Does Herbies Seeds Ship to the USA?

Last updated: 12 October 2021

Does Herbies Seeds Ship to the USA?

Among the most challenging aspects of ordering seeds is finding a reliable supplier. This is why Herbies Seeds ships to the USA, and most other countries worldwide as well.

No matter where you wish to grow cannabis, you can count on us. See why cultivators around the world turn to our inventory.

What’s the Minimum Order Total for Herbies Seeds to Ship to the USA?

Another reason to choose from our selection of seeds is our affordable prices. Unlike other brands, we don’t have a minimum order amount.

Whether you need to stack up seeds to grow all year long or are only looking to harvest a few plants, choose us. We provide a range of products for new cultivators and expert growers alike. You can discover new strains and old favorites, all from trustworthy seed banks in our extensive 2,000+ collection of strains. Whichever plants you prefer to grow, we maintain a wide range of choices every day.

Estimated Shipping Time and Cost

Estimated Shipping Time and Cost

Are you in a rush to get your seeds before the current growing season ends? Did your last plant wind up growing poorly and you need to start over? Buying marijuana seeds from us means you don’t have to wait forever for your order to arrive. Most shipments to the US get delivered within 19-23 days for convenient cultivation. Normally, it costs just 11 EUR (or $12,7 as of Oct. 2021) to ship your favorite seeds discreetly to your door.

You can also always refer to our shipping calculator to see if there are any changes to estimated delivery times. If you’re ordering to a destination other than the US, this tool will also provide you with shipping costs and times specific to your location.

Stealth Shipping

Not only does Herbies Seeds ship to the US, but we do so stealthily. That means never having to worry about problems at points of entry.

Our stealth shipping includes plain unmarked envelopes that discreetly protect your order without attracting attention. While laws and attitudes surrounding cannabis are changing, some areas prove stricter than others.

We also remove seeds from their original packaging and repack them to disguise them as something ordered from a regular online shop like AliExpress or Amazon.

Receive Free Seeds With Every Order

Another reason why Herbies is such a popular choice is the value consumers receive. Every time Herbies Seeds ships to the USA, it adds free seeds to every order! One extra seed is always guaranteed, but besides that, for every 20 EUR you spend with us, you earn one additional seed free of charge. This offers you the best opportunity to add a new strain to your next harvest.

Free seeds from Herbies include top-notch genetics such as:

  • GG#4 Original Glue Auto
  • GG#4 Original Glue
  • Z Auto
  • Z
  • Gelato Auto
  • CBD Lemon Auto
  • Amnesia Lemon

Free seeds from Herbies

Best of all, your orders still qualify for added discounts for higher volumes of orders. That means free seeds and money back when you purchase from our vast seed inventory.

What Seeds Should I Order From Herbies Seeds?

Which type of seeds should you order from our top selection of potent cannabis strains? Herbies Seeds ships to the USA with a variety of unique seeds optimal for growing in North America. These include:


Our Sativa Seeds collection is sure to get you focused, motivated, and in a better mood. Growers who live in the south, southeast, and southwest regions will find them ideal for growing outdoors in hot climates.

These plants are bred to survive longer and hotter summer seasons than other strains. Rather than wilt, these seeds are sure to thrive in such conditions.

Order these when you need something more than morning coffee. Sativa strains are great for getting you motivated for your hectic daily schedule.


Do you live in a colder region of the United States? Such climates will benefit our Indica Seeds collection of cannabis seeds.

Those who enjoy cultivating plants in the northeast or northwest will appreciate our Indica strains.

Wherever summer gets cut short, you’ll find our seeds remain the best choice. Best of all, Indicas are great for those who can’t seem to unwind at night.


Are you the type of grower who likes to plant seeds all year long? Are you tired of seeing your seedlings fail to produce flowers?

Strains from our Autoflower Seeds collection can be grown whenever you want and wherever you prefer to plant them. Take the guesswork out of growing cannabis plants at home. Whether you harvest indoors or outside, these seeds are the best choice for any medium or experience level.

Order Your Seeds From Herbies Seeds

Although there are many seed suppliers online, Herbies Seeds continues to delight growers across the globe with affordable quality seeds.

We carry a vast selection of Indicas, Sativas, hybrids, and autoflowering strains. Whichever ones suit you the best, you can find them all here at a low cost. And most importantly, now you know – Herbies Seeds ships to the USA! So, what are you waiting for? Get growing!

Herbies Head Shop expressly refuses to support the use, production, or supply of illegal substances. For more details read our Legal Disclaimer.

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Yes it is legal to buy cannabis seeds in the USA
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