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DDoS #33 Grow Report: The Most Beautiful Purple Strain There Is

Last updated: 26 February 2024

ddos 33 cannabis seeds

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my DDoS #33 grow report! These plants blew me away with their delicate beauty, lovely smell, and amazingly potent smoke.

ddos 33 from herbies seeds

My three DDoS #33 plants took me just 13 weeks from seed to harvest. They were a part of a big multi-strain grow and turned out the most vigorous, healthy, and structurally perfect of the bunch. I also loved the purple colors of the buds and sugar leaves and how they seemed covered in crystals because of all those trichomes.

A Lean Organic Diet in Veg

For germination, I just threw my three DDoS #33 seeds into a glass of water (with a drop of Humic Acid Plus) and kept them there for two days. The seeds were so vigorous that they not only grew inch-long taproots but one of them actually freed itself from the outer shell in the process.

I planted all three in a soilless mix (amended with some perlite) and started watering them with a solution full of live microbes. I love organics because my cannabis looks always happy and healthy thanks to all those beneficial organisms in the root zone. I used the Green Buzz Liquids line, namely the following:

  • Humic Acid Plus – a cocktail of chelating agents and microorganisms that lead to better nutrients uptake, reduce the waste of fertilizers, and increase the biomass,
  • Living Organics – millions of bacteria, fungi, and Trichoderma that help roots work more efficiently and protect cannabis from environmental stresses,
  • More Roots – boosts auxin production of the root tips, increasing the mass of the root ball by up to 300%, also protects from heat stress,
  • Growzyme – a seaweed extract that is full of growth-boosting enzymes and microelements.

I also regularly foliar-fed all my seedlings with Fast Plants Spray which gives you a chance to keep your cannabis well-fed with all essential nutrients and stimulators without the risk of burning young roots with concentrated chemicals.

As you shall see in the later parts of my DDoS #33 grow report, I missed the window to start with more serious feeding, but the ladies did fine all the same. That’s the beauty of organic growing.

Two Toppings and One Re-Potting

All three of my DDoS #33 girls were developing steadily and without issues, so I topped them in week 3. They were still in their starter 3-liter plastic pots and looked great with all those HUGE fan leaves. By week 5, they had definitely overgrown their containers, and I transplanted them into 11-liter smart pots.

I noticed that the plants stayed too compact for my taste, so I tried to stimulate their vertical growth by dialing down my VipaSpectra XS1000 LED light to 50% power. I just wanted to see a little stretch before inducing the flowering.

They did develop nicely, and I topped them the second time in week 6, just before flipping the timer to 12/12. By this time, I moved them to another grow box, but it was just “next door”, so all the conditions stayed the same: with 24°C (75°F) day temps and 17°C (63°F) night temps and the RH at 75%.

I’m happy with the temperature, but I know that the relative humidity is too high for the perpetual harvest op that I’m running. But I can’t help it because I grow in my basement. Most of the time, I manage to avoid mold in the later stages of flowering, and I think higher RH helps with keeping spider mites in check. And those little bastards attack my garden every time.

An Unorthodox Diet at the Start of the Flowering Time

Only when my DDoS #33 went into the pre-flowering mode, did I notice some yellowing of the leaves and decided that I had been keeping them hungry. I thought that the foliar feeding and the daily watering with beneficial bacteria and fungi would be enough but no.

So, when the flowering began, I had no other option but to give my babies the nitrogen-rich Organic Grow Liquid. Not an obvious choice for the flowering stage, but I hoped higher doses of N would help the foliage regain its vibrant green color and also assist in the flowering stretch. Now that the plants were deficient, I fed them with every watering.

And it worked like a charm. All three DDoS #33 looked healthy and happy. They had a thick canopy of fan leaves and 8 branches of almost equal size. Perfect structure for my SOG-style growing.

After a while, I stopped worrying about deficiencies and fed my girls only once in three days although I had to water them every day, and each time they got a full dose of microbial supplements.

Some Blooming Nutrients Introduced. Finally!

It was only in week 10 and after I moved my DDoS #33 into yet another (flowering) grow box that I gave my ladies the first dose of blooming fertilizers. By this time, I could clearly see tiny bunches of white pistils on every top.

It was Organic Bloom Liquid and Big Fruits for starters. The first one, with its NPK of 2-3-4, is the staple of the flowering diet. The second one does wonders on the buds by stimulating auxin production, immunizing and protecting cannabis from fungal infections (and the hated spider mites), and contributing not only to bigger yields but also to the more intense flavor.

A week or two before the harvest, I would add Organic More PK with its NPK ratio of 4-7-10. This formula gives buds the final boost when they have seemingly stopped swelling up.

At this point, DDoS #33 was hungry not only for plant food but for light too. There were two LED quantum boards in my 4’x8’ flowering space: a ViparSpectra XS400 and a P-4000, and both were running at 100% power—440 Watts in total. I had 14 plants bathing in all this light, and DDoS #33 girls were the prettiest.

They’re All Purple! Wow!

I didn’t expect this to be a purple strain. But it was. The buds were shining with intensely white pistils, and the surrounding leaves were deep purple. The smell was lovely too—just like what you’d expect from a plant with such colors.

Closer to the harvest, when the pistils faded, the flowers themselves became light purple, and the pistils on sugar leaves looked like silvery fur. They were huge and glittery and really stood out against the vibrant green background. I’ve never grown buds more beautiful.

It was a smooth grow from start to finish, and when I plant DDoS #33 again, I’ll be more careful with my timing: I’ll start with grow ferts earlier and use only flowering nutrients after the 12/12 flip. That way I’m sure I can increase the yields. And I hope to get the same quality: sticky buds with an earthy flavor and berry undertones and with a potent high that always makes me hungry.


That’s it. I hope you enjoyed reading my DDoS #33 grow report as much as I enjoyed writing it. Cheers!

ddos 33 marijuana seeds

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