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Cannabis Root Stimulators: The Secret to Better Bud

Last updated: 21 September 2023

root stimulators for cannabis

Growing your own cannabis is one of the most rewarding journeys you can embark on. The first thing on your mind is usually the luscious plant leaves and juicy cannabis buds you will witness growing. However, there’s more to growing cannabis than meets the eye. The true essence of a great cannabis plant lies beneath the ground, unseen.

Great cannabis is grown by paying special attention to the root system of your plants. A bigger, more luscious root system means a bigger, more luscious plant. You can nurture your plant's root system in many ways, including using root stimulators for cannabis and increasing oxygen supply.

But what’s the best root stimulator for cannabis, and why are cannabis roots so important anyway?

​​Why Cannabis Roots are Important

best root stimulator for cannabis

The roots are the most important part of the cannabis plant because they’re responsible for absorbing nutrients in order for the plant to develop and grow to its full potential.

The size of your plant's roots will determine the size your plant will grow, no matter how much fertilizer or nutrients you feed the plant. This is because the roots of any plant have a set capacity for nutrients they can absorb in relation to the mass of the root system.

So, in order for your plant to absorb more nutrients and grow as big and as luscious as it can, you will need to increase the mass of its roots system.

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Stimulating Cannabis Root Growth

The best way to improve your cannabis plant's ability to grow a healthy root system, with more mass and surface area, is to stimulate root growth. Two effective ways to do this are to increase the amount of oxygen in the soil and introduce microorganisms through the addition of healthy bacteria, fungi, or a cannabis root stimulator.

Increase Oxygen

When you think of plants, you naturally think of photosynthesis and its ability to turn CO2 into oxygen. However, believe it or not, all plants do still require oxygen to survive, and this is received through a process called cellular respiration.

As the cannabis plant’s roots are buried beneath the ground, they cannot rely on photosynthesis to thrive; instead, they use cellular respiration to grow and develop. Through this process, just like any other living being, the plant's roots use oxygen for energy and expel CO2 in return.

Thus, in order to have a thriving root system, well-oxygenated soil is very important. There are various ways to improve soil oxygen levels, including adding soil amendments like perlite, or coco coir. In a hydroponic system, this necessary oxygen can be added manually using dissolved oxygen supplements.

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Introduce Microorganisms

Healthy soil is made up of more than just dirt and oxygen. The best, most nutrient-dense soil for growing cannabis plants is soil that’s rich with microscopic living organisms, called microorganisms. Microorganisms share a symbiotic relationship with all plants on the planet, helping to improve root health and in turn, overall plant health.

Introduce Beneficial Fungi

cannabis root stimulator

One of the most effective microorganism systems in soil includes a beneficial group of fungi called Trichoderma. If you have experience growing your own cannabis, you might think that fungi growing near the roots of your plants would be detrimental. However, not all fungi are bad for cannabis plants.

These specific fungi act as protectors for plant roots by keeping harmful fungi at bay. They feed off the most problematic fungi for cannabis plants called pathogenic fungi. In fact, Trichoderma is so good at preventing harmful fungi that most root rot formulas contain it.

Introduce Good Bacteria

Just like beneficial fungi can improve the health of the soil by feeding off harmful fungi, the same goes for bacteria. Good bacteria can be added to your soil to improve bacteria populations and reduce the population of harmful microorganisms.

Beneficial bacteria in the soil can aid in nutrient uptake, protect against pathogens that damage your plant's root system, and help break down organic matter for more nutrient-dense soil. The most convenient part about using bacteria to improve root health is that bacteria multiply extremely rapidly and can colonize your soil very quickly.

Use Cannabis Root Boosters

A way to bring the best of both worlds when improving your cannabis plant's root system through the addition of microorganisms is by using a quality cannabis root booster. These tried and tested formulas can work wonders to increase the size of your roots, enhance resistance to disease, and help grow a luscious, healthy plant.

Most root enhancers for cannabis contain a well-balanced ratio of microorganisms, macronutrients, minerals, and more, all working in favor to grow the biggest and healthiest root system your plant can muster.

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Best Cannabis Root Stimulators

When choosing the right root stimulator for cannabis, not all products are created equal. The best root enhancers for weed possess a combination of premium ingredients, documented results, and affordability. Our top three recommended cannabis root stimulators include:

MYCO+ Super Premium Root Inoculant

cannabis root booster

One of the most affordable and highly effective cannabis root stimulators is the MYCO+ Super Premium Formula, made with a wide variety of root-enhancing ingredients to give your plants everything they need to grow a healthy, dense root system.

Including beneficial microorganisms, building block amino acids, carbohydrates, humic acid, and more, MYCO+ is designed to be used from the early stages of root development and onward. It’s effective for any grow system, from soil to hydroponic, and will benefit all stages of plant life, increasing vegetative size, and overall plant yields.

Botanicare Hydroguard Bacillus Root Inoculant

root enhancer for cannabis

Another quality root enhancer for cannabis is the Botanicare Hydroguard Bacillus root formula, made with an isolated form of the powerful Bacillus bacteria. This special bacteria has an incredible ability to increase root mass and vitality by rapidly breaking down organic materials and making their nutrients highly available to your plants.

The Botanicare Hydroguard Bacillus formula works especially well for hydroponic growers but can also be used for any grow system when watering at any stage of the growth cycle.

General Hydroponics Rapid Start Rooting Enhancer

root enhancer for weed

Last but definitely not least, the General Hydroponics Rapid Start rooting enhancer is a must-have for any cannabis grower looking to grow dense, lush plants. This formula of premium plant extracts, specially selected nutrients, and amino acids has a reputation for producing explosive root growth, increased root hairs, and whiter, healthier roots overall.

With this Rapid Start root enhancer for weed, you can expect your plants to reach their full potential in any grow media, not just hydroponics. Use it throughout the entire growing cycle for the best results.

Thick Roots Equals Thick Buds

A thriving cannabis plant with delicious and juicy-looking buds needs more than just water and basic soil to survive. Providing the best nutrients, soil health, and watering schedule you possibly can will ensure that you won’t be disappointed come harvest time. So, to unlock the full potential of your cannabis plants this season, give cannabis root stimulators a try!

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My parents were hippies, and my first experiences with cannabis were with landraces. Nothing beats the old-school stuff, at least as far as I'm concerned.
Extremely good and detailed instructions. For the first time in my gardening experience I managed to get nice and strong roots by following the instructions. I'm so excited right now. Thanks 🙏
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