Strawberry Banana Auto (Fastbuds) Grow Report

Last updated: 10 August 2021

Strawberry Banana Auto Grow Report

Hi, all! I’ve been waiting a long time to get to this grow report. I’ve been a huge fan of the Strawberry Banana Auto strain for a while now, and I’ve been waiting to get my hands on some seeds. Luckily, I finally got some with the help of a very awesome friend.

But first, a brief Strawberry Banana Auto review. Overall, this was a fairly easy strain to cultivate. It was particularly robust, too. Its strong immune system kept it completely healthy throughout the entire grow cycle. After harvest, I noticed that it blended the traits of indicas and sativas really pleasantly.

As a 75/25 indica-dominant hybrid, I was expecting it to hit me with couch lock. Instead, I felt relaxed but inspired. Not only that, but I also really loved its sweet flavor, combined with the distinctive earthy taste of an OG. All in all, Strawberry Banana Auto gets a 9/10 from me.

Growing Strawberry Banana Auto

My Gear for Growing Strawberry Banana Auto

Behold, my stuff! Before we get into my grow report, I should go over the gear I used.

Since I live in a semi-crowded area, I can’t cultivate outdoors. Instead, I’ve set up a posh indoor garden for my plant. I built a 4 square foot (0.37 square meter) tent with a single 200-watt LED inside. So yes, that does technically also make this an LED grow report, too!

I used a 3-gallon pot to house my plant. I filled the pot with a coco coir/soil mix. This combo gives my plants a solid nutritional base (from the soil) while giving me the option to supercharge it with nutrients (from the coco coir).

Finally, I fed my plant FloraFlex nutrients. I’ll detail my feeding schedule in the next section of this Strawberry Banana Auto grow report.

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Strawberry Banana Auto Grow Report

Ok, we’re finally at the meat of this Strawberry Banana Auto grow report. I’ve divided my grow report into two different sections for the vegetative and flower phases. Since this plant was an autoflowering strain, it switched from one phase to the other on its own. I had to keep an eye on my plant to determine when it flipped.

Weeks 1-5: Vegetative Phase

After germinating my Strawberry Banana Auto seed in a rock wool cube, I planted it directly into the 3-gallon pot. By week 2, it had sprouted impressively and was off to the races.

I kept Strawberry Banana Auto plant at a steady 24 hours of light throughout the vegetative phase. This is only really an option when you’re growing autoflower strains since they don’t depend on hours of daylight to determine their lifecycle.

My plant lived off the nutrients in the soil for the first 4 weeks of its life. I just fed reverse osmosis (RO) water at 6.1 pH. That all changed in week 5 when I began adding nutrients. I fed FloraFlex Vegetative Part 1 and Part 2 at 14.8 ml/gal (4 ml/l) each, keeping the plant’s pH steady.

Since I’m only growing one Strawberry Banana Auto plant, I decided to ScrOG it. ScrOGging lets you grow your plant wider instead of taller, which is invaluable for indoor cultivators. I ScrOGged my plant under trellis netting in week 4, giving it one more week before the plant flipped Strawberry Banana Auto into the flower cycle.

Finally, I should mention my environmental conditions. I kept my garden’s temperature hovering around a pleasant 72o Fahrenheit (22o Celsius) and its humidity around 40 percent for the duration of my plant’s grow cycle.

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Weeks 6-12: Flower Phase

About 2 days into week 6, my Strawberry Banana Auto plant flipped into the flower phase. How could I tell? It stretched like crazy! The first two weeks of the flower cycle feature some of the plant’s fastest growth, and Strawberry Banana Auto definitely did not disappoint.

After I noticed my Strawberry Banana Auto plant switching into the flower phase, I dialed back my light to 18 hours per day. I know some growers who will maintain 24 hours of light throughout the flower phase when they’re growing autoflower strains. However, I am not one of those growers. In my experience, if you don’t dial your hours of light per day back in the flower phase, you can plants can start to herm. When that happens, they’ll grow seeds. And we don’t want that!

I changed up my Strawberry Banana Auto plant’s nutrients in week 6. I stopped feeding FloraFlex Vegetative Part 1 and 2. Instead, I switched to FloraFlex Bloom Part 1 and 2. I fed at the same ratios, though: 14.8 ml/gal (4 ml/l). I raised my plant’s pH slightly to 6.3.

In week 9 I started cranking up my nutrient level. I upped the Bloom Part 1 to 20 ml/gal (5.3 ml/l) and Bloom Part 2 to 25 ml/gal (6.7 ml/l) to give my Strawberry Banana Auto plant a little extra boost. In week 10, I dialed the Bloom Part 2 back to 20 ml/gal (5.3 ml/l) but added some FloraFlex Full Tilt at 19 ml/gal (5 ml/l) to make my nutrient mix extra spicy! I maintained that same mix until week 12. Then, I flushed with non-pH’d water for a full week.

After a full week’s flush, my Strawberry Banana Auto plant were ready for harvest. I cut them down, removed all my fan leaves, and hung the buds on the branches in darkness for 3 days (I live in a dry environment) to dry. Then, I cut the buds off the branches and sealed them in mason jars to cure.

Harvest Report

After letting my Strawberry Banana Auto nugs cure for 2 weeks (while burping them periodically), I opened the mason jars fully to assess my harvest. I found that a single plant had yielded about 6.5 ounces (about 184 grams). I was pretty happy with that weight, since it was nearly hitting a full gram per watt.

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Thanks I'm trying my first auto flower cannabis I found your journal very helpful
Hello James! We wish you all the best and hope you will get excellent results :)
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