People Answer: What Cannabis Seeds are You Going to Be Growing in 2022?

Last updated: 20 February 2024

cannabis seeds to grow in 2022

Sometimes when looking for the highest rated weed online, it’s really helpful to learn from the experiences of fellow growers. That’s why to help you find a real top cannabis strain to grow this year, we asked some growers “What are you going to be growing in 2022?”. They answered, and now you can read 5 different takes on the number one weed strain to grow in 2022.

Strongest Marijuana Seeds Prepared by WeedKB

Last year, the best strain I grew was Auto American Pie. It was just one seed from a friend, but the buds were soooo bulky and the flavor was top-notch, very fruity. This stuff was also the first to go because my brother-in-law, who was visiting, found my stash and helped himself so generously I had to confront him.

He had ignored the other strains completely, probably because Auto American Pie was incredibly potent. Just in a league of her own. I didn’t even know autos could be so strong. If not for my brother in law, I’d probably be still smoking this stuff because a little goes a long way with this one. For this season, I’ve bought a 3+1 pack. Hope it’s as good as last year.

What is the Best Weed to Grow in 2022? George answers

best weed seeds to grow in 2022

2022 is going to be exciting for me because it’s the first year in a long time that I’ll be able to set up a home cannabis garden again. The last few years, the place I lived in didn’t have enough room for a garden – not even a single, solitary plant.

Luckily, I recently moved into a new place with a huge garage. I’m looking forward to getting my garden set back up again with some new genetics. So, what strain am I growing in 2022? I think I’m probably most excited for:

  • Durban Poison – One of my favorite strains to smoke, and I’ve never grown it before! Excited to try all of my training skills on this one, as it is a pure Sativa, whose height I’ll need to tame.
  • Bruce Banner #3 – I grew this strain for work but never in my own garden. It’s one of the best strains ever! You can never go wrong with it, it just thrives everywhere!
  • Gorilla Cookies Auto – Have you seen how purple this thing is in the pictures? I’m a sucker for a beautiful plant and I want it! Love when people get curious and start inspecting buds at my place once they see a unique hue.

Rowan and His Favorite Strains to Grow

weed to grow in 2022

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to grow anything in 2021 although I really wish I could get myself a loud weed plant! I live in a town and do not have enough space to cultivate at the moment, and it really is a bummer because I absolutely love growing weed! When I was younger I would study Jorge Cervantes growing methods religiously. Hopefully, 2022 brings a new opportunity to grow again! However, if I was going to grow, it would most definitely be Exodus Cheese and Chemdawg because of their similarity in taste and great yield. My growing process usually starts with me ordering some feminized seeds and then planting a few within an indoor grow room, this allows me to grow a dominant mother and make many clones from that mother without sacrificing too many seeds. When the mother’s roots have become root bound I’ll usually plant the mother outdoors and then take quite a decently big clone off one of the main nodes to start a new mother. Works like a charm!

What Cannabis Seeds Has Lola Prepared for the 2022 Season?

best cannabis seeds

I have a stealthy indoor growing set-up, which I use to grow cool strains I’ve heard about that aren’t available near me. I’m going to be growing some CBG weed this year, as it’s a pretty easy strain to grow. I’d heard so much about the high from my friend who grows it and says it’s different from any other bud he’s tried. He has a really demanding job in Finance and claims CBG is great for soothing anxiety whilst keeping him “on” and alert for clients. That really intrigued me, as that’s what got me into weed in the first place: that energizing, clarifying high that allows you to feel better and achieve more. Finally, after lockdown restrictions were eased a few weeks ago, I went round to his garden and got to try some – I brought my own vaporizer to avoid any spreading of infection. The high was awesome and exactly as he’d described – but it’s hard to understand until you’ve experienced it. CBG didn’t make me feel euphoric or giggly. Instead, I felt deeply content and this strange mix between completely calm and fully alert.

Adam Thinks Purps are the Best Weed Out There

top marijuana seeds

I don’t usually make any plans for what I’m going to grow next, instead I prefer to go with my gut after reading a couple of reports and reviews. I’m not in a hurry usually, because I grow indoors anyway. This year my attention has been drawn to Herbies’ Grandmommy Purple since I tried Grandaddy Purple before and really enjoyed it. From what I’ve read they must be similar, and I’d love to experience that grape taste again, it’s delicious and very unique. Really makes you want to smack your lips after toking. Grandmommy claims to be 30% THC, which would save me a fortune, since I don’t smoke much, and weed always hits me hard. If it really is 30% THC, then a single puff might be enough to get me high for hours straight.

What are YOU Growing in 2022?

It’s your turn now! Whether it’s your first or tenth year growing your own weed, what strain would you recommend to fellow growers? Let’s share and spread the knowledge, so leave your comment below. Who knows, maybe you’re going to introduce someone to their new canna-obsession?

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