to do is share saliva with someone else. Unfortunately, this means sharing pipes, joints, bongs and vapes is out of the question.

Handwashing is also essential. Anything you touch, such as edibles or drinks, can come into contact with the virus or spread it from you to someone vulnerable. Remember to wash your hands both before and after coming into contact with weed products – or any consumables, for that matter.[1]

How Coronavirus Survives Outside The Body

buy cannabis seeds

Like most viruses and bacteria, COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for a certain period as it waits to hitch a ride with an unlucky host.

However, the primary way coronavirus spreads is through air droplets. Some may land on exposed surfaces, but in most cases, they’re expelled through a cough or sneeze. The virus remains in the air for about three hours, presenting a threat to any healthy individual who walks by. If it doesn’t find a host, it sits on a surface for two to three days – rinse and repeat.[2]

Even the most seasoned weed users know that coughing is a common thing when taking a bong rip, especially if you’re a new or casual user. One coughing fit is all it takes to spread the virus around an entire room.

COVID-19 can just as quickly make its way onto your rolling papers, grinder, weed packaging, edibles or dry herb.

Simple Steps For Weed Hygiene During COVID-19

The steps for weed hygiene against coronavirus are the same as any other common-sense way to prevent infection. You will be shocked to know how quickly the virus can spread across people. Mythbusters illustrated it perfectly in one of the episodes of their show:

Bleach and water solutions or household cleaners are enough to kill COVID-19. Since the virus sits on surfaces for up to three days, washing your pipes, bongs, dab rigs, etc. is essential. Typically, vinegar will remove resin and contaminants, but since that isn’t enough to kill coronavirus, you’ll need something stronger.

Instead, use a mix of coarse salt and isopropyl alcohol, which will kill the virus while also removing resin buildup. Keep in mind, however, that rubbing alcohol is toxic. Allow the tool to dry, then thoroughly rinse it before using it again.

And, as we said before, wash your hands regularly.

Stay Indoors

Coronavirus and cannabis

Many places are already enforcing this with school and business closures. This also means people are lining up in droves outside of dispensaries, anticipating that their supplies might soon run out.

Given that COVID-19 suspends in the air for 3 hours, crowding together in huge lines is a terrible idea. Instead, stay inside and – if possible – grow your own weed.

Final Comments

There’s a lot of concern about coronavirus right now – and rightfully so. Given how the virus spreads, practicing proper cannabis hygiene is more important than ever. If you’re cautious, it’ll make things safer for yourself and those around you.

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