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FastBuds’ GG#4 Original Glue Autoflower Grow Journal: My Long Journey To A Bumper Harvest

Last updated: 25 October 2023

Gorilla Glue Autoflower Grow Journal

I decided to choose GG#4 Original Glue autoflower for my very first grow journal because I like to smoke this strain so much. I’m sure I wasn’t disappointed with the choice: although the whole cycle from seed to harvest took longer than I expected, the final harvest was well worth the wait, and the smoke was everything I expected from a great weed strain.

Gorilla Glue Auto grow table

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An Organic Grow Right From The Start

As soon as the seed germinated and showed the tap root, I planted it into a container with Biobizz Light Mix and placed it under my 200W LED at 18/6 light schedule. I had to experiment a bit with the distance from the light to hit the sweet spot between too much stretching and the risk of a burn. I also gave my girl her first feeding of Bio-Heaven.

Gorilla Glue Auto germination

On week 2, I also introduced the Bio-Grow and Fish-Mix and transferred my GG#4 Original Glue Auto from her initial container into an 11L pot (2.91 gal). I know that repotting autos is something to be avoided if possible, but my plant never even slowed down her growth as a result. The conditions were quite nice and stable: 25°C (77°F) day temperature and 20°C (68°F) at night. I was keeping the relative humidity at 55% by spraying water on the walls of the grow tent. The only thing that bothered me was the lack of an exhaust fan. I could only hope that I’d get away with it or that a regular fan inside the tent would mitigate this problem.

Topping GG#4 Original Glue Auto In The Third Week

My plant was doing great and I topped her and even began an LST, but then thought better of it. Just didn’t feel right. Anyway, the topping really stimulated the side growth, and the plant turned into a squat, formidably branchy plant.

I extended the feeding regimen with Bio-Bloom and Top-Max in the last two weeks of veg to satisfy any of my plant’s future needs in flowering nutrients. Another important additive that I began to use was Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra by Advanced Nutrients.

GG#4 Original Glue Auto Week 4: Some Important Changes to The Setup

Gorilla Glue Auto grow journal vegetation

I had to make some improvements, including hanging up a new light (SF 2000) which basically turned my tent into a hot oven. I had to keep it open during the day to bring the temperature down to the target level of 25°C. Still, the leaves suffered from heat stress and looked parched - too light-colored, uneven, and with prominent veins. I also finally installed a small exhaust fan and a humidifier to make things more professional.

GG#4 Original Glue Auto Grow Report, Part 2: The Flowering

Gorilla Glue Auto early flowering

It was week 5 from seed when I saw the first narrow ‘quills’ at the tops which is a clear sign that the flowering was underway. The bush remained short, dense, and completely impenetrable. I even had to remove some of the lower branches.

My GG#4 Original Glue Auto turned out a very thirsty plant which even posed some difficulties because I often found out too late that the container got light and needed watering. So I had to witness again and again how she looked droopy one day and perky the next, without any apparent reason. I guess it was at least partly because of the light which hardly fit my grow tent and was hanging a little too close to the tops. Too much light and heat was probably also the reason I kept seeing some tacoing on leaves and some bronze spots hinting at the calcium deficiency.

Still, though a bit of a drama queen, my GG#4 Original Glue Auto looked gorgeous. She continued to stretch the branches all through weeks 1-5 of flowering and to spread wide, threatening to overcrowd my tiny tent. Some light defoliation that I did in the first and again in the third week of flowering soon seemed like a vague memory, but the buds seemed to fill out nicely even far down the stem.

Time To Cut Down On The Grow Nutes

Gorilla Glue Auto flowering

In the 7th week of flowering, I decided to put my girl on a diet and see how she’d manage without the ‘Grow’ component. I must say she reacted favourably; some leaves began to yellow, but the colas kept getting fatter. The smell of citrus became strong, and I was glad that for my first grow I chose my favourite genetics.

On week 9 of flowering, there were a lot of orange pistils and hungry-looking leaves, but the buds kept getting fatter and fatter by the day. The calyxes and sugar leaves were frosted with trichomes, but those looked clear so far.

I had to keep her for two more full weeks because I was waiting for amber trichs on flowers. not just the trim leaves. As a result, the colas looked dark-colored and mature at the end. All the time, I continued to feed her, but that didn’t hurt the taste when I finally felt like chopping my lady — after 11 weeks in flower.

One GG#4 Original Glue Auto Plant Gave Me 10+ Ounces Of Top-Shelf Weed

I test-smoked the buds right away: the taste was hard to define of course, but the smoke was very smooth on the throat and didn’t make me cough at all. Unfortunately, it was only after I had gifted some of the buds that I decided to weigh the rest. The scales showed 290g of dried stuff. That included some stems of course, but in my experience those don’t weigh much. Eventually, I had to buy more glass jars and Boveda packs. I was also very pleased with the type of effect: GG#4 Original Glue Auto was making me very high, happy, and giggly. Perfect!

Gorilla Glue Auto yield table

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Growing the same strain, only about two weeks in, hope my plants grow as well as this one
What did your growing medium consist of? It appears clay pebbles, but anything else in there? And if so what were mix ratios and/your medium layers?
Hello KizzyKush,It is Biobizz Light Mix, but you can go with any sufficient one
Excellent post bro, congratulations! I am having the same variety of cars from another bank, I am finishing the 9th week and looking for information I found myself here, well complications that you had that did not prevent a great development and production, I read that they are very resistant to pruning and heat and I agree with everything previously reported, excellent
Very nice, didn’t really seem like an auto though...lol, 15 weeks is a pretty long time for an auto isn’t it? Nice yield though and I like the way you waited for the amber (which probably accounts for the 15 weeks)....
Hello Joseph, that's indeed a long time for an auto, what were the conditions for that plant?
I have a gg auto from you guys, it’s currently at 10 weeks and still no where near harvest.
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