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Top 7 Tips On Vaping Dry Weed To Significantly Improve Your Experience

Last updated: 3 November 2020

vaping dry weed

Vaping dry weed is one of the freshest trends to hit the cannabis consumer community. It’s the latest way to inhale premium grown flower, but in a more convenient, tastier, and safer manner. As technology for vaping dry weed improves, more and more consumers are using this method as vaporizers become more affordable and widely available. However, this technology can be quite confusing for some. That’s why, as a part of our Indoor Season article series, we’ve compiled a guide on how to best vape weed, along with all the vaporizing tips you need to get started and enjoy the best marijuana vaping experience possible.

Use High-Quality Bud For Vaping Dry Weed

Using high-quality bud is more important for vaping dry weed than for any other type of smoke session. That’s because the vaporizing part of the method depends on moisture content to be successful. So, using, old, dried-out, or less than fresh bud will produce less than satisfactory results right off the bat.

Vaping dry weed involves heating cannabis’ inner compounds and cannabinoids to their boiling point. That’s when the vapor is formed and you’re able to inhale it for its effects. Since fresher and higher-quality processed weed has higher moisture content, using good bud is vital for optimal results.

Pick Your Grind Depending On The Dry Herb Vaporizer Type

Who would have thought that even the way you grind your weed would affect your vaping results? Veteran vapers figured this out quickly once vaping dry weed grew in popularity, allowing us to share this helpful tip to anyone just learning how to vaporize herb. To best grind weed for vaporizers, you need to remember that it’s all about surface area, as this variable can be used to maximize the amount of plant material that can heat up and produce a robust vapor that’s ideal for inhaling. 


So, to answer the question ‘how fine should you grind weed for vaporizer purposes?’, you’ll first have to determine whether you have a convection or a conduction vaporizer. The type will make a difference for your grind.

Perfect Grind For Convection Dry Herb Vaporizers

dry weed vaporizing

vaporizing for medical marijuana

A medium grind is standard to uphold the integrity of the flower’s cannabinoids and for an ideal consistency to heat in convection vaporizers. For such a device, you’ll also need to maximize your airflow ability, since this specific type produces vapor by evenly heating up the air around the material. As you know, cannabis flower is chock-full of beneficial compounds and cannabinoids to provide the effects you desire. So, heating the cannabinoids and compounds evenly is ideal to get the most out of your experience. A medium grind does just that, especially for convection dry herb vaporizers. 

Perfect Grind For Conduction Dry Herb Vaporizers

Conduction type vaporizers work by directly heating the flower material. In this case, increased surface area of your cannabis flower is even more important. The finer your weed is ground, the more effective your high will be, since you’re igniting the material optimally and fully. One issue that often arises with this method is that the ground flower can burn from poor heat distribution. To avoid this, don’t rush on stuffing a nug into your vaporizer – instead, take the time to grind it properly.

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Give Your Vaporizer Time To Heat Up

Most vaporizers are now advanced enough to have a quick preheat setting. However, some older or more affordable options are old-school and require pre-heating, just like an oven would. To successfully achieve your desired effects and taste, your vaporizer needs to be at an optimal heat. Your best bet to figure out your vaporizer’s heating abilities is to read the instructions on the model you choose. When in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to heat up your vaporizer a few times before taking the first hit.

Choose Temperature Based On Desired Effects

vaporizing weed buds

Like dabbing, vaping dry weed should be done at recommended temperatures for ideal or desired effects. As you know, cannabis is made up of over a hundred varied cannabinoids and terpenes. These compounds together deliver the effects you expect from your favorite strain. However, they’re also quite delicate in nature. Even though the compounds are responsible for delivering each strain’s unique effects, the temperature they’re heated at will make a big difference in how effective or intense those effects are felt. That’s because at certain temperatures, cannabinoids and terpenes are activated, while at other temperatures, they can degrade or diminish completely. 


The low-level heat setting when vaping dry weed is first best for flavor, primarily because terpenes are able to vaporize without being overpowered by other side-flavors, delivering you their unique palette. Effects-wise, low heat can also be the best temperature to vaporize dry herb when less intense medical or recreational benefits are desired. At temperatures of 320°F (160°C)-356°F (180°C), you’ll experience:

  • Lighter euphoric and faint body effects
  • Smoother and cooler vapors to avoid coughing
  • Fewer side-effects such as dry mouth or red eyes
  • Full taste and robust flavors 

Cannabinoids And Terpenes Activated At Low Temperatures: 

  • THC – 315° F (157℃)
  • Pinene – 315° F (155°C)
  • Caryophyllene – 334° F (160°C)
  • Myrcene – 332° F (167°C)


On medium heat, effects will be kicked up just a notch. For the body and mind, you’ll feel more intense effects when choosing this dry herb vaporizer temperature. The mid-level range of heat is also ideal for retaining terpenes, which still delivers the flavors you crave but not quite as pungent as low temperatures would be. At temperatures of 356°F (180°C)-392°F (200°C), expect the effects to be:

  • Moderate mental euphoria
  • More relaxing and soothing for the body without being sedating
  • Increased potency from higher availability of cannabinoids
  • Optimal taste and pungent flavors

 Cannabinoids And Terpenes Activated At Medium Temperatures: 

  • CBD – 356° F (180℃)
  • CBN – 388°F (185℃)
  • Limonene – 356°F (176°C)
  • Linalool – 388°F (198°C)


As you might expect, high heat brings on elevated highs. However, the increased dry herb vaporizer temperature will compromise the flavor and smoothness of your vapor. Terpenes’ impact diminishes quickly at higher heats, so you won’t be treated to as much of the strain’s flavor. Luckily, you’ll instead experience the strain’s highest levels of potency for intense effects. At temperatures of 392°F (200°C)-446°F (230°C), you can expect:

  • Intense mental effects
  • A strong body buzz, sometimes couch-locking in nature
  • A harsher inhale that may induce coughing fits
  • Muted flavors and diminished taste

 Cannabinoids And Terpenes Activated At High Temperatures: 

  • THCv – 428°F (220°C)
  • CBC – 428°F (220°C)
  • Terpineol – 428°F (220°C)

Don't Pack The Chamber Too Tightly

As we mentioned in our tips for grinding, one key vaporizer tip is not to pack the chamber too tightly, since this will restrict airflow over the material with either type of vaporizer. Once your flower is ground to the optimal consistency, it’s recommended not to fill the chamber more than 80% in a more loosely packed manner. Packing your chamber too tight will affect your heating apparatus’ ability to heat the flower, and certain types of vaporizers can even burn the material. Not to mention, it could also constrict the airflow for inhaling your vapor. The ideal amount to pack in will depend on the size of your chamber, so you’ll best figure out your vaporizer’s ideal pack through trial and error.

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Learn How To Draw Vapor Correctly

This may seem like a silly vaporizing tip, especially for veteran smokers, but it’s key to learn how to draw vapor from a vaporizer properly. You may think that bigger is always better, but with vaping, this common motto couldn’t be further from the truth. The best way to vape weed is to take slow and gentle draws from the mouthpiece. When you draw hard or fast, not only do you add unnecessary cold air into the mix, but it’s also likely that you’ll suck up the material before it’s able to properly heat.

Clean Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

vaporizing dry cannabis

Last but not least, cleanliness is godliness – a saying that remains true for vaping dry weed. Even though the vapor you’re inhaling seems cleaner than most other methods, weed is still sticky in nature, so keeping your device clean will help it remain in good working order. The best way to do so is by using isopropyl or rubbing alcohol on a q-tip and cleaning the interior areas fully.

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Get Your Vape On

Now that you’ve learned the top tips for vaporizing herb, it’s time to get your vape on. Use this helpful guide when choosing the best temperatures to vape dry herb, learning how fine to grind weed for vaporizers, and figuring out how to vape dry herb successfully. Like anything new, vaping dry weed comes with a learning curve. Don’t forget, practice makes perfect, but these vaporizer tips should definitely help along the way.

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