Is Herbies Seeds Legit? Dispelling Your Doubts

Last updated: 11 March 2022

Is Herbies legit why ordering from Herbies is safe

We understand that as a buyer of cannabis seeds you may feel vulnerable and afraid of many things to go wrong. So, in this post, we state our case that Herbies Seeds is indeed legit and one of the best online stores in the industry.

Key Facts about Herbies Seeds

Herbies is a legit place to buy cannabis seeds because we deliver what’s promised and offer our customers a great shopping experience. We have thousands of weed strains in our catalog, deliver orders all over the world, give away freebies, and offer discounts and promos all the time. There are countless good reviews on independent platforms testifying to our integrity and dependability.

Herbies seeds was featured in high times magazine

Herbies Seeds in Numbers

We are grizzly old veterans of the marijuana seeds market and have a lot to show for it:

  • Herbies Seeds was founded 20 years ago,
  • We deliver to over 100 countries,
  • We work with over 120 seed breeders,
  • We have 2000+ strains in our catalog,
  • We have successfully delivered over 100,000 orders.

What Do Reviewers And Press Say of Herbies?

If you want to find a Herbies Headshop review online, you won’t be short of options. Twenty years is enough time to build a strong reputation. You may start with reading customers’ reviews on our own website and then proceed to independent platforms or read publications in the industry’s press.

Herbies Head Shop Reviews

On our website, you can read all the reviews ever left by our customers. We publish all of them, including negative ones. Needless to say, our customer support replies to all negative comments and strives to resolve the underlying issues. Most of dissatisfaction was caused by long delivery times during the spring of 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 crysis.

The average rating the reviewers have given us is close to five stars. At the time of writing people have left 641 reviews, and 589 of those rate our service at 5/5. Users praise Herbies for the wide choice of seeds, attractive prices, great germination rates, and, of course, fast and reliable delivery with the ability to track the parcel from the day it was shipped and to the moment it arrives at your address.

We’re especially happy to see comments from satisfied customers living in remote places like Australia or South Africa. Or the US for that matter. We’re currently operating from Alicante, Spain but guarantee a speedy delivery worldwide.

Independent Review Platforms and Forums

Traditionally, people put more trust in reviews from independent resources, and Herbies is in excellent shape in this respect, too.

Check out our company’s profile on Reviews.io. Out of 555 users who have left a review, 96 percent would recommend our seed store, and the average rating is 4.82. This is a reliable indicator that Herbies Seeds is a legit source of cannabis seeds, that we deliver on our promises, and do all we can to uphold our reputation.

In practical terms, this means that we:

  • make sure all 2000+ strains are always in stock,
  • fill in orders on rare genetics upon request,
  • accept bank cards and Bitcoin + other payment methods wherever possible,
  • maintain 24/7 customer support,
  • ship orders on the same business day Monday to Friday,
  • use discreet packaging and stealth shipping,
  • guarantee germination,
  • allow return of the purchase with the full refund.

Users on cannabis forums can also testify that Herbies Seeds is a reliable company. They have only good things to say in a “business-as-usual” type of situation. More importantly, they say how helpful our team is when there’re complications at customs or shipping company or some other issue. Our customer support doesn’t stop even if things go wrong through no fault of ours.

In its overview of Herbies, Honest Brand Reviews concludes that "all in all, customers love the taste, smell, feel, look, price, and quality of the seeds they’re buying from Herbies. Most are two-thumbs-up, would-and-will-buy-again happy about their ordering experience."

A reviewer at 10buds.com adds: "Overall, Herbies Seeds is the first online seed bank we shop at because their business model, ethics, and vision have proven that they value their customers and move mountains to get cannabis seeds to your door."

Herbies Seeds Was Featured in High Times Magazine

High Times is one of the oldest and most respected marijuana publications in the world, and this magazine has posted an article about our in-house Grandmommy Purple strain. This flagship genetics of ours boasts 33% THC (which is almost a freak of nature).

Herbies seeds was featured in high times magazine

But besides this amazingly potent and mouth-watering Indica, Herbies’ own seedbank offers several other powerhouse strains with THC levels ranging from 23% in autoflowers to 26% in photoperiod varieties. You can read what High Times has to say about them or look’em up in our catalog.

Of course, other cannabis-related websites are well aware of Herbies Seeds too. If you google something like “herbies seeds review”, you’ll find many lists of the world’s top seedshops, and Herbies has a prominent palce among them. Also, don’t forget to check out Reddit to find out what its users say about us. Spoiler alert: they LOVE Herbies!

What We Offer and Guarantee

Now, you’re just a few clicks away from finding exactly how great the shopping at Herbies can be. So let’s resume what exactly we offer and guarantee.

In our catalog, you’ll find all the major players of the weed seeds market, including our own seedbank, as well as dozens of less known breeders offering rare gems. In an unlikely event that some seeds aren’t in stock or aren’t featured on the website, contact us — we’ll do our best to get the strains you’re looking for.

Our prices are very competitive, and we never run out of deals and promos because, with 120+ partnering breeders, at least some have a special offer at any given time. You also get a free seed with every order plus the ability to choose your freebie from a list. Besides, get an additional bonus seed for every €20 spent.

We accept credit and debit cards and Bitcoin in most geographies plus wire transfers and cash on delivery in some countries. And we ship our orders in discreet parcels with a special stealth delivery option if you’re nervous about legal repurcussions. Stealth means that we remove seeds from the original packaging and send them in non-descript ziplocks hidden among other items.

What we offer and guarantee

Finally, we guarantee that at least 70% of our seeds will germinate and if this doesn’t happen, we will send you a replacement. And if you decide you don’t want our seeds after all, you can send them back and get a refund.

Talk to Us

We think we’ve done a pretty good job convincing you to try out Herbies. And if you still have reservations or want to ask a question, our 24/7 online support we’ll be happy to talk to you. You can chat with us using an online form or dial our number and have a conversation with a live person. Find out for yourself how helpful and friendly we are.

Have a great shopping experience and happy growing!

Herbies Head Shop expressly refuses to support the use, production, or supply of illegal substances. For more details read our Legal Disclaimer.

I'm that kind of nerd who meticulously goes through all the reviews before hitting that 'buy' button. And you know what adds major weight to my 'pros' list? The fact that High Times actually featured an article about Herbies. It's like a double thumbs-up for me before even diving into the shopping spree!
Gone Bad
Hey, came across an article some time ago, and it totally convinced me to take the plunge and shop here. Excited to see what goodies are in store for me!
No doubt about it, this store has been my rock-solid go-to. Funny thing, I stumbled upon it flipping through a growers' forum (darn it, can't recall the title). They were singing praises, and now I see why. It's become my fail-proof guarantee for quality stuff.
Sergio K47
Down under in Australia, getting your hands on seeds can be a bit of a challenge. But you know what? I stumbled upon this gem of a store, and it's been a game-changer. Now, I'm diving into all sorts of new strains, and the variety here is like a grower's paradise. I'm 100% confident in the legacy of this place – it's become my go-to spot for quality seeds.
So, I'm no newbie in the growing game, snagged a dozen strains from this spot. At the beginning I checked reviews on forums and review sites and decided to go ahead and buy seeds here. Now I have a solid run with this store. Big shoutout and high-fives to the guys holding it down in customer service!
I gotta say, this shop is top-notch, and the service? A solid 5/5. Delivery's cool, and I've pulled in great yields from almost all the seeds I ordered. Had a hiccup once with the seeds, shot a message to customer service, and bam! Those guys hit me back real quick and solved my problem. Customer service team is awesome!
i had issues with germinating some seeds,can u replace them?
order #957114
Herbies HeadShop
Hello Gman,Please contact us via our emails or in the live chat and we will assist you
100% legit. No hassle postage, good seeds, and the rest is up to you.
Herbies Seeds
Hello Fishman,Thank you for the comment. Our company is always striving to improve in all the domains to reach high standards and we're glad to know you noticed that. We wish you the best of luck with your hobby and can't wait to see you here again soon
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