Granddaddy Purple Blimburn Seeds Outdoor Grow Diary

Last updated: 11 December 2020

Granddaddy Purple grow journal

Granddaddy Purple grow table

Hey all! I’m here to share my experience growing Granddaddy Purple by Blimburn Seeds. Usually, I’m pretty forgetful when I grow a new strain. That’s why I decided to keep a grow report this time around for Blimburn Seeds’ Granddaddy Purple!

This lovely lady has always been one of my favorite strains. I adore its purple coloring, a result of its Purple Urkle x Big Bud genetics. This heady indica has a light, airy high complete with a warming lull of relaxation. It also demonstrates a sweet flavor that combines berry and grape notes into juicy, lip-smacking deliciousness.

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But enough about that. Without further ado, my Blimburn Seeds Granddaddy Purple marijuana grow journal!

Blimburn Seeds Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Grow Report: Garden Setup

First, let’s go over my setup. After all, this Granddaddy Purple weed grow report wouldn’t be complete without an outline of my gear.

I have a hybrid indoor-outdoor garden. I start my plants in a 0.3 m2 (4 ft2) tent before transplanting into a field behind my house. They begin in a 3.78 l (1 gal) pot for veg. After their root systems develop, I put them in a 170 l (45 gal) pot. They stay there ‘till harvest day.

I love using this strategy, and I think the plants like it, too! It gives you the best of both worlds. First, you get the safety and security of a tent to nurture you plant during its youth. Then, you can use the power of the sun to super-charge growth from late veg through harvest day.

Once I transplant my ladies into their larger pots, I surround the outside of the pot with stakes and trellis netting. This is really important. Once our girls hit the late flower phase, they’re going to get seriously bulky. Without some help, their buds can get heavy. When that happens, they can snap their branches. To prevent this, we need to set up trellis netting early!

Week by Week Granddaddy Purple Blimburn Seeds Outdoor Grow Journal

And now, the main event of this Granddaddy Purple marijuana grow journal! It took a long time to flower these ladies – 21 weeks to be exact. That’s nearly half a year! I had to simplify things. So, I broke my grow cycle down into four phases: early veg, late veg, early flower, and late flower.

Weeks 1-6: Early Veg

Here we go! One week after planting my girls, it was off to the races. Two happy green sprouts emerged during the first week. In that time, I only fed my plants water – no nutrients.

I kept these ladies indoors for the first six weeks of veg. They lived in a posh 0.3 m2 (4 ft2) tent in my basement. Safe in this cocoon, I can protect them from bad weather and low temperatures.

Weeks 7-14: Late Veg

It’s time! By week 6 of veg, both my plants were healthy enough to bring outside. That’s when I transplanted them directly into 170 l (45 gal) pots. Always remember: bigger roots for bigger fruits! Large pots give root systems plenty of room to grow. By the time they were done, these ladies were tree-sized.

I continued to feed my plants nothing but water throughout late veg. The nutrients in their soil were more than enough to sustain them.

During week 14, I defoliated my girls. Getting rid of unnecessary fan leaves is great for improving airflow and light penetration. Some growers say that plants don’t like getting defoliated. I don’t think that’s true – they love it!

Weeks 15-17: Early Flower

I was down to 16 hours of sunlight per day by week 15. That’s when I noticed my ladies really starting to stretch, and I knew flower phase had begun! They shot up from around 132 cm (52 inches) to 208 cm (82 inch) in just two weeks. That’s where they stayed until harvest day.

At the beginning of the flower phase, I was feeding 30 l (8 gal) of water per day. My girls got pretty thirsty around week 15 though, so increased to 10 gal per day.

I also started giving my girls nutrients to replenish what they’d absorbed from the soil. In week 15, I fed Rodrigrows Tea at 7.93 ml/l (30 ml/gal). I introduced a new nutrient mix after that:

  • Rodrigrows Veg Bloom: 3.96 ml/l (15 ml/gal)
  • Rodrigrows Boost: 30 ml/l (113 ml/gal)

The TDS of my media came out to about 500 PPM. I continued using this nutrient mix all the way through the flower phase.

Weeks 18-21: Late Flower

By this time, my girls were getting 14 hours of sun per day or less. That didn’t stop them from growing, though! Late flower is when I really noticed my girls bulking up. By harvest day I was cutting down thick, dense, heavy – and above all else, sticky – buds. This is also about the time I noticed my plants getting really fragrant.

I continued feeding my nutrient mix throughout the flower phase at 38 l (10 gal) per day. During the last week of the flower phase, I flushed my plant with 56.78 l (15 gal) of water per day. While flushing, I noticed my girls’ TDS spike to 800 PPM. I chalked that up to nutrient buildup in the root zone.

Blimburn Seeds Granddaddy Purple: Post-Grow Harvest Report

Granddaddy Purple harvest time

We made it! After 21 long weeks, we finally harvested our ladies. I cut down both plants and dried them for a week back in my tent. Once they were dry, I weighed them and was amazed at what I saw.

Both these girls boasted insane yields – 941 g (33.2 oz) each to be exact! I was incredibly pleased. I think this was only possible because I used such large pots and grew outdoors. Regardless of why, one thing is definitely certain. I’m absolutely growing Blimburn Seeds’ Granddaddy Purple next season!

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Around what month did your plant start developing buds ? It’s September now and still no bids for me. Just white pistils…
Hello! It was around the beginning of July when it started flowering. If you still have an issue with your plant, please contact us at [email protected] - we will be happy to look into the situation and provide all the necessary assistance
Haydens Hash
I'll never forget the first time we picked up GDP...and it was and will always be my favorite indica…
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