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Sugar Black Rose Smoke Report

Last updated: 20 September 2021

Sugar Black Rose Smoke Report

This weekend, a few friends and I decided to get out of town and have a mini-vacation at a bungalow with a pool, basically in the middle of nowhere. Trees as far as the eye can see, not a bar of cell service. We left after work on Friday and it was already twilight by the time we checked in. Everyone unloaded their stuff and met up on the patio.

Setting the Scene

Setting the Scene

We’re a group of five, so we decided to roll two joints to pass around the group. As soon as the pot was out of the jar, I could smell it from across the table. One of my homies had picked up some Sugar Black Rose seeds earlier this year and decided to bring along some of the harvest for our trip. My friend started breaking up the buds of this weed to put into the grinder, and the scent of earthy, hashy flowers grew stronger still.

Once the joints were lit, we passed them clockwise around the table, laughing every time the pass-off got backed up and someone had two joints in their hands. With my first puff, I noticed the distinct flavor of this strain. Now I’m no weed connoisseur, but even I could recognize the fruity-sweet flavor of the smoke, laced with the enticing aromas of rosebuds. Before we had even finished smoking, I could feel the high starting to creep into my limbs, inducing a tingly sensation throughout my body. Once the last doobie was ashed, someone suggested walking down to the pool, and we all agreed.

Out on the Pool After the Sugar Black Rose Sesh

Out on the Pool After the Sugar Black Rose Sesh

The pool was right outside the bungalow, but it took us good 5 minutes to get there. We stumbled out in a tangle of bodies, giggling and bouncing off each other on our way to the pool, everyone in an amazing mood after our smoke sesh. I cannot overstate how beautiful a night it was. Although the evening had been a bit overcast, the clouds had disappeared with the sun and revealed a sparkling night sky. Hours away from the nearest city, there was no light pollution to dim the stars.

Once at the pool, we sat down to dip our toes into the water. I don’t know if it was the  Sugar Black Rose weed or what, but the water was much warmer than expected – even warmer than the summer air. All it took was a look around the group before everyone started peeling their clothes off and wading into the water. What’s a summer getaway without a little skinny dipping? We do it every single time we’re high, be it around a pool, a lake, a river, or the sea.

As the high continued to set in, I started to feel an almost overwhelming sense of relaxation throughout my body. All the stresses of a day on the road, dealing with traffic and bad drivers, started to melt away in ripples of euphoria. I could completely enjoy the sensation of the water lapping against my skin. I looked over at my buddy and he had the same dopey smile on his face that I assume I also had. “Hey, dude, look up,” he said, pointing to the stars.

Stoned Out of Our Minds

Stoned Out of Our Minds

Damn, the sky was so beautiful! Like I said, without the city lights to dim the night sky, it was a gorgeous sight to behold. As I craned my head back, I took in the awe-inspiring sight of the Milky Way. Being a city kid, it’s always totally blown my mind how the stars spill across the sky, tinting the surrounding sky a bit white with the sheer volume of the stars in our galaxy. I was getting more and more stoned, almost in waves, and my attempt to comprehend the sheer magnitude of the universe was impeded by the buzzing high creeping into my skull. For the sake of this Sugar Black Rose review, I wouldn’t call the high foggy or confusing, like some other strains can be, but rather uplifting and contemplative. It had started off a bit slow, but intensified over the next hour or so.

Sugar Black Rose seedsVIEW STRAIN

As I was trying to wrap my head around it all, a shock of bright white streaked across the constellation I was fixated upon. A shooting star! “Woah, dude, did you see that?” I heard myself say. In response I heard a chorus of “Wow!” and “I missed it!” As time continued to pass, every so often, one of us would exclaim in excitement at the sighting of another shooting star. Over the course of an hour or so, I think I saw about ten of them, while others in my group claimed to see even more.

After probably two (or maybe three?) hours out in the water, I could feel the euphoria of the high starting to wane, and sweeping exhaustion started to take its place. The rest of my buddies were starting to yawn as well, so we decided to dry off and head back to the bungalow and call it a night.

A Good Night’s Sleep

I cannot understate how quickly I passed out after we made it back to the bungalow. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, and didn’t wake again until the morning light peeked in through the window. To tie my Sugar Black Rose strain review together, I’d say that this relaxing Indica was the perfect addition to the first night of our long weekend, and definitely the right choice after a long day on the road. I tend to get pretty anxious about traveling, even if it’s just half a day in the car, and the smoke session with my friends was exactly the medicine for my anxiety.

As I write this smoke report for Sugar Black Rose over my morning coffee, I can already hear my friends in the other room making plans to roll up again tonight in anticipation of another stoney night out under the stars. Hey, I’m down for round two… but maybe not until nighttime, at least, because of how sleepy this Sugar Black Rose strain ended up making me feel after the initial head buzz. Considering how deeply I slept after our little adventure, Sugar Black Rose is probably best saved for a chill evening.

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